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  1. haakoo, No one has taken over the post, it was in fact myself that went off on a tangent to prove a point about Serif. 'verysame' is spot on with what he's said too. It's you that is at fault. Where do you get off telling what other users should or shouldn't do? Damn, you're such a control freak. Not to mention so misinformed. You don't even read what others write before commenting. Love the sound of your own voice no doubt too? Anyway I've had enough of this post, which is what I expect Serif hoped would happen. Licking Serif's boots won't do you or other users any favours. Damn I hate fanboys. I'll check back in a year or so and I don't have to guess, I know, nothing will have changed, with the fandboys or Serif's business model. Bye!
  2. haako, yes I still have time to drop in and chat in a forum and work at the same time - please see the included image made in other "professional tools" today. If someone says something about me, am I not allowed to reply? I've plenty to discuss, but it's people like yourself who just want to put me down without conversation. Not very smart. ...and getting onto smart, Cedge/Steve, "Yo!" yourself, I've already tried to explain I'm not "trolling", I've had relevant points to make, but again no one wishes to discuss these points without being rude. You already said I was on your "Ignore List", and yet you're still talking to me, albeit with lame insults and dated acronyms. Why I'm referred to as a "Cupcake", I've no idea, it sounds sweet - maybe you're getting sweet with me?
  3. "Troll"? "Professionally Served", "At the Highest Level of The Company"? "Rolling on Floor, Laughing"? really?? darn it, you must find some of the least things funny - you're belly must be aching - shall we send a doctor? Cedge/Steve said - "For the record, a real professional doesn't go out of his way to troll a product he obviously doesn't know how to use" - if the product in question does not have the features, then how does one proceed? We are invited to request and discuss the features we are missing according to the forum - there is a section for "Bugs" and one for "Feature Requests". Just to correct you 'Cedge/Steve', this topic may have been started by raising the question of the "Save AS" vs "Export" issue, but has since moved on to a discussion about Serif in general and the other things that have not been addressed over numerous years. Especially in regard to the "Professional" advertised product we were offered and purchased. It doesn't take much looking around the forum to see how many users feel let down, some get fed up and move on, some come back in hope the software has improved and others make suggestions feeling that they'll be heard - but time moves on and one, release after release and the same things don't change. There is of course a type of user that are oblivious too all that other users are frustrated by, that forget they don't own the company and don't realise that the company doesn't give a stuff about them - you're not part of a team just because you bought the software and handed in a bug report. Some users, such as you Steve don't have a clue of which end of a sweeping brush to hold and then accuse people of being trolls.
  4. Serif have always stated in their forums that they're all involved and read what people write. If that is the case, then why are the same features missing, simple ones at that still not added? We're mot talking about months, but years. As I stated in a previous post, there was one bug I pointed out which I was told was known about, but nobody was able to fix it. That doesn't fill me with much confidence at all. Serif indeed could be reading everything we write, but if they don't do anything with that info, they may as well not bother.
  5. Why hang around here? 1) to try and get a response from Serif, who are always silent apart from mods. 2) To let other users know that they're not the only one's dissatisfied. 3) To help other's know how things are and to help them decide whether they should believe the hype thrown around to save them wasting money on products that have stagnated and don't do what is advertised. I purchase the products for both mac and PC and want and and am entitled to express my oppinions. These opinions many share, but have probably given up a long time ago with Serif. I don't care the software is cheap, if the Affinity products came anywhere near Adobe, I'd happily of paid a lot more money Serif won't change if you keep patting them on the back. They don't owe you anything and will drop you at the first chance if there is money to be made elsewhere. This Feature Request stuff is just baloney for marketing. See that coffee over there? Now inhale it's aroma.
  6. The point that keeps being made, Affinity prodicts don't do the basics, bugs are rarely fixed, features, basics ones at that aren't added. No one said they wanted the world, or to make that term clear "bloatware" as you put it. Try reading all the posts before commenting and putting others down, you do your argument no favours.
