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  1. I have no such tools available in Designer on my Mac (AD 1.9.2, MacOS 10.14.6). I can only get to them from the Pixel Persona. See my "Customize Tools" screenshots: Designer proper vs Pixel Persona.
  2. Sorry, had the wