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  1. An online converter INDD > IDML or > affinity, would be great taking up the race with adobe. Now I must keep InDesign, kind of forced also to pay for the rest of adobe suite due to their bussines model + pay for affinity (which I gladly do though). However that ends up somewere were its quite easy just to keep working with the suite Im used to. Is something in the pipeline ahead?
  2. This is great. Does this method by any means change anything in my former work? regarding say layout, placing, disposition etc. thanks,
  3. Is this in the pipeline? doing everything I can to switch but have tons of id work in my backpack that cannot be left to say
  4. Is it possible to update all links so I dont have to click each one of the missing links (source is 50x updated images)? the update button is greyed out so cant click that one... assume thats the one to click otherwise, thanks
  5. I deleted the fill layers and created a new one. Solved the issue, but it would be interesting to understand what caused it.
  6. Thanks for prompt reply ! unfortunately have not managed to solve the issue. I split the layers up from the group and the size doesnt seem to be connected with the color issue.
  7. What am I doing wrong here? opacity set to 100% though the color is faded, thanks for any help !
  8. (using noise > dust & sratches, the lines dissapears even on 1% radius)
  9. Is there any equvalent to photoshops function: filter > other > minimum ? Need to make lines thicker (and smoother but dont know how to fix that) that Ive scanned in from hand drawing Thanks,
  10. Also, I wonder how do you change a specific color in a multicolor image? been searching for it but all I find is a bunch of people working with the selection tool on non complex shapes. Aim is to use like the color picker/pipette-tool, pick a color and then edit this color in the entire image. Thanks !
  11. I want to change color of a very thready complex shape. The shape only has one color: white. The background is png-transparent. How?
  12. Also I wonder if its possible to skew multiple layers equaly in publisher or designer? just realized I need linked files in each skewed layer to be able to update the skewed layers now, and then photo is not the way to go I guess.
  13. Issue though: it wont apply to all layers. If I however delete a text layer inside one of the layers, it does indeed work on that layers are well. I wonder how to get the text included though 🤔
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