  7. For me, I know that Serif aren't interested in our musings, but I really hope it's a fair warning to others about the situation. Maybe it will prevent others from buying the software with high expectations that you'll soon find is limited and buggy. There's not enough coders or official testers with Serif either. My heart goes out too to those that graft into the early hours eating pizza on tight schedules with poor pay, sore eyes, to not be listened to by bosses - many of us artist, developers and designers have been there and bought the sweatshirt, hat and maybe even the underwear. Don't waste your money, do youself a favour until Serif change their attitude, become more transparent and listen to users. Spend your £50/£100 on a sub for Adobe CC, or treat yourself to a meal out and use the infamous .dll. Good luck everyone.
  8. One other thing users here might wish to be made aware of, is that the previous Serif PhotoPlus & Draw software, (the predecessors to Affinity Photo & Designer), had proprietary file formats and Serif didn't see fit to allow users to be able to import these files into the Affinity products. Would you wish to archive years of work in an editable format with Affinity Photo or Designer only to find out that when Serif sees fit to drop these products, or make something new - which may easily happen, what are you going to do with those .afphoto files then? I doubt Adobe is going to disappear in the same way. Archiving for the future, please consider what format you choose. Presently Adobe say they have 12 Million subscribers to the Creative Cloud. Then there are those that own previous versions, which must be very large. Additionally, a huge amount of users have hacked versions. Adobe products are the standard and used by nearly all creatives across the world and have done since design was possible on PCs and Macs. Who would you place your money on for the future? Especially in light that Serif can't even add basic features that have been requested for years. These things aren't even on the Road Map. I know this post began with several other posts regarding basic feature suggestions from myself, such as this, "Save AS" vs "Export" feature, which by the way I've found out since I'm not the only one requesting this basic feature and the others too, there are other posts and topics on them. This post has rambled onto Affinity products and Serif in general too in my frustration. Unless you're a halfwit, you'll know that it's unlikely any software company will take a users point of view on board, unless there is enough moans and complaints that effects profits/reputation, even then though, companies already have their own agendas and what they think users need more than you. When have "Suggestion Boxes" ever changed anything in life? They're there just to imply a company appears to care - it's just marketing hype - if you don't know that, then your a bit of a nitwit. We're led to believe that Serif reads our posts, but is that just forum moderators, or people that actually can influence what happens? It would be nice if someone with the power to change things was transparent enough to inform us all realistically what Serif is attempting to do with the Affinity range. Are they actually trying to compete with Adobe, or are they just cashing in on a part of the market when many users don't like the idea of Subscription Services with Adobe? But in doing so, they're never going to make one particular piece of great software, instead are they just going to use the same business model as they did previously and release one piece of unfinished software after another and not have the resources to manage them all? How many updates have you got excited about, thinking that finally that feature you and other's requested months, if not years ago have finally made it to this version. To be immediately disappointed that the update has things you've never cared about and would probably never use? As a bonus you get some freebies of brushes, graphic templates or similar, stuff you'll again download, but still probably never use either. We've spent our money on your products Serif, some have bought both Mac and Windows versions too like myself expecting so much more due to the advertising and hype. But several years on, users are curious and feeling let down, is anyone out there willing to comment?
  9. And don't forget the very underused software, that some may not be aware of "Microsoft Word". How does "Save As" work here, remind me? By the way I do have a softspot for the actual monkey devs that get paid peanuts to work long, long ours and probably have good ideas that get ignored too just like the users. It's more typically the management and bosses that are the issue i.e. Serif the company. I've attempted to retry the Affinity products on numerous occasions, but as I've stated, the basic features are missing that would make the software spot on. I was even told recently that a bug wasn't fixable as they didn't know how to fix it. I last week gave things a go again with AP, but it totally reminded me how nothing predominantly has changed since its first release. This 'Cupcake' is back with Adobe as there's no other choice to get jobs done well and finished on time. I loathe subsciption software, but I hate more incomplete software. Even Photoshop/Illustrator CS2 still with much of their outdated features still have the barebones of perfect pieces of software, I only wish they still worked properly with Windows 10.
