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  1. Your layer named BACK has a opavity setting of 60% ... Turnining it to 100 should solve your problem. Greetings
  2. That is what i did, disableing te live effect. As i wrote in my previous post 😉. Rasterizing would just be the alternative ... Greetings
  3. Yes, i see ... Thanks for explanation. Played a little bit with the live filter and tried after applying to use the clone tool – no good idea. I had to disable the live effect or rasterrize the layer to work on. So both techniques have their own advantage.
  4. Thanks, works like a charme ... But in which situation one would use tehe perspective tool? I dont see any reason for it, seems a little bit useless Greetings.
  5. Hi all. at the moment i try to use the perspective tool on a masked layer without any luck ... Scenario 1 - two layers - the upper one works as mask - selct both layers - perspective tool deforms both, mask and the layer beneath it So far so good. Scenario 2 - one layer - mask is nested to that layer - perspective tool deforms only the layer without the mask How can i achieve to use perspective tool sucessfully in scenario 2? Or do i miss something? Greetings
  6. System Failure in Brain.Exe ... Holy crap, you are absolutely right. Somehow i misunderstood "Simulate overprint". And that after doing this stuff not for the first time ... 🤣 Thanks again
  7. Thanks for your answers ... @Lagarto No, "Simulate Overprinting" is disabled. i attached a new screenshot. @thomaso As i see your PDFs do not use any CMYK colors. I need spot colors to overprint CMYK using PDF/X-1 or PDF/X-3. I attached two files. A Designer file and the corresponding PDF/X-3 output, Additionaly a new screen shot. overprint_spot_color.afdesign overprint_spot_color.pdf
  8. Thanks for your replies ... @wonderings Pantone is used for a cutting contur, actually not really printed. So the overprint is needed to avoid white space. @Lagarto Yes, this was the I tried to get the overprint working. But preflight in Adobe Acrobat shows that it does not if you got CMYK lying underneath Panntone. Disabling the CMYK colors - like in your screen of Acrobat - leaves white space ...
  9. Oh no ... Does not work! Export to PDF/X3 or X1 creates a file without any overprint according to Adobe Acrobat ... Any ideas?
  10. Got it ... Pantone spot color set to global and afterwards it is possible to define overprint THX for reading
  11. Hi, in Affinity Ddesigner I need an existing Pantone Color to be set to overprint. Any clue how to achive that? Greetings
  12. You are right, i was not aware of that behavior. Hopefully the Affinity team sees the need for changing it. Greetings
  13. Let's say you got several objects with different stroke sizes. Select all apply scale with object in stroke palette and and it is aplied for all objects. Works with effects the same way. Select all go to the preferences for the effect e.g. outer shadow and activate scale with objects. After that it is applied for all effects not only shadow. But i agree that a global option scale/don't scale would be better. Greetings
  14. Thanks for all replies ... Some clever workarounds, temporarily expanding the stroke seem to be the best in my situation. Greetings
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