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  1. My latest, an old american Bucyrus dragliner in the very north of Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. Got pretty cool I think.
  2. Looked for coins under the bottom stand when I was a kid, a very few times I got lucky.
  3. My latest, now 99% Affinity made (a few perspective easy things in inkscape) Cheers!
  4. FOGRA 51 came the year 2015, why is it not present in Affinity the year of 2022? Ah, stupid of me, there were no profiles in the affinity folder I remember now, the profiles I see must have been copied over from my old Mac's system. Down the whole picture with FOGRA 51 if anyone is curious:
  5. Hi again, I made some research on the matter, found there is a newer FOGRA 39 out, FOGRA 51... Downloaded it here: https://www.color.org/registry/PSOcoated_v3.xalter though they call it not FOGRA 51 but "PSOcoated_v3.icc", and put it in ~/Library/Application Support/Affinity Publisher/profiles It seems to work great, black is almost full black, at least much blacker than with FOGRA 39, and other colours looks okey but maybe a tiny little bit darker. Maybe this is the shit I don't know but I will test this.
  6. Yes, I understand the difference of the light on screen versa paper, I did work a little with prints like 20 years ago, before inkjets, but I see the difference between the old picture on the screen and my new but same picture on the same screen, - not knowing how they will be when printed, maybe they will getting better who knows. I started up my old computer now and looked at the drawings there in illustrator, the setting were "coated FOGRA39", funny how the same file could turn out different from Affinity with the same colour setting, maybe I have an another different setting somewhere else..
  7. Thanks thomaso, yes, I guess I don't really know what I expect, I have got printed a number of pictures on an inkjet printer a couple of years now with perfect result, now I want with the new computer and the new software only get the same result, and if I see that black is dark grey now on the screen I'm afraid black will end up dark grey when I send it to print. My printer-guy just say I should use srgb, but that is rgb and I work in cmyk, he only prints photograph otherwise I'm the only one having drawings. Thanks. (tried a few words in that dictionairy and they didn't have them, swedish is not a big language)
  8. Hmm I'm into something now I guess, Generic CMYK profile did make the black real black, however everything a little bit colder, blue sky gets dull, the search continue Read somehwere FOGRA do decrease black a little to not getting greasy in the printing, however I'm not going to print but write inkjet printer, I do something fundamentally wrong I guess, though it worked before Edit: Hmm, "Photoshop 5 default CMYK" makes black very black, looking good, though slightly more yellow. Hmm... don't want to use Photoshop in Affinity right?
  9. Did a comparison, FOGRA39 and GRACoL and the old from illustrator, it's almost the same but I think GRACoL turns out a little bit better overall though they recommend FOGRA39 here in Europe. The old export from illustrator still looks little better the black lines are complete black. However seen on my new screen I don't know, not big difference. (The pictures are enlarged to see the lines better, lines are sharper when not enlarged, and the illustrator example I got in different size) Maybe I should add that I send these for printing on a ink jet writer they are not going to be printed on big printing machines, I'm swedish I don't know the right words in english it makes everything slightly more complicated to understand, it's already hard to understand colour management without the language problem. 😅
  10. I bought also Affinity Photo yesterday, cheap, nothing to ponder on almost as good as Photoshop but cheaper, I also had to buy new software after bought new mac, it will be fun to learn something new I feel.
  11. Ok thanks Old Bruce, that's a good clue. Though it worked well with illustrator and the printshop I use, maybe I found a setting that worked around the problem, this must get further investigated, thanks! (yes color management is very tricky indeed ) Edit: Can't choose any RGB in Colour Format longer, some colours like grey goes completely crazy
  12. Hi! On export to PNG my files get a little bit grey where they should be black, look at the picture below, far to right is good black exported PNG from my old Illustrator, in the middle is choosen "coated FOGRA 39" in Document Setup and black is getting slightly greyish, and the very left is "euroscale coated", more black but also more blue. I cannot remember what I used from Illustrator there are a number to choose from, I am in Europe if it helps, I suspect it is in Document setup I should choose something, or maybe the print will be better if I stick to FOGRA 39 that I've read is a god choice, maybe it getting more black when printed? What do you think/use? (the shop is printing on a high quality inkjet printer or what it's called) (I've tested a few other settings but some colours goes crazy) (working in CMYK)
  13. I liked more to draw vectors in Flash it was easier somehow with alt command button, though that program lacked many things that illustrator had. Yes Affinity has not crashed once yet though I have used it quite a long time and many times done strange things as a new beginner tend to do, I have also exported bigger files than illustrator was incapable to, yes it seems rock solid. And best of all tonings, graduations, I forgot the english word, I mean where a big background a sky for an example goes from light to dark in blue colour, does not get banding, stripes in it, like it often did in illustrator. (Arghh sorry for the english) Thank you
  14. Thanks, my brain is not made for programming, I have tried some a lot but it's not my bag of tea, I get more and more impressed what truly excellent work you have done, it's fun, it looks really great, it's extremely complicated, wow, I wish I hade 10% of your skills and could make such fun things you've done, you are so extreme talented in many ways, keep on the good work!
  15. Fantastic! I'm too curious, I've made something similar to this - though not interactive - many years ago of the inside of a steel mill were I animated my drawings of the things inside the steel mill, I did the motion in Flash if I recall right, it became a quite nice little film though very far from this superiour work of yours, today it would look really ugly. However to come to the end of this long story I am very curious what program you animate the things in since Flash does not longer exist? I have been out of business and have lost insight of all things happening in this field so I'm a little curious, I don't think you programmed it would have required a big staff of people I guess, or maybe you did, however it's a fantastic work hope you get well payed, very well done! (next wish for they who make Affinity Designer to do a program we can get our drawings to move in like this and interactive )
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