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  1. But you can can create and save your own palettes. You can even export them and let the rest of us import them. Plenty of palettes exist on this forum, too.
  2. And for many others. BMP is about the simplest image format in existence, just a header followed by essentially raw pixel data. It is not perfect, but so simple it has been the default format of a lot of software for decades.
  3. Oh, nothing wrong with the picture. It is my eyesight that is not as sharp as it used to be. I am 72, with diabetes, and even some cataracts. Last time I went for my annual eye exam, I ended up with lenses several times stronger than in my previous prescription.
  4. Thanks, @Alfred. Sadly, my eyesight isn’t what it used to be.
  5. But how many seasons would I have to go to to know what is going on? And besides, I prefer doing other things than watching TV. I am 72, I still have too many projects to finish.
  6. Alas, my antenna is not strong enough to receive TV signal from the other side of the Atlantic (all I get is a single station, which happens to be an NBC affiliate), so I just assumed it was, indeed, about the doctor who inspired poster design. And besides, I have hard time understanding the variety of pronunciation of English that Professor Higgins was so unhappy about. I actually got a phone call from a Serif salesman and I had absolutely no idea what he was trying to sell me. English is my fifth language, and the way we were taught English seems to be ony spoken by Oxford professors. When I first came to America, someone was watching an English comedian (his name was something like Benny Hill?), and I had no idea what he was saying. I studied in Rome, where my medical doctor was an English lady and, again, I did not understand her. I had to bring along an American to just repeat whatever she was saying, and then I understood. Last but not least, when I saw the first Harry Potter movie, I had to turn on the English subtitles so I could understand the Hogwarts students (except Harry and Hermione, whom I understood), though the professors were mostly easy to understand. Of course, to be fair, my first Summer in the US, they interviewed a Texas farmer on TV asking him about the drought and I could not understand him at all.
  7. Yes, that is the main difference. I think it is a tragedy that decades ago Adobe chose Times as the default font in the PostScript, which led to myriads of poorly designed book texts. Times is a newspaper typeface. It was specifically designed for the use in newspaper columns, to allow Times of London to cram up more text on their front page. And it works well for that purpose because newspaper columns are much less wide than book pages, so they eye does not have to travel as far from left to right. In reading a book, however, the eye has to travel a longer distance, so the text uses wider faces, larger point size and more white space between the lines (or at least it did in the books set before Adobe made Times the default and Microsoft nerds followed suit without even understanding what they were doing).
  8. I am not sure if I never mentioned on this forum what a kruhotvar is, but it is a very specific type of circular repetition of something simple. They have originally been 2D objects that have always started as a very simple shape drawn in Affinity Designer, exported to SVG, and then hand-processed by yours truly. This week I have been toying with the idea of converting them into 3D objects (because I have ordered a Prusa 3D printer and it is expected to ship this coming week, not my first 3D printer but should be the first one that actually works unlike the Ender-5 junk that I have had for a few years). I wrote a routine that writes a script for OpenSCAD to convert the above-mentioned simple shape to a 3D object. It can do it in a number of ways, based on some parameters processed by my routine. Ads an example, this morning I sketched this non-assuming shape using the pen tool of AD: (The source is krtko.afdesign.) I exported it to SVG, then wrote some C code that calls my procedure (you can find it here, if interested), used OpenSCAD to turn it into STL and PrusaSlicer to prepare it for 3D printing (after I receive and assemble my new printer, of course). The result should be a nice little plastic coaster seen in this image (ignore the green part, that is just a support required for the printing):
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