  10. "Suck it up cupcake"? Now really sir. Keep the insults coming please! Yawn. Users are allowed oppinions, aren't they? Or do they all have to share the same ones as yours? What is the point of a "Feature Requests" section otherwise? Why do people in these forums get so defensive with a piece of software? I've not critasising anyones loved ones. Software is just a tool to get a job done, hopefully as painlessly as possible. This reminds me of the Linux forums. Forums are pointless. There's plenty of people out there who are disappointed with how the Affinity products have pretty much stalled and missed basic features - features that people requested over 2 years ago and just badic ones as that. But sensibly many people take it on the chin, forget the wasted money they spent on the brand and go back to Adobe. Additionally they avoid this forum. Things are just the same as they were when the other older Serif products were around - fanboys worshiping software whether good or bad. But be careful, don't critasise, no, never complain. You might as well of poked someone in the eye with a rather large pointy stick.
  11. I realy had high hopes with the Affinity products, I really thought Serif would challege the establishment anf have learnt from previous incarnations, i.e. But its not far from the issues dealing with Serif and their old software. Serif don't listen to their customers enough, if at all. I know I'll be picked up on that comment by either fanboys or mods. The amount of bugs I listed for Serif Photo and other software was crazy, software that had been around for years and either users hadn't noticed, or just excepted the querks and said that Serif never listen. They release software and expect the users to bug test for them for free. Whilst still of course you pay for the incomplete said software in the first place. Serif spread themselves too thin, not enough devs for numerous products constantly growing. Recently Ipad, now a DTP Program. Then there's the issue with getting the basics working right, before addong all the bells and whistles that most users don't care about. How about getting the crop too to work well first for example? or croppong with a Marquee. Floating Selections.. too many to list. I'm sure we've all submitted simple stuff here. Most compitent amateurs and pros want Photoshop without the subscription, being able to buy a piece of software and feel they own it in they're hand, Instead of using CS6 or CC with amtlib. Not everyone wants to rip off software companies, even if it is Adobe. I know Serif aren't listening, least no one with any influence. I just wish they did thats all. There are basic features that users have been asking for since day one and it's just a waste of time here thinking you have a voice, it's all just marketing bull. Designer is no different, how long have users wanted a "Convert to Curve" option that actually works, without loads of unnecessary nodes? It's a massive requirement. Even Inkscape can do it well. If a company wants to be comptetive with the competition, they need to work with what is already there. Not try to reinvent the wheel. It's a shame, a real shame and a wasted opportunity, one that could have made Serif a fortune. Now fanboys etc, take your best shot, I'm sure you're itching with antic...i... pation.
  12. There's always going to be those that disagree, but one thing that must be considered is the millions of people across the globe that use Photoshop. I've never heard anyone complain about how Photoshop do "Save As". It doesn't confuse anyone. Gimp on the other hand that uses the same concept as Affinity Photo has mountains of post for many many many years regarding having to use "Export" instead of "Save As". Plus if you wish to atract long time Photoshop users, then sticking to common methods of workflow is important. I've used Photoshop for 25 years and it erks me no end that something that is so standardised in other software, for some reason Serif has to break all the rules, for what? What does it achieve?
  13. Hi, I wrote a similar topic last week, it's illogical and slows down your work process. How many time has anyone here gone to "Save As", located a path to save, then pressed the pointless dropdown menu at the botom of the file dialogue to find only one option, Affinity's native format. Then you have to go back and start all over again and choose "Export" instead. The Affinity brand is popular to those that can't afford an Adobe subscription, but no other software can read its file proprietary format. Archiving work in Affinity Photo's native format is disastrous for future purposes currently. It just feels like Serif is forcing its own branded file format onto the user when it's users are being treated as dumb that they don't know the difference between a destruction format and a re-editable one. Affinity Photo is aimed at professional/semi users who do know what they are doing. It's these small and simple things that Serif are so fixed on, that prevents Affinity competing with Photoshop - which is the point, isn't it?
  14. Psenda, Sorry I think there may be something lost in translation. Anyway, it seems you are happy with how AP works. Just some of us disagree with the set up as it is in AP - Photoshop's method is more straightforward
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