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  1. Thank you for checking, Chris! Yes, the EXR was working fine, but I ended up exporting the HDR from Photoshop. I'm not in front of my computer right now, I might be wrong, but I think the EXR was heavier. Besides, the client asked HDR maps, so unfortunately in this case I don't have much room for workarounds otherwise I could have used the EXR. I'll try to recreate the steps in order to get a similar result and this time I'll make sure I save the file with all the layers
  2. Hi there, I'm getting some halo on a 32bit hdr document with affinity-photo-customer-beta- This is the original file: I wanted to blur and tweak the color of the two hotspots: It looks fine in Affinity Photo. Then, when imported in Cinema 4D and rendered, I get this: Indeed, checking the HDR in Photoshop reveals some unwanted halos which are not visible in Affinity Photo: Nonetheless, exporting the images as EXR rather than HDR seems to get rid of the halos.
  3. I didn't write "final" though.
  4. Just noticed the new release is available for Mac. Hope the PC version will follow soon
  5. Not possible, the only way to do it is the one you mentioned via spare channels. I have been asking for this for quite some time now, APhoto needs something like PS selections.
  6. verysame

    Slow and Unresponsive Photo Document

    @Lauriano Creative If this may make you feel better, I get bad performance with no live filters and just a simple stack of regular layers and a couple of adjustment layers (specs in my signature).
  7. The request is about the full image, I read this as the full document.
  8. And the color you're using is 100% black?
  9. Maybe what the OP is referring to is the Duplicate command in PS. If that's the case, Affinity doesn't have that option.
  10. @gomzz I like your UI proposal, overall it looks cleaner but it also makes more sense.
  11. Makes sense, it can be confusing indeed, it happens to me more often than not! :)
  12. The "muddy" look (in general referred as matte look, faded matte look, matte style...) is a look, there's no right or wrong. To be exact, in the image that Fixx posted the blacks read 0,0,0, they're gone. Assuming you're referring to the Black Level, your advice # 1 is wrong, you need to move the Gamma slider to the left.