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  1. Hi there, first: is the "layout area for data sets" always necessary (even if I only want to print something on a single sheet)? 2nd: Is there a way to query conditions, for example if a value is true to show a certain graphic and otherwise another?
  2. Hello, I would like know how to remove black background from my picture? In PS there was a slider like setup to remove the background. But where to find it is in Affinity Photo?
  3. Of course, that became clear in the course of the discussion.
  4. This seems was the trouble, why it does not match automatic? Crazy.
  5. Yes its Images (Bild) means Pixels. All are imported png's
  6. I'm really pissed, the simplest functions don't work. Select two planes and press Control and E. Finished. Not with Affinity Photo: nothing happens there. The documentation doesn't help, and tutorials can be forgotten. One last try before I switch back to Photoshop because Affinity Photo turns a 5 minute job into a 3 hour problem.
  7. I would prefer some new tools which am I used in "Corel Draw" and Clip Studio Paint Pro". A vector eraser is one of that tools i wish. And a tool for filling the shapes and intersections I also wish.
  8. Hi, I have a document in APhoto with 3 groups and a lot of layers inside them. I would not every single layer export by hand while it seems to take a lot of time. That why I searched for a script but does not find one. My Question is where I can find some scripts or is there a build in function in Affinity Photo which helps myself.
  9. I draw most in Krita because I can use SHIFT, STRG + Wacom-Pen-Keys to rotate and pan the canvas and to set the brush tip size and choose any color I need. This workflow is very nice for me. But it is not possible to setup this in Affinty Photo or Designer. Please make it possible.
  10. Okay ich will das mal probieren. Danke. Melde mich nochmal wenn ich ein Ergebnis habe.
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