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  1. Can it be that this feature is very well hidden? -- Thank you smadell!!
  2. How can I turn my curve into a selection so that I can continue working with it? Or is this function not yet available?
  3. I wish as a feature that I can use Inkscape Plugins. That would be a great feature because there are a lot of them which compensate missing functions of AD itsself.
  4. How in the title asked, is my question. Are files created in the alpha version are useble in the final release version?
  5. Hello Affinity Friends, when I drawing/painting with vectorbrushes Affnity Designer crashes. I use a Wacom tablet and not sure wether Affinity Desiger is reason for crashes. But other programmes does not crash. So that I would ask first here what is going worng, when I paint with the Vectorbrushes in Affinity Designer? Maybe changes in preferences can fix this issue.
  6. Hi MEB, thank you for the answer. I am sad about that ... Allow me a further question: When I work with the beta now, would it be possible the saved file to use in the final version of Publisher?
  7. InDesign can not load it own files sometime (upwarts). How should this possible in other applications?
  8. Are you working on a DTP-Software like PagePlus or for example Indesign, or you include some of these functions into Designer?