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  1. I see, changing the coverage map works. This was very helpful and now I get that this is kind of a hard problem to solve and I hope someday this gets to be solved without any adjustments. Thanks!
  2. When using the grid I've been noticing tiny gaps between objects that let you see the color of the object below, specially with an isometric grid and 0 gutter, is this something I should care about? The size of the document is 11in x 17in these screenshots were taken at 630% zoom To give some context, I'm making an illustration for a poster I'm going to print (300 dpi, CMYK) for a client. I'm a student with 2 years of experience using vector software. When I turn on the pixel view mode or export to jpg at 100% quality I still see the gaps as pixels, and this is not the fir
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