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  1. One of the main reasons (if not the main) I can't leave AI yet. I'm not sure you are requesting in the right forum, though. Being a third party plugin you ask for, I think the AE forum would be more appropriate, but then again, how many AE users also use Affinity? I think the number is still very little. A while back, I posted something similar:
  2. Where do you get that impression from? I only see Chapter1 and I guess it's provided as a sample of the book, which can be purchased online on Amazon. Then there are links to the forum related to all the chapters, but that's a different thing (and btw it seems those links are not working anymore).
  3. Thanks, Carl. Well, I guess is not fully implemented in the UI, then. I can find it in the menu as you suggested, but no from the Live Filters in the layer panel.
  4. Great release, thank you, guys! A couple of issues: anti-alias not working in the character panel I don't have the Halftone Filter among the live filters. Yes! Much better.
  5. Agree 100% In fact, I stopped reading this thread. It was supposed to be the roadmap but it's now the wishlist.
  6. It seems Mark knows already about this bug and he is going to fix it in the next beta:
  7. It seems the same issue I'm having. I rolled back to the previous beta.
  8. Is not available for the clone tool either. For now, a workaround is to mask the layer.
  9. Thank you for the new beta. Unfortunately, I can't use it here because layers visibility is buggy. Turning layers or masks on or off most of the time have no effect, the image doesn't show any differences in terms of layers being switched on or off. Too bad, it actually felt a little faster compared to the previous beta.
  10. The way Affinity Photo handles EXR multi-pass is great, too bad I can't use the z-depth properly to control the focus. Anyway, here's an example. PNG saved from 3ds Max Jpg saved from AP And below two screencap, showing the passes from the Vray frame buffer and the same passes in AP. Vray frame buffer 2017-08-21_23-14-24.mp4 Affinity 2017-08-21_23-15-17.mp4
  11. In 32bit you have access to all the tools. But besides that, did you read my reply above regarding the issue working with 32bit?
  12. As for your first point, theoretically yes, but last time I checked there was still a bug with 32 bit files: black, pixelated areas appear randomly on the canvas. Not sure if it has been fixed in the last beta.
  13. For the record, the issue seems to be fixed in the latest beta for Windows. Edit: never mind, Shadows/Highlights is still buggy.
  14. Thanks, guys, this beta works fine. Minor thing: after closing the help, I get this error: