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  1. Thank you again, Walt, I see you here a lot. πŸ˜€ Yes, that's my problem, I can't try it either. Actually there's a simple workaround for that. At least when the symbol is a group, you can copy--paste the elements of the group not the group itself, then they'll be detached. I agree that without the Symbols studio it is limited, but most times I don't use symbols in a complicated way. For example when I make my weekly planner, I make the daily sections symbols, so I can see the design changes on the whole week at once. Detaching and pause-syncing may not be even needed features for this. But being those elements linked to each other is still useful for later editing. Interesting, the first tutorials I found about symbols, the Symbols studio was in Publisher, I was disappointed when I didn't find it there. I had to buy Designer almost solely for this feature. For drawing (just simple things&icons) I still prefer Inkscape, for multiple reasons. But at least it's easy enough to copy paste the drawings from there πŸ˜€ And the exporter is awesome in Designer.
  2. I see that when I create a Symbol in Publisher through the Designer persona, I can edit that symbol later straight in Publisher, without switching to Designer persona. I was wondering, if the symbols are used in a Publisher template for example, then someone, who doesn't have Designer at all, can see / edit those symbols. Or will they be detached?
  3. I'm not sure people got it, but the only reason I brought up InDesign is to show that Adobe incorporated form tools in their publishing software too. But if it's not that good, then that's just more opportunity for Affinity to create a solution that beats Adobe πŸ˜„ I'm using PDFill for now to make the forms, I like that you can import the fields from another project too (though I may found a bug there with calculated fields). Overall it's not bad, but I could imagine better user experience. And I like how at Affinity they think outside of the box, so I really hope they will make this 🀞
  4. Any news about this? I'm still having this issue in all apps (Photo, Designer and Publisher, on Windows 10). Very annoying.
  5. It would be useful to be able to name the hyperlinks in the properties panel when creating them. When you make documents that contain a lot of hyperlinked objects, it can get hard to find the new one in the list to rename it from "Hyperlink X" to something meaningful.
  6. Thank you ☺️ And there's Go to Source too, perfect πŸ˜€
  7. In Word there's the option to CTRL+click the hyperlinks in the document to open up the URL/jump to the target. Can I do this in Affinity Publisher too? I'd like to check if all the hyperlinks are correct without exporting to PDF first. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you It would be awesome if we could link palette files, like images, and choose to update or not. Maybe one day...
  9. I know there are no Global application palettes. But is there any simple way to update colours in multiple files that use the same global palette? Including 1. changing colours and 2. adding new colours to the palette. The way I see it, when you export the updated palette and import it into the other file, it becomes a new pallete. So basically you would rather need to manually change every colour in every file. Or can you link to a palette file somehow? Thanks.
  10. Thank you, it makes total sense. I suspected a), experienced b), but I haven't thought that it may not even work properly.
  11. I know I can manually do that But if such fonts occure many times in your document, it's a lot to do them manually. And then you need to have 2 files saved. The original - in case you need to edit those texts, change a font at rebrand or if used as a template... - and the curve version so you don't have to do it again if needed. But I'm not that experienced. Is it good practice to turn everything to curves at PDF export?
  12. As I can see there's only the option to embed or not embed ALL fonts. Many times designers use fonts that are licensed as "do not embed". It would be nice to have an option to only make "text as curves" from those fonts, and have the rest embedded. It could be set at exporting and maybe specified in a table application-wise for your favourited fonts (all installed fonts would be cumbersome to set). Also, some licenses expressly say you need to rasterize the font (for example fonts from Creative Market). So an additional rasterize option would be nice too if possible, so you still have the editable version in the affinity file and don't have to spend time on rasterizing them one-by-one. What do you think?
  13. Thanks Callum. I don't know if they fixed something or I was doing something wrong before, but it seems to work now. Though at first I thought it still doesn't work with the CTRL key method (to disregard groups why selecting), but then I figured out, that it just the order that matters: first I have to hold down SHIFT and then add CTRL and then I can drag the selection box. Just in case someone needs this too
  14. I haven't used InDesign myself, but I know people do forms with it. I'm not sure if I should link it here, so if you Google "InDesign creating forms", the first result (adobe help) tells you how to do it. Though it probably can't auto-detect as Acrobat can. I still think that it would be a simpler workflow to have it in one place. But to each their own
  15. I don't agree it belongs elsewhere. Because the form is strongly related to the layout. If it's a separate app and you change the layout, you need to start the form again. I formerly used Scribus, which is a free DTP app, and even that has form creating function, but unfortunately, it's not compatible with Affinity. Adobe users can do it in InDesign too. I think Acrobat (or any separate app) is useful for those who don't create the layout themselves. Although, if it's not considered an essential function to the majority, I can imagine it as a plugin or connected as a Persona. So it's a separate software but still can be used within Publisher.
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