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  1. @srg owenr and R C-R explained already very well what's the confusion about. There isn't much to add, but I wanted to post this example from a 3d application to show you with a real example what specularity is about (and why it has nothing to do with the light settings): Alright, in the first image it seems there is no light. In the second one there's some and finally, in the third image, there's definitely more light. Well, guess what? They all share the same light setup. In fact, I didn't change the light at all. What changes, though, is the property of the specular channel for the material used on the torus. That's it. Every object, in reality, has its own specular property. You can read more about it on this page: As @owenr rightly pointed out, in your second screenshot the specular is set to 0, therefore the surface doesn't react to the light. Granted, this is not a 3d application we're talking about, but it's a good thing the concept remains the same otherwise it would get really confusing.
  2. @haakoo It seems my posts are being completely ignored. Have you read what I wrote??? Did you take a look at the samples and the links I posted??? Do you remember that I tried to convince you to do your best using the tool at your disposal? And I proved it to you! "As professional person is a person who knows the tools". Are you being serious here? I would take you on a tour in one of the studio where I work: I switch from blender 3d to Cinema 4d to after effects to zbrush, and do on so forth. Seriously kiddo., I feel you're patronizing me here. I have 20 years of experience in my job, I definitely don't need to respond to a random person on a forum and show what I produce and yet I did it. Now, why don't you show us what marvelous are you capable of with affinity?
  3. Is @haakoo I typed the name instead of the nickname. edit: fixed
  4. @JayH great work! @haakoo I don't understand why you have to get aggressive. You don't have the rights to tell me to shut up, I'm a customer and I have all the rights to report any issues, feedback or complaints. It's funny that you mention what being a professional means, to adapt and to use what's at our disposal. That's what I do every single day in my work (which you don't know anything about), but the issues I mentioned about affinity have nothing to do with using the rock. Working in a professional environment means that when you hit the wall there's no more workaround to look for, you need to change tool because you have to deliver. The client doesn't wait and time is money. Your attack is not even respectful, considered I contributed to this forum and tried to help when I could. (A sample from the posts above) I said it's funny what you mention that because we had a conversation once where I was pushing the idea of dealing with the tools we have (of course as long as it's feasible) and you were instead looking for ready-made solutions: Here: People looking for the Filter Gallery in PS and I proved that is possible to get similar results with the built-in tools in Affinity Photo. Now, those things I showed you are an example of stuff I did in my spare time only to help here on the forum. I do create, but other types of things, things like this: That's a 32-bit image composited starting from a 3D render I did (a multi-pass EXR). Theoretically, it would be possible to comp it in Affinity Photo (actually, it's one of the things that attract many 3d designers like me to use Affinity, considering it's supposed to be superior to PS in that regard) but practically it's a nightmare. Layer Blending bugs, lens blur not there, and performance issues. So, to me, it's been sad to come to the conclusion that I had to give up and switch back to PS, although I didn't like the idea. But that's the situation and when I tried to communicate the bugs, requests and my frustration on the forum it's either people like you responding aggressively or moderators ignoring my posts. So, please, keep the conversation polite and civil, I'm not here to insult people, I'm here because I really cared about Affinity (maybe I still do).
  5. You nailed it. That's exactly the situation. Here are a few more thoughts. The cost. I was trapped in the same logic when I started using Affinity. I couldn't get why people were complaining about a piece of software that costs the equivalent of a dinner. I was profoundly, utterly wrong. When I first saw the price and what they were promising I thought "How they can sell such a powerful software for that ridiculous price?" Then of course, given the price, I bought it as "worst case scenario I wouldn't waste a fortune". Well, here's how actually works. Someone decides to pack a car with all the best optional and sell it for little money. It's a market, and if the seller is willing to market a product at a cheap price, is his decision, period. How he gets there, what he needs to do in order to fulfill the promise and maintain the costs, is his problem. No one is forcing the seller to market the product at such a low price. In fact, they said on more than one occasion on this very forum, that money is not an issue. I would expect everyone would understand this point, it's pretty basic. So, rather than going with the mantra "what do you expect for 50 bucks?" I say "I expect what they promised" (there's another good one, "if you are not happy what are you still doing here?" If you still don't guess why am I wasting my time...). Now, if the seller promises the product with all the bell and whistles, he has to deliver. I don't care I spent 50 bucks, I didn't ask for such a price, is the seller that went that route. But here's the surprise: I bought the car and I find out that despite the body looks great, it has an awesome painting, great tires, I can only drive it for a mile, then the car stops. "Sorry, we are not there yet". Fine, but you should have told me upfront what was the deal. It's a promise that the seller didn't keep. And is not that I want my money back, that's not the point. I feel frustrated because I believed in this product. Do you people get this? Because every time someone raises a critique it really seems it's like an elementary school here, bad guys vs good guys. But then there's another fun part. Let's give the seller the benefit of the doubt, they didn't think the whole thing through. I'm fine with that, only when those customers who wanted to make long rides (and not only take the car to the grocery shop as all you happy users do) they then come back here and tell the seller "Look, it's OK, the car can't go past the block where I live, just give me a sign you are doing your best to keep your promises", then the seller ignores these customers because the seller has his own agenda and he doesn't care. In all honesty, if this car struggles it's also because of those users who are happy with it as is. They are actually contributing to slowing it down. Well, after all, I'm sure from Serif's standpoint, they are the real target, so perhaps it all makes sense. It's important to understand, though, that even if people are able to create nice works with Affinity products, that's again not the point. The whole point is a product marketed for a professional environment, and I'm aware of the fact that this detail requires a whole another post itself, so I'll skip it (this post is getting already too long and I myself don't like long posts). A few of the broken/missing things: 32bit editing, broken. Selective Color, broken. Multiple layer selections, missing. Performance, struggling. Lens Blur, incomplete, etcetera. It is not a matter of finding workarounds, which I already did in many occasions, it's a matter of an incomplete product compared to what was promised, and is not ready for a professional work environment. So, to JayH's point, yes: Affinity products are what they are and we (the customers who want to make long rides) won't get what we expect because that's the way they market their products. It's understandable that some users feel annoyed by these posts because for them and for their expectations, what they got is more than enough. But those users need to understand that they are only a part of the bucket and the reasons that moved them to buy Affinity are not the same as ours.
