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  1. How would you go about doing that other than just screen record, which would take up a lot of space?
  2. thank you very much. i didn't breakdown the file to see that. I actually didn't design this one and it was one of my designers who is learning.
  3. I have a file that I cannot get to export bleeds for anything. I use Affinity day in and day out with bleeds all the time. This one will not work for anything even when copying and pasting to a new file. Am I missing something super obvious? WCCH_Smith_Heine_Invite_6.20.afdesign test.pdf
  4. Hello Gabe, Was that reply to me or Dave? I uploaded the links last night. thanks!
  5. I'm uploading it right now without the links. Let me know if you want the links.
  6. I use logos many times in a PDF format so they cannot change. But that does not seem to matter if it fails or not. The posters that I talked about in the OP that I ended up not posting, does not have any placed PDFs only placed jpg or affinity files.
  7. for some reason it seems to happen in about half of my documents. Some very simple. Others complex. and I'm not sure the reason.
  8. Just click the swatches palette and choose the color How to PMS.mov How_to_PMS.mov
  9. I'm used both Designer and Publisher and I get this: It seems to be related to my custom PDF settings. I went back and chose the default - Which actually causes problems because of it's lack of PDF/x4 which is very important. I don't think I can actually send my print settings but here is the screenshot: from checking different options, it appears that it's the PDF/x4 is the option that is stopping exporting from working on my files. The reason I'm using the PDF/x4 is because a couple years ago when I was testing it was the only setting that would maintain color consistency in PDFs for printing. I wll test again soon to see if that issue was addressed in recent version.
  10. As a printer I would be very upset with somebody who gave me a file that had a solid of 400% ink. In fact, it has happened quite a few times and I go in and change the PDF to be what people want and not what they give me. There is not a single good reason for having that kind of density. It will cause a mess on the press (even digital could be a problem) and the ink will not want to dry. A super black can easily be achieved by a much lower density of 25 25 25 100 that will dry and have much faster turnaround.
  11. Daisyy didn't make it clear what the issue was and never answered when questions were asked. If you want to edit the SVG you can open it up in any Affinity program. Otherwise, you need to state what exactly is not working right.
  12. I would try a different browser just to see if that might be the issue.
  13. Hello Gabe, I am uploading it right now. I found a very simple file that won't work. I don't know why. If you still want me to upload the veyr large files I will do that. Thanks!
  14. I have posters that I cannot get to export for anything. They are senior posters and I really dont' want to post them because it has their names on it. The problem even if everythign on the page is rasterized it still cannot export. There are 15 the document and they are 36x48". I ended up exporting them as JPG files but I had to make them .5" larger to account for the bleed. It was the only way I could get them out. Is there a way that I can find out exactly what the error is rather than the message be so generic? The pictures used were all done as individual affinity photo files. Last year I did them and the file got into the gigs in size because I embedded the pictures and then did the masking.
  15. The newspaper screenshot was put in by accident and It wouldn't let me delete it. As for the other palletes, I'm not sure what what you are talking about de-activating. I just see that it works right in Designer but not in Publisher - even the same file. Are you thinking the pallete was already replaced in Designer and that's why it works? Is there a minor preference that is changing this? thanks!
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