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  1. Thank you both, guys, that really helped.
  2. I use Photo for painting. At least for such I feel being one letter assigned to multiple tools is NOT a most helpful solution. I would be happy for Shift+ being a default and only way for circle in between them not not to select some I do not need at the moment accidentally which happens a lot when you return to what you do after some layer adjustment etc. Instead of pressing shortcut just for sure you need to look and control what you got selected at the moment which is not much user friendly. Anyway, I have deleted the "B" shortcut from all tools shortcut settings except for brush, to avoid it. But the shortcut works not well. It still circles, but not in between the tools it used to be under such shortcut, but between the brush and the last selected tool. So a lot of times I start to erase instead of painting, for eraser is the most often used tool aside for brush. And so on. Works with other tools too, laso, dodge, etc. I see the same topic in suggestions from last year, but with no reply, so I assume it is a bug. Win 7.
  3. Hey, Ill try to continue your thread with a question: Is there any way I may pan view while I am trying to select with Freehand selection tool? When the selection is larger and I need to be precise, things need to be zoomed. But the spacebar shortcut works only when I finish selecting. Which results into a need of adding multiple selections instead of one.
  4. Hi, R C-R, thank you very much, that solution worked And MEB, your once as well, it was hidden Thank you too! Be sure, I have been searching and googling before I posted my post, but you are the one who helped to solve. Is there any way how to reorder the settings in the context? I have not found, as far as I am aware I can set only main toolbar, not context one. Currently I feel alpha is more often used feature for me then mirror etc. But it is just a suggestion, more important there is the alpha feature exists. Thank you!
  5. Well, anyway, if Affinity plans to move forwards the users who need not only photo part, but use it for wider options, this really needs some attention. For example I would like to use this app for painting. For such usage current locking is lacking very useful features. At the moment I am not able to lock alpha and prevent from painting behind the current shape. That is something widely used in proces of painting during shading etc. And even the full locking is needed. When you got a photo layer and you wish to lock it, any accidental action is usually visible, eg once you use some filter or adjustment. But when I paint? I have no idea I got selected the wrong layer after some last transformation or something (which I use a lot during sketching). And with auto select behaviour it is much more likely to make such mistake and destroy some layer you did not intended to paint on.