  6. Any free batch converter will do, e.g. XnView, or XnView Mp & XncCnvert if you are on Mac.
  7. @JayH Bear in mind, your feature request will get along with this forum and their participants as long as your request is what they want it to be. In other words, you may as well give up. P.S. Now I realize I should have sent you a PM, some moderators will probably delete my post
  8. I did the switch already. Is not often, it's been twice. This time I only took the opportunity of being listened as I replied to Mark. In fact, in the post you quoted, there was no response from Serif's moderators. Not that I expected one, but it would have been interesting to get a feedback on a couple of issues I raised as the strategy still doesn't make any sense to me. And even in the improbable case it will work out, it won't make sense anyway.
  9. Hi Paul, When you see posts like "Radial Control Support" getting a good amount of feedback and issues related to 32bit editing, layers workflow, and what not dying buried in old threads, you realize what the priorities are. Affinity is potentially an advanced product mainly marketed to hobbyist and casual users. When it will be robust enough at that level (i.e. for the low profile users), then (maybe), other requests will come into play. Until then, I have work to do and despite I hate it, I'll switch back to PS.
  10. Mark, I respect all the work you guys do but trust me: I've been posting for two weeks, constantly, and I have got not even a remote sign of life. I consider myself a user who did a decent contribution here, therefore getting this type of response is not nice. I know how it works: I would have more chances to get a feedback by registering as a new user. I have definitely feedback on the new beta, but I won't participate. When it takes time, effort and passion to embrace a new software and there isn't much response, I don't think it is worth it anymore. I think you can totally understand this point.
  11. I'm sorry, but I stopped giving my feedback: when you get consistently ignored it doesn't feel good.
  12. I love Affinity, I respect all the work you guys do, and I understand you have your marketing strategy and agenda to follow, but there are things that really puzzle me. I have personally been posting in the latest beta thread several times about the highlights issue before I got a sign of feedback. On a separate thread, I asked for a possible feature to add. I wouldn't expect a promise, not even an estimation, just a feedback would be enough. Nothing. I'm not sure anymore whether the strategy is to attract a wide audience or a niche. But then again, can't be the niche, because almost every peculiar requests from advanced users have been rejected (I don't want to go back and search for all the related threads, I'm sure who's been part of those requests knows what I'm talking about). With the communication here on the forum and the struggling performance of the products, I decided to give up with the forum and take a break from the Affinity products. I haven't been posting anything for a while now and the feeling is great. I finally don't have to hold my breath expecting anything. Because loving a product, spending time testing it, trying to contribute to the forum and then seeing there's no response, doesn't feel good, and I realize perhaps there's too much attachment from my side, considered after all this is software we're talking about (although is not only that, but of course also the spirit behind it). I hoped Affinity was the revolution I long awaited for. I would easily pay more for the product if it could fit my needs. Is not there yet (which is understandable) but also I don't see signs of keeping up with the premises. And this forum doesn't work either. It works if you are a newbie, then you receive prompt feedback, but if the requests go a step further than it gets stuck. Again, your resources are limited, I get that. What is really hard to understand is why you would create a product which such a potential and focus on a mass audience which actually needs a fraction of what you are trying to squeeze into your products. How many will develop 3D-32 EXR passes? So, why is it even there if you can't dedicate time to address issues because other basic problems come first? How many here are using the scope vector? Perhaps nobody. Yes, there are other bugs and priorities that come first, more essential and basic things to get running before moving onto more advanced issues. So, why bother putting advanced features in the first place? I'm sure I can speak for some of us when I say I personally felt Affinity was going to be the answer we wanted when I saw those features being part of the package. Those features are what made me embrace it. But since you don't have any interest nor resources at the moment to focus on the hi-end side of the product, and considered posting on this forum can feel like hitting a wall, then I can give up altogether and hope someday you'll get there. It's been nice while it lasted, now it is time to move on. Best of luck. Andrew
  13. It seems that after all moderators and devs are responding to other threads. Sadly, to get attention sometimes you have to be loud with a pinch of aggressive attitude. But I don't like that. Thus instead, after my last attempt to get a response, I think it's time to shut up and never speak again.