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  1. Have you checked for a firmware update for the Netgear NAS? That is not normal behavior over a network and I wonder if there is an issue with the NAS.
  2. A lot of programs do that with save. Save As will clean them up. It takes longer than the quick "save" but it does do that. As for being large, 80MB is not large in Affinity files. Designer or Publisher will easily get to 1 GB files with a few pictures and some editing. Though they only take a second or two to open even when large. It amazes me how quick they can open.
  3. One of the best tools in Designer is Slices. You should not have gone back and created a new document and copy and paste in to it as that can cause problems - just like it can in Indesign or Illustrator. I would assume that the resolution is the issue. I try to keep all at 300 no matter what. Never let programs guess what resolution it should be. I have a strange issue with logos between documents that sometimes the stroke will get very thick from one document pasted to another. I don't know why but it does. I just tried to copy and paste between documents and I couldn't get it to change size even though the documents were different resolution and size. I tried rasterizing the object and it made no difference rom copy and pasting. Here is the solution I would do in your case: Use artboards for each of the graphics in the same file. Name the artboard what you want the file name to be. Go to Slices and select all 3 artboards then choose the PDF for Print export (or PDF X/4) then choose export slices. It will name them all for you and keeps everything nice and neat.
  4. I'm not sure about the speed of printing in Publisher, but one thing that I do is print from a PDF from Publisher. This seems to print quite fast and reliable.
  5. Photo Mechanic is amazingly fast. You can go through your images at lightning speed even in RAW.
  6. I have a document that's rather large but there is a problem. and this seems to happen on any document that's mulitple pages and I intend to to the masking in Publisher. The video shows what's going on. I edit a mask on page 3 photo. The content of the page disappears and then I have to go to page one to edit. Though all the controls have to happen on page 3. There are other wonky things that are going on too but this is what I've recorded. I can open it in Affinity Photo and it edits the right page but using Studiolink does not work correctly when editing mask in Affinity Photo (studio link).. thought maybe Metal might be to blame but it seems to not make any difference. I did not try on Windows. Untitled Project.mp4
  7. This doesn't effect exporting to PDF does it? I thought that was fixed.
  8. I have to agree. Rulers are very important for a program that does design. I have found that I can use Designer on the go when I am working with clients and having rulers is extremely important. The on the go is new, but I found it works pretty well.
  9. which version are you currently using? Do you have the app to default to "Metal" as your default rendering? I think it might be helpful. Also "Enable Metal compute acceleration" If it's still having problem is it always with one file or with even a brand new file? I had problems with performance when I had a certain EPS placed on a page. Once I started a new document it was fine.
  10. So Acrobat has support but only for PDF's created by distiller - no recognizing competitor's files. Sounds like Adobe on open standards. I tried the profile and it did work but not for print production work as it's all in RGB and low quality.
  11. Is there some option that I don't have checked that allows that, or do you have a plugin that makes it do it? The Acrobat Pro DC that I have is very strict about it, which is what the message shows. For larger things I use Apple Preview which can see it all just fine liek you mention of other readers and editors, but none that have the power of Acrobat, except maybe PDFToolbox that I don't have yet. I looked at your file and I see it was distilled from an EPS from Corel. Is that the way you get to work? If so, what are your Distiller settings that allow this?
  12. Acrobat Pro DC won't display or process more than 200" in a single direction from the top left corner. AI is limited to 216" or similar, but will still get cut off in Acrobat to 200". Corel, Affinity can all make PDF's much larger, which sometimes we need. This was a sample that made to be 300" long and it can't work with Acrobat. Preview sees it fine. Our RIPs can process them just fine. It's just Adobe that won't adhere to the ISO PDF standards. I've put in feature requests for Adobe to fix this but it seems to fall on deaf ears.
  13. I will check that out. I'm trying to watch a video but the resolution is only 144p and can't make anything out. For imposition and numbering I would have a hard time switching as Quite is extremely powerful for cut stacks, and just numerous other things, banner labeling, and more. Hopefully pdftoolbox does not have the 200" limit that Acrobat has been laden with even though the PDF standards had that changed to unlimited over 10 years ago.