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  1. I posted this previously in the questions section, but since then I figured out an important piece and now I'm sure it's a bug. This only happens when the master page is or was previously applied to a page. I'm on windows 10, using the newest full release (not beta). I believe this bug was introduced in Publisher 1.9.0. This can be replicated in a new file, you only need a master page and a symbol. 1. When I duplicate the symbol on the master page and try to move it, it moves both instances together (on top of each other). 2. When I copy-paste the symbol, then the copy won't be synce
  2. Hehe, I wouldn't even think of trying this with num lock off, without that those keys are not numbers, but the home, page up... plus the arrows. This never made sense to me, why repeat those keys, but that's what is printed on my keyboard. So maybe that's why it doesn't work, Affinity simply sees them as those keys. It's interesting, that LibreOffice handles it differently, good to know. 😃 I agree, it would make sense to add it to the Insert Character menu.
  3. When I had that black line around pixel elements, that black border printed, even though zooming in all the way it disappeared as loukash said. So you better try printing it before you hand out the finish project. I figured it is because of anti-aliasing, so adding a white background can work, because then it's white the anti-aliasing tries to blend the colours with instead of transparent, which is kinda interpreted as grey it seems. That's why jpg worked I guess, but as loukash said, it comes with artifacts. But a white background is not always an option, so yeah, it's best to keep things as
  4. Hello @static. If you only want to arrange them like a grid, you can place one, select it, press CTRL+J to duplicate it, and then move it into place. When you press CTRL+J again (without deselecting it or clicking anything else), it will automatically move it by the same distance. And then you just press CTRL+J again and again until you reach the edge of the layout. Then you can select the whole row and do the same thing vertically. Unfortunatelly, there is no vector pattern feature in Affinity, so this is the quickest method I've found so far. (Though if it doesn't have to be vector, you can
  5. I miss that too. It would be nice to know if they are already working on something or plan to do it, even if they don't know when it will be ready. I also get that things often don't go as planned (especially with technology) and there can be delays. Not knowing is just frustrating. And no communication says they don't care about what people need even if that's not what they mean. I really enjoy Gumroad's approach, they keep people excited about their development. 😁
  6. @Sean P I have this rescaling problem with a inked Designer file placed in Publisher on win10. I tested your suggestion, and I think in my case it does have to do with resizing the artboard plus the trim box as @oishii_33 said. It seems like the trim box maintains the document size that was originally set up in Designer. So after resizing the artboard, to a different ratio even, I had to switch the Page Box to minimum content so it doesn't get cut off. But after updating the linked file, it switches back to trim box and rescales it so the trim box fills either the width or the height
  7. My brain knows that has to be the case but that doesn't help about feeling that way. 😅
  8. Hi @walt.farrell It's just that a lot of topics has the answer that "you can do that in Publisher with X persona", so I kinda have that impression. 😊 To me, it looks like that compared to Adobe they blurred the lines a bit between the programs, which is convenient on one hand, but it also confused a lot of people (me included), who now only need 1-2 tools from another app, and it leaves us feeling "BUT WHY????". Because those tools would completely make sense in the application for our work, they are an integral part of the workflow. I wonder what kind of professions they target with each
  9. Okay, I needed to check, because I've always got the error message that you cannot add artboards to documents that are multipage or have master pages. The missing step was that you can turn off using master pages when you create the document, I haven't noticed that before. Or just didn't understand that checkbox. Thanks @walt.farrell 👍 But if you're suppose to do everything in Publisher, then what's the point of all the rest? They could just create one master program with 6 or so personas... I really don't get it. Anyways, I'll probably end up buying Photo too (while it's on sale), now that it
  10. I don't know if it's marketing or they just assume that everyone buys the whole suit, but even if you have all the programs, I agree that Designer needs it's own macros. When you need an artboard vector document, which is Designer created for, then nor Photo, nor Publisher is the right choice. So switching back and forth just for macros is not acceptable.
  11. Hi @GarryP thanks for confirming. I'm on Windows 10 too. These all worked fine in the previous commecial release.
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