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  1. Any update on this regression? I sure don't want this forgotten. Thanks for all you do!
  2. I've got a problem with employees losing files because they did a "Save as" quickly and then went back to find the file and it was somewhere completely different than they thought, or there are multiple copies with different changes in each. Is there a way or a feature that could be added where "Save As" starts the dialog box in the folder that it is saved in rather than anywhere else? I tried to search if this had been posted before but the results of clicking the button says "forbidden"
  3. That's fine. These doubled topics can be deleted then. I wasn't sure if we were to continue when new versions came out or not. thanks!
  4. This was reported in the other forum. I see it still effects the 1931 beta. Just an FYI thanks!
  5. I had reported the Divide regression here: I know you are very busy and I just want to make sure it doesn't get forgotten as it is used a lot! I'm in MacOS Ventura runing 2.2 1931 thanks!
  6. Something else that's funny is it says I'm running x86-64 code - on my M1 Pro. Is that a problem?
  7. Yes. That is exactly what I found too. Instant crash as soon as more than one object with more than one stroke is selected and chosen to expand stroke.
  8. If you have Acrobat you can view the separations and your ink percentages in your PDF before you send it. I recommend letting the printer do the color separations unless you know how the subtractive spectrum and printing work. Keep your "darks" in your picture to no more than 300% if printing offset.
  9. Any updates on this? Anyone else found to be able to crash? I can reproduce this on multiple computers.
  10. Hello Callum, I tried disabling Metal compute and it still happens. I have narrowed down how to reproduce the crash. If you have more than one stroke applied in appearance and you select more than one object to expand stroke, it seems to crash every time. I've attached a file showing the demonstration that crashes for me each time I have more than one object selected for expand stroke. thanks! test.afdesign
  11. I don't see a problem with your initial PDF. The fonts are subsetted correctly as far as I can tell. How are other people receiving your files? I have had Outlook damage files regularly that people send to me, and there is a way around that MS's way of proprietary embedding. The original files are fine though. If you can give people the files through another source such as a different thumbdrive or cloud drive, do they have the same problems? As for the newer screenshot with square characters, I have seen that with fonts that are not allowed to be embedded. In that case, convert all the fonts to outlines or raster when exporting.
  12. I'm working on a file and found that if I try to expand stroke on more than one selected object at a time Designer 2.11 crashes. Seems to be consistent even on a new file.
  13. I have found that using live filters will do this when panning/zooming. It doesn't do anything other than be annoying.
  14. I believe I found I'm not crazy: IMO The issue in version 2.1+ is this functionality is broke. Here is version 2.04 and what I was doing works just fine. HOWEVER, I can't open 2.1 files in 2.04. Anyway to go back? Or is there a way to enable 2.0 functionality on this? 2.04 works.mov
  15. Separate curves seems to do the same thing as divide. I can upload this. Do you have a link to upload it, or should I just do it here? It's 90MB IT all worked just a few weeks ago just fine as you'll see in the file. thanks!
  16. I can confirm that I must be crazy. I cannot get this to work, what I just did a few weeks ago. 2.1 seems to act the same. I need the artwork that was in the joined cuves to stay in there, but for some reason everything deletes when they are split. Any idea what I did before to make these all work??
  17. Yes. I'm pretty sure this is it. I can turn off stage manager and it will work. I can turn on STage manager again and it will work. Not for sure how long though.
  18. I setup large artwork for a school building front glass for perforated vinyl. The way I set it up was each window was it's own box and I merged them together using the Add function: Then I could work with the artwork as one piece in side the groups of boxes but it wouldn't show in between the windows at the frames or the bricks. I could also simulate the semi-transparency that the perforated vinyl looks like. I got the approval and the artwork a few weeks and was easily able to split the artwork using divide function. Each window then had the artwork as it's windows shown. I then could make each one have their own artboard by using the "convert object to artboard" and then each one could be named, exported and ripped and kept in order: It's been several weeks and I have the next set ready to go for printing. Either I have forgotten my steps or 2.11 is broken as the function of splitting them apart now makes each blank as if it doesn't have the artwork in it like this: Is there a way to download 2.1 and try it again? Am I missing a step that I was doing just fine several weeks ago? thanks for you help!
  19. Is there a way to use this for the end of a text block frame that would automatically add "Continued to page 3" with the linked block on page three starting with "Continued from Page 1"? This way page numbers would be fluid and update depending on where you put them?
  20. It's a little hard to describe. If i were using command+tab it would switch to another app - the last one used. If I use command+` it switches to other apps like the "Get info" window, finder, Handbrake, and none of the rest of the apps open. Perhaps it has something to do with Stage Manager that I started using...
  21. I'm using Affinity 2.1 on MacOS 13.4.1 Here is what mine shows: I think it looks the same. When I press the keys it leaves the program to another window, but not like command+tab.
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