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  1. Why is the paint brush painting black on this mask even when I switch to white? Usually I figure these things out, but this time I'm stumped - or it's a glitch, one or the other. The blend mode and what I have turned on above it make no difference. TIA
  2. Okay, thanks. I guess the problem is that it isn't much use for the way i want to use it. What I'd expect is for the source to open up full size in a window. ready to access with the clone brush (or to can cut/paste selected parts of it, etc.) as if it were part of the picture you're working on.
  3. Okay, someone please talk me through this. First, am I right that the point of the Sources panel/feature is so you can put files in it and use them to clone brush (and possibly other things) into different pictures, right? So here's what I'm doing: 1. Open the file I want to use as a source and add it to the Sources window. 2. Switch over to the destination picture. The file is still in the Sources window. 3. Swear at the computer because it doesn't freaking work any differently from how I described above. What am I missing? There must be something, because what I see has very little to do with what it says when I RTFM. TIA
  4. Okay, it looks like my second post is the answer - I need to export that layer as a document and then set it as a global source. Thanks.
  5. I know I don't *need* a global source for that, I just want one and am trying to figure out this feature! Believe me, I use the Clone Brush more than a tooth brush.
  6. Of course, but my question is how to make the picture in that panel full size inside the panel and available as a source. The problem: when I click (or double-click, I forget) on it to make it full size, it appears in its place in the main picture. I want to clone parts of it in different places, which requires that it remain in the panel.
  7. Reading my question, I'm going to try exporting just this image and importing it into the Sources panel that way. But I have to eat dinner now.
  8. Latest Affinity Photo 2 beta, macOS. Sorry if someone's already explained this - I searched and stopped looking after the second page of results, and none of the settings advertised in the manual seems to exist - certainly not in the context menu or anywhere I can find them. What I'm going to do: use this guy as a source for clone brushing. I've used the whole thing elsewhere in the same picture, and in fact it's a rasterized version of a photo fragment (with adjustment layers) I copy/pasted in from another file. So I create a pixel layer, hit K to get the clone brush... and it shows up superimposed on top of all other layers in the same position I used it in before (I'm reluctant to post a picture that's in progress). There's no way to move it TF out of the way, because selecting V closes the window and makes this source disappear. Why did I do to make it hate me? Does it simply not want to work when the global source is inside the picture you're working on? Is the problem that it's not a whole picture, just a shape cut out of one? There are certainly workarounds, but I want my Sources window and I want it now. TIA
  9. I'm still scratching my head, because I've never seen a Mac program that cares where document files are stored - going back to the Mac Plus and my $650 30MB external hard drive. But I'll search and see whether I find what you're talking about. Thanks.
  10. I think that might be the culprit, because smaller pictures don't have this problem (for example if I just open something to check out and maybe add just a couple of adjustment layers). Thanks.
  11. No sleep mode. This is a very fast NVMe drive connected to a Thunderbolt 3 port. I don’t understand why Affinity or any program would care whether you’re using an internal or external drive - or for that matter a partition or container. macOS is fine with that, and presumably Affinity’s temp files are on the system drive anyway. You may be right, but it seems like it the whole point of an operating system is to take care of that!
  12. Affinity Photo 1 & 2, same with all versions so far. Mac Studio Max 64GB running latest Ventura, but same thing happened with previous macOS versions. When I load and unload a lot of big files, I'm getting very long hangs when quitting the program. Usually that resolves by half a minute, sometimes it doesn't and I force quit. My files are all on an external 4TB NVMe drive in a Thunderbolt 4 enclosure. The actual drive is a Crucial P3+, but I understand it doesn't have a memory cache (I forget what kind of cache memory these drives have). Here's the question: is the lack of cache responsible for this, i.e. is Affinity Photo cleaning up after itself? It seems excessive. TIA
  13. I think I got it confused with Save Current Viewpoint. Anyway, we're cooking with induction now. All good. Thanks.
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