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  1. damn this is very interesting then! if you can't manage to get those in mainline Wine then i think it would be possible to either put it on top of Elemental Warrior's fork, or make it an archive for users to unpack in their wine prefix :)
  2. great job! did you notice it providing any performance or rendering precision improvement?
  3. i agree but i still think open source on this front since a software you bought for windows XP might not work anymore on your windows 10 machine, if it was open source it would likely still be somewhat maintained and would run on win10 i have never had big/breaking any issue with wayland (i've been using it for the past like two years with KDE Plasma)
  4. imo, Krita is the best alternative for a raster workflow, it even has non destructive filters! (unlike gimp) yep pretty much. ElementalWarrior and the Wine devs did most of the heavy lifting, i'm only trying to offer the maintenance of a guide and support for newcomers willing to learn. open source is great but sadly sometimes you need to use proprietary software, and it's still nice that they can mesh together: i do not trust Adobe, Google nor Microsoft with my data, so i try to minimize the amount i give to them. Serif on the other hand is proposing a software with no ads, no telemetry(probably crash report but i'm not even sure about that), the only advantage for me if they went open source would be the opportunity to port it to Linux. this is also an upside of opensource, even if the company dies, the software can persist i really look up to companies opensourcing stuff when the project or the company dies, it should be more common, for ewaste reasons on one side, and software preservation on the other.
  5. you can try to change the renderer from gl to vulkan and try which one work for you, you can find the commands in the tips and fixes page
  6. on KDE Plasma you can right click on the taskbar icon, go to More and uncheck "Allow this program to be grouped"
  7. i think this is something due to mono being missing, you can try to install the wine-mono package (should be named like that on ubuntu)
  8. re making a prefix (don't forget the winmetadata files) would be your best bet yes
  9. i swear it would only make those cases worse
  10. this has already been discussed here and it happens because the reported wine version is wrong for some reason, this is just a quirk, if you git switched to the right branch when compiling it then it does not matter and you can do what it says and use --force to force it, like so: rum ElementalWarrior-8.14 $HOME/.wineAffinity winetricks dotnet48 corefonts vcrun2015 --force
  11. something seems wrong with dotnet, did you have any errors while running winetricks ?
  12. you likely messed something up during the ./configuration step
  13. since you have a 32 thread cpu yes! you can increase the parallelization of compiling with the jobs arguments like explained on the guide: you could set it anywhere from 1 to 33 depending if you want to do something else while it compile(lower number like 4 to 24) or not by maxing it to 33 to saturate the cpu completely
  14. it's not all the same text, it's just compiling and you can see it's compiling different things! first is dib.c next one is font.c then gdiobj.c then icm.c etc as long as you don't get errors or warning then you should just let it running, it took over one hour on my 2014 Thinkpad x240, on my recent desktop it takes around 10 minutes
  15. mmh, what is the line it's repeating ? did you try to reboot and start over (deleting the cloned wine directory and getting it again) ?
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