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  1. Hey! I'm just saw that you were struggling to find a good workflow to After effects and you made a feature request too, did you managed to solve this issue? 
    Because I'm on the same situation here, that I want to use Affinity Designer With AE, however the best workflow for me so far it's to make big illustrations and export psd or individual eps

  2. Try Blender 3D. You can export SVG files from AD to Blender, extrude the SVG, add lighting, textures, etc. You can even export an SVG from Blender.
  3. As it is for me as I don't use Wet Edges with the basic brushes and every time I switch to a brush that uses it and I go back to the basic brush (or many other brushes from other categories) I have to switch the Wet Edge off. What is even worse, I can't obviously memorize this fastidious setting for all the brushes so for lots of brushes from other categories that don't use the Wet Edge I end up being extremely confused as I can't tell for sure what their original setting was. So, I have to select a basic brush because I know it doesn't use Wet Edge, switch to the other category I want use the brush from, and finally find out what its setting is. Unbelievable.
  4. Thank you, Walt The way you say it makes sense. I should be able to change the topic and adjust my initial post.
  5. Walt, don't you see how confusing this is? The round brush doesn't use Wet Edges and so many other brushes. So, switching brush and going back to the round brush I would expect to be using the same exact settings that brush has been shipped with, that is no Wet Edges. Why do we need to complicate things?
  6. I know we had this conversation in the past and I understand for some of you the way it works makes sense, but it totally doesn't for me (and I'm sure, for others). So, I'm formally requesting to accommodate for users like me who are used to other bitmap editing software were this extremely confusing behavior doesn't happen. I don't want to have to tweak myriads of brush settings only to avoid something that can be done once and for all by adding a simple option. The screen record below shows the issue and the fix is not by changing one of the three status option per-brush. A simpler way exists. 2020-08-26 10-57-50.mp4
  7. Some brushes use the Wet Edges mode but changing to a brush that by default doesn't use that setting doesn't revert the Wet Edges to off. This is very confusing. I can't remember each brush setting and there's no way to know whether the setting were originally designed to have the Wet Edge on or off. Interestingly among the default brush libraries this doesn't seem to happen only with the OIL brushes which switch Wet Edges on and off based on the factory settings. Thanks @walt.farrell for the heads up on a better topic title.
  8. Thank you @MEB and @Chris B for providing your feedback and confirming the issues. I'm glad you were able to confirm the unexpected behavior and that this will be looked into. Sorry for having insisted. I thought the behavior was odd and thus I was trying to get this noticed. I understand that it might take some time to get feedback and I'll keep that in mind for my future posts. Thanks and stay safe.
  9. Thank you for providing your feedback, Walt. I feel at least there's someone to have a conversation with here. As for the workload if you check this section of the forum other threads are receiving contributions from moderators. So, their silence regarding my posts is a mystery to me. As for whether the behavior can be considered a bug or not, you're right. It could be something be worth mentioning in the feedback section. That said, it would be logical for some moderator to chime in on this and move the thread to the proper section if they see fit. But I guess we can agree on the fact that the current behavior has no reasonable purpose and it actually turns out to be counter-productive (unless you see some use of it). The thing is, with the moderators neglecting my post here the there's no way we can push this forward towards a productive discussion. Again, thanks for participating.
  10. Alright, I think it's official: the moderators only help some users, not everyone. Not sure why but it's quite disappointing.
  11. Thanks for trying, @Ron P. Here's a video (not sure it will play OK, it's an MKV — if not, I'll convert it to MP4) As you can see in the video there are actually two issues occurring. Selection from hidden layers is not possible. This is quite a disadvantage as the user is forced to un-hide all hidden layers to get their selections. The issue I mentioned in this thread is shown towards the end of the clip. When I select the underneath layer transparency the layer itself is also selected in the layer stack, which is inconvenient. In fact, the reason why some layer's selection is needed is to use that on the current layer, mostly for masking reasons. So, with the current Affinity Photo behavior I have to also de-select the layer in the layer stack by clicking on the current layer again. Hope that makes sense. P.S. I have a screen cast key recorder in the video but there's some lag between the action and the on-screen information. 2020-07-23 15-32-39.mp4
  12. Thanks, Walt I'm rather surprised as in this very section of the forum they're actually responding to other posts. Maybe I'm not welcome anymore 🤨
  13. When combining selections from across multiple layers by CTRL + left clicking on the layer we want to copy the selection from, the layer also gets selected. If I want to use that selection to mask the active layer I then need to select the active layer only to de-select the other layer.
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