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  1. Thanks! The small storytelling within the pictures is always something I love to focus on, so really glad you picked it up!
  2. You're right SrPx - but that's the problem we face, there are too many options also in terms of software, tools etc. I've found I get lost and waste massive amounts of time trying out stuff, rather than consolidating one technique. Oh well, I guess you can't change how one is, although I often find that perfecting and doing one or two things to overkill tends to reap more rewards in term of attention. Anyway, moving on, something I did recently, in the wake of the events tearing apart this world. Although I'm not there at the moment, my hometown is Milan, Lombardy, deeply affected by this catastrophe. I was there just before total lockdown, and the streets were already eerily empty. Cara Catastrofe (again, combination of AD and AP)
  3. I have been wanting to sit down and try out the new beta properly, and see if I notice any improvement in the painting quality. In terms of linework, strangely enough after having tried all sorts of brushes, pencil, inks etc, I am finding (literally in this last week) that the best and the one I prefer is the simple basic round brush, with a slight accumulation/pressure adjustment. Funny how the most simple things are the most effective. While I have created a couple of custom brushes for quick concepts, but the engine has to improve to manage the larger sizes and more complex ones thus avoid lagging. For the GN project, yes it was partially financed but things are bit at a standstill now (because of the whole Chinese situation - the client is strictly connected with China) - so we'll see what happens. Actually, that reminds me , I've never shared the next pic anywhere before (so it is a forum exclusive!)- this is a series of three illustrations I did for this same client client earlier this year - using an integration between AD and AP.
  4. @SrPx: too true, also PS wasn't intended for digital painting (not as much as Corel Painter was), but look at what it has become. I'm sure Photo will get there, once it fixes some aspects. I'd love if it implemented rulers like CSP (I used it a lot for inking, in various projects) , maybe just turning the paths in "traceable" , and it made the brush category sorting better, but it is on its way. I've found some interesting workarounds, and there are aspects I use a lot for painting that I find more intuitive (such as clipping and its live filters). And Designer...just one thing, and then it is up there and I won't need anything else - free transform, perspective transform etc. (oh yes, perspective grids for both). Then I'll be the happiest user Affinity has! @Roger C It is! Speaking of which, here is some more of the combo, I did earlier last year when in Tokyo
  5. Anyway, sorry all for being away, I've been focusing so much in these last few months on self improvement, experimenting and all sorts of things. And my workflow has become very much an organic exchange between Designer and Photo. I've always wanted to explore how much Photo can be an alternative to Photoshop for digital painting (Designer kills Illustrator in my opinion), and the fact I can switch so easily between the two programs has urged me to find solutions for digital painting as well. It is getting there, there are a few things that should be addressed, but I'd say that one can do about 90% of things that one can do on Photoshop, but with the bonus of this Designer-Photo synergy, without considering costs etc. I hopefully will expand more on this later, but I'll start with the "end" - as it is a style I've been trying out lately. Here we have a balance of say, 7% Photo and 25% Designer. More soon, as this forum means a lot as I know that people know what I'm talking about in terms of cross-software use, which means a lot to me!
  6. Will do! But unfortunately the GN is very much China-related, and things recently have come to a standstill recently.
  7. Thank you so much SrPx! Always very kind. So, to make things easier (and avoid bumping the thread too often...), here's a few more joint Photo/Designer pics (I will be focusing on these for the moment, then maybe share Photo only or Designer only stuff). They are a bit of a first environment explorations/tests for a graphic novel project. thank you for looking (again) r.
  8. And once again, I forget to update. SO- since the last time I wrote here I've started progressively experimenting on how to combine Photo and Designer, and switching from one to the other. It's taking a while, but I think that I'm getting close to finding a method with some potential. Let's start with something different, an environ piece for a graphic novel project (set in Reading, UK) best r.
  9. Murattanhu and Alain: thank you very much for checking it out - really appreciated. In the meantime I was really honoured when Affinity asked me to do an interview for the Affinity Spotlight page - it was published last week - so if anyone here is interested in knowing where I come from, what I do and how I do it, you can check it out here: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/vector-illustrator-robert-nazeby-herzig-storytelling-is-the-thing-i-really-love/ And here - a more recent piece. BTW, I will be combining Photo and Designer over the next few weeks for a project - so will try to share that as well, as I go along.
  10. Ah, one piece I forgot to share. (I hate double posting, so I have to check everytime - if I do bear with me). A bit of a retro-thriller spoof. best r.
  11. Thanks, not really start as I've been using it for over 3 years, but glad you stopped by to check out my work!
  12. Some more of the commercial stuff - website/blog/article etc icons. I did loads of these with this style, probably over 100, so really wouldn't know what to share, so picking very randomly 4 that are ready to go (as they were all used on the same webpage)
  13. Thanks SrPx, and speaking of Tokyo (again, an older piece but I don't think I shared it yet), memories of the nights spent on the rooftop in Tokyo! best r.
  14. Thank you guys, really glad you enjoy the pics. SrPx, yes, it is the "right side of the brain", as in the creative side, no politics involved - especially as the "left" and "right" categories have gone completely out of the window in some parts of the world! It was an article about urging a creative approach when making marketing decisions, that's all. But BrianHermelijin, in terms of creative flow - most of the times I sketch ideas on my sketchbook, with good old traditional pencil - then if it's worth using I scan it and use it as reference. Sometimes I sketch directly with the tablet (I use a cintiq and a huion + mac and sometimes a surface pro) - actually the very latest piece I completed yesterday I sketched directly with the pixel persona, and then completed it within affinity. I used a blue pencil brush I think I downloaded here on this board - which is great for sketching ideas. I will share the pic once it's approved and used. And nope, I don't have a ipad - I have been considering getting one since Designer was released for I pad, but as SrPx says I tend to prefer the desktop environment - moreover as AD is great with skipping from one program to the other (eg. PS). In fact I am considering investing in something "mobile" like Wacom Mobilestudio Pro or HP Zbook x2 - although they are expensive machines. But never say never, someone at Affinity asked me if I was using the Ipad with AffinityPhoto for demos - so I might give it a go. Next pic...hmm, I will take a break from the editorial ones, and share something flimsier and a bit Japanese, as I'm in Tokyo at the moment (although these are pretty old, probably from a couple of years ago) - my AD take on Sailor Moon and on Exo-Chika from Aural Vampire, an electro pop Japanese band not many have heard of! best r.
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