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  1. Hello Publisher Team, I would really like to be able to select multiple guides and distribute and move them like in Indesign. Also the ability to select a guide and changes its position in the transform panel like Indesign does, thus not using the guides manager. Also maybe a hotkey to select a guide e.g. alt+click. In Indesign it is sometimes difficult to select a guide if an object is located in the same spot.
  2. Johann Seidel

    No Pages or Master Pages drawn (

    Hello Patrick, It seemed to be for multiple documents, but I got it fixed by changing the size of the pages in the pages panel from medium to small ...
  3. I updated from 0.58 to 128 but it now seems as if the no pages show up in pages panel or under master pages. I am using Windows 7. The document I open had 1 master page and 1 page in the document.
  4. Johann Seidel

    Essentials for the road map

    Features requests: Text frame panel available from the context (right-click) menu. Right-indent tab. Ability to define tab stops in a table cell. Hyphenation options: Hyphenate capitalized words; hyphenate across column; hyphenate last word. Ability to base a master page on a master page. Ability to only apply either the left-hand or right-hand page of a spread (thus different master pages on same spread) More than 2 pages on a spread. (I currently use this feature in Indesign to ad a spine to a book cover.) Bleed options when you create a new document. The ability to select and change position of guides in the "Transform" panel. Possibility to give preferred size of percentage of cell width or height and let APub scale table. Or alternatively more control of sizing of table cells. (It seems APub tries to auto-calculate the sizes,but I never really get the correct values I am looking for ...) When I copy a group of objects from InDesign and paste it in APub, it places it very small. Would be helpful if it places it at the same size Nested styles.