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  1. AP 1.9.3 Working with a single 12k x 12k pixel image loaded from file after a fresh start. Worked on it for about 10 minutes, mostly using the fill tool. Closed the image without saving. Checked the memory in Activity Viewer. Real Memory Size: 4.8GB, Virtual Memory Size: 18.9GM, Shared Memory: 130MB, Private Memory: 5.34GB. This type of massive memory leak happens all the time, I frequently have to save and restart. Fills to significant parts of a large image often freeze the entire UI; when it returns I sometimes see part of the image is now empty, or the fill did nothing, but
  2. I did in fact do it twice from the original. I didn't attach the original file as it is 9MB png.
  3. I wonder if copying a small portion of a larger image into a new document, then expanding it to be much bigger, made the resulting document broken somehow.
  4. I have a document (attached) which is a simple (but random) collection of small rectangles with total of 4 grays. Using the fill bucket (6%, not contiguous) it will never complete (or at least nothing for several minutes before force quitting). I have filled far more complex and larger images with widely spread out areas of same color without issue. This image does not work. Your fill algorithm is clearly suffering from degenerate edge cases. I tried several cases (1) starting from 75x75 image I resized to 6000x6000 with nearest neighbor (2) saved that image first and restarted the app. Both c
  5. Still broken in 1.92. Maybe I should volunteer to help fix it.
  6. Still not working in 1.9.1 I guess no one had time to look at it.
  7. Procedural Texture UI does not allow any changing of values. It just shows the names of things but the edit value tool is missing completely. This happens for both built-in and custom procedures. The feature worked perfectly in all prior releases. I use this feature a lot. Now I cannot use it all.
  8. Every Frame Text I create and paste or type text into has a gray background on every letter, no matter the font, or the color settings, or seemingly anything. This seems like nothing more than a terrible bug, but I can't find anyway to make it be a more normal white. Photo 1.8.3 on Catalina, iMac, Metal.
  9. I did randomly change all sorts of values trying to get it to work. It's not terribly useful giving people to many options to mess with.
  10. Latest Mac Catalina on 2018 iMac. Nothing added. Just a regular mouse. Like I said it works in Designer.
  11. Same doc, I changed the grid in between from 64 to 256 to make it more obvious; the ruler should not affect how a grid works. Yes I am using Metal. Snapping has never seemed to work since I bought Photo. Resetting cached info for an app should not change how the code works, snapping is clearly a code feature not a data feature. Note also that setting the same options in Affinity Designer works correctly. I think Photo is just buggy.
  12. That does not change anything. I've tried all combinations of those options, nothing lets me create objects that snap to grid boundaries. It's as if it only ever snaps to a 1 pix boundary.
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