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  1. I did randomly change all sorts of values trying to get it to work. It's not terribly useful giving people to many options to mess with.
  2. Latest Mac Catalina on 2018 iMac. Nothing added. Just a regular mouse. Like I said it works in Designer.
  3. Same doc, I changed the grid in between from 64 to 256 to make it more obvious; the ruler should not affect how a grid works. Yes I am using Metal. Snapping has never seemed to work since I bought Photo. Resetting cached info for an app should not change how the code works, snapping is clearly a code feature not a data feature. Note also that setting the same options in Affinity Designer works correctly. I think Photo is just buggy.
  4. That does not change anything. I've tried all combinations of those options, nothing lets me create objects that snap to grid boundaries. It's as if it only ever snaps to a 1 pix boundary.
  5. I keep trying to draw shapes with grids set and all snapping features turned on, yet nothing ever aligns to a grid. No matter what I do I may as well be drawing with a brush. In the attached image not one single thing is snapping to the visible grid. What do I have to do to get snapping to grid to work? Having implemented grids and snapping in a drawing engine in the past, this is pretty frustrating. I've tried turning things on and off randomly but nothing changes the lack of snappery. Resizing seems to support a little snapping, but creation seems to not do anything.
  6. Drawing and moving them. Even with snapping on I can easily have the object size not be a multiple of the grid size or wind up with the object not on a grid boundary. So my grid size is 20 (80/4) I wind up with a rectangle located at 80.7 with a width of 40.3 for example. This means I can't make pixel perfect layouts without things getting way off. There are seems to be no snap to grid action either. So once everything gets off of the grid fixing it requires typing in the size or location to fix it, which is sort of dumb since this is a simple feature to implement for an application developer. If I wanted things to not be on a grid I could draw them freehand with a pencil instead.
  7. (Designer) How can I make grid snapping work? I have a grid set to 80/4 I want everything to start on the grid and be resized to the grid. I don't want any way to move/resize to something not a multiple of the grid (in this case 20.0). This has been a basic feature of most drawing packages since the 1980s (I wrote such thing back then on Mac in fact). But there are so many options and settings and none seem to let me do that. I am always winding up with objects that are located at x.7 with a width of y.3. It's not a pixel boundary I want but a grid size boundary. Any way to do this?
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