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  1. verysame, Paul Mc - thanks for suggestion, I will have a look at it. I have been playing with Sketchup-free but so far I am not liking it. I am sure the paid version will have better functionality but I will check other options first.
  2. Is anyone using a 3d drawing package alongside AD? I am looking for an inexpensive package that will allow me to export a vector AD drawing and then redraw into 3d and then pass a 2D orientation back to AD. Any suggestions? I am working on non regular building designs that do not work (for me) using isometrics.
  3. All, thanks. With the thoughts you provided, I realised that i was doing things in the wrong order. I was creating each line(curve) adding an outline to each and then trying to join them. If you create the lines without an outline, put all the lines in a layer and then apply the outline to the layer, it works just the way I wanted. Thanks again
  4. Hi, I am new to Affinity Designer and the Forum. I want to join two or more lines which have outlines. I do not want the crossover outlines at the joins (I am trying to draw roads on a sketch map). Any suggestions on how I can achieve this? Thanks Mark
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