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  1. I have now converted all PSD files to TIFs and replaced them throughout the document. This took some time and now everything works great, so it seems the problem is that I have placed too many PSD files throughout the document. A few things I have realized during this process: Once a PSD is embedded, it cannot be made linked. Even if a PSD wass linked, you cannot "collect" it. If you move images to a new folder each and every link must be found by hand. In Indesign, it would see that there are other files corresponding to missing files and link them automatically, maybe Affinity Publisher must warn you if it find other missing files in the folder and give the user the choice to update it.
  2. Unfortunately it contains confidential info. Has any tests been done on large files with hundreds of pages and a lot of links? It seems all links are "opened" while one works on the document and that is what causes the issues
  3. About 120 pages and about 300 images and counting and some of them are placed multiple times throughout the document. Most images are PSD files. I have previously worked on many more pages and links in Indesign.
  4. I have been using Affinity Publisher working on an ongoing document with a lots of images (mostly linked). When I try to save the document I get the following message: Sometimes when I try to open the resource manager it will just crash the document or I get a lot of messages: Please note if you look in explorer the files are definitely in the path mentioned and there is nothing wrong with the images. When I try to replace the image I get the following message: None of the images has been moved and if you actually just split the document in multiple parts the problem seems to go away, which tell me that there are a limit to the amount of linked images a document can have. I am running Windows 10 and Affinity Publisher (Release Candidate).
  5. That was because all the Type 1 fonts were shortcuts added via NexusFont font manager. I will do some testing to see if I can pinpoint the issue ... It was just very interesting that up to version 531 everything worked and after that I started having problems.
  6. I have managed to now open Affinity Publisher. What I have done to open Affinity Publisher is to remove all Type 1 (Postscript) fonts as well as any shortcuts from my c:\windows\fonts folder. I uses NexusFont to manage my fonts. Instead of copying the actual font over to the fonts folder it rather places a shortcut in the folder. Thus the problem seems either that Affinity Publisher does not support Type 1 (Postscript) fonts or does not seems to work with placing shortcuts in c:\windows\fonts folder. Do you know if Affinity Publisher does support Type 1 fonts?
  7. I have uploaded the fonts folder as requested. I do use NexusFont as font manager and uses both postscript as well aas TTF/OTF fonts. As mentioned previously version well as Photo and Designer seems to work fine, all versions after that seems to be problematic.
  8. I have attached the last crah report as requested. Also on occation I did manage to open version it also seems that half of the fonts was missing, but reinstalling version all fonts were fine. 9faea55a-3f97-4613-ba06-3c9399a57696.dmp
  9. I have managed to install Publisher but it does crash before it is finished loading. I had this problem with version as well as Photo and Designer Attached find the the details from Event viewer. I am running Windows 10 with the latest updates. Affinity Error Events.evtx
  10. Download and installation worked correctly, but when I launch version the load screen appears awhile and then just close down. I have the same problem with Affinity Photo as well as Affinity Designer. See the info from the Event Viewer Console:
  11. Hello Gabe, Once again today Affinity Publisher wouldn't start up. It seems the problem has to do with .Net. See the info from the console:
  12. Is there any chance that this can be implemented? Collapsing studio panels to icons like in Adobe Indesign. Some of the panels (like text frame or Paragraph) contain so many options that it would be preferable to work with one panel at a time.
  13. Hello Gabe, Today all seems to be working after installation and I did not even had to restart. I have found however my attempts to open Affinity Publisher yesterday and hope that the attached file will help in any way to determine why it would not open previously. As mentioned previously, from time to time I have to open Publisher (most previous versions) twice as it would not open the first time round. Affinity Error Events.evtx
  14. Where do I find the console? I have reinstalled all the latest betas and restarted windows 10. Publisher actually ran once bit after that it would just continue to crash both Designer and Photo also still crashes.
  15. I have now tried to install the latest versions of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (versions and although it does install correctly it also does not load completely and then just crash before opening, I am using Windows 10. I had to reinstall Affinity Publisher and Affinity Photo and Designer and they work fine. I have had for long now the problem that sometimes the first time you open Affinity applications just close before they are finished loading but normally works fine upon the second launch.
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