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  1. You're late, we figured this out long ago in this thread. Again, you're missing the point either voluntarily or simply because you're not getting it. Not sure which is worse. Please, explain this to @Old Bruce who thought you said it is not a rule.
  2. Of course some brushes need the wet edges. It would be so darn simple: for brushes that need wet edges let's have it on by default. Just do not let these brushes affect other brushes that don't need wet edges unless the user want to. That's where customization steps in. Is that so complicated to understand as far as consistency goes? Instead, no, it got messed up. The software decides for you, randomly, which brushes are affected and which not. It's basically breaking the ABC of good design.
  3. I'm starting having serious doubts about my understanding of English. He said: That is the rule and he also said it is not a one size fits all rule. So, he's only saying that may not be fine for everyone but that is still a rule. So, what makes you infer he's stating that it is not a rule?
  4. Oh man, no offense, but you can't really see further distance than your nose. "That is the rule" what that even mean? Because it's a rule it's good or it cannot be changed? This is not Moses tablets. "You make it as consistent or as inconsistent" It's already inconsistent. I have zero choice in how the program has been designed. It starts like that. The way brushes behave when it comes to using previous wet edges status is already random. The fact that I can customize it doesn't make it less consistent. In order to be consistent all brushes should behave the same way. Isn't that the meaning of consistency? Randomness is the opposite. Worse, randomness without any explanation of why. Why some do a certain thing and why some don't. I get it, it works for you. For a lucky coincidence you're fine with the way they work now. Also, considered none of the developers expressed any opinion on this, this whole messed-up brushes behavior could just be an overlooked design choice. Or not, who knows? Well, they said GPU wasn't a thing...
  5. @R C-R I even asked what do you call this It is clear that that's not a setting to you. What do you call it then? I'm not a native speaker but I don't think I'm speaking gibberish either. And let me reiterate: there's no rule on how a brush react to the wet edges. Some carry over the wet edges from other brushes, some don't. That's inconsistent. From a user experience there's no logic in that and can only lead to confusion.
  6. @R C-R I'm not sure at what point this misunderstanding started but that's not what I'm talking about.
  7. Which is what I did for all the basic brushes (though it seems it won't be enough as other categories apparently are affected by the same issue and thus I simply give up) Again, that's not the point. I made it clear a while back. I cannot explain it better than I did. It seems you guys are stuck on one setting only and fail to see the implications from a user experience this design choice means. So much for a forum about "design" software.
  8. @walt.farrell You really didn't read my reply, did you? I got that many posts above, I'm talking about something entirely different.
  9. Unfortunately many times on this forum people see things only their way because things work fine for them and miss to understand the most basic principles of good UX. Of course, arguing it's futile. When the most basic knowledge it's lacking I cannot instill know-how with a few back and forth. That's a common situation when the conversation is not moved by principle of design but by personal experience. It's OK, we tried ☚ī¸
  10. @R C-R I see you're avoiding to answer my questions. Fine 😉
  11. So what do you call the default wet edge state for a basic brush? Not a setting? You should take a look at this: https://www.amazon.com/Design-Everyday-Things-Revised-Expanded/dp/0465050654 Those basic principle of good design are pure gold. I ask again: are you people OK with inconsistency? Your explanation is lacking consistency too. You are fine with the choice made for the basic brushes where the wet edges is carried over, but then what about the other brushes where this doesn't apply?
  12. @R C-R In their default settings the wet edges mode is off (take a look at the top bar with the tool properties). When I as a user start using the basic brush I get a particular result. If this result changes the next time because I've used a different brush which affected the basic brush, as a user I'm only confused. The software decided for me how the brush has to behave changing the result I got the first time and from a UX pov is just wrong. If I want this behavior to happen then I can change that particular preference. Why the preference is "Don't set wet edges" for the basic brushes and different for other brushes? It's either inconsistent or not clear. You're fine with two different preferences for different categories without explaining why? And you don't see any inconsistency in this choice?
  13. The whole point of this thread was why the basic brushes keep using wet edges when in their default settings they don't make use of wet edges. In fact, the other brushes in other categories revert to their default settings just fine, except for the basic brushes (see @anon2 reply above) I guess your confusion is semantic. What a default setting is. In other words, a basic brush doesn't start with a wet edges on when used the first time. I know it may sounds confusing but don't think in terms of how the brush has been set-up for you in the preferences but how the brush works when you use it first the first time and the way it then behaves the next time after you used other brushes with the wet edges on. That should help clarify the confusion. Why they decided (the devs) to have that option different from other categories is what I was trying to figure out. It could very well be a glitch, they just made it that way by mistake. If that's the case, it would be good to change it in the next releases.
  14. So, the right answer to your reply should have been: why is that for the basic brushes?
  15. Right. But thinking again I'm fine with the description. My original point has derailed. The actual confusion was why the basic brushes don't reset automatically to their default settings and instead keep using wet edges??? No one has provided an answer to that yet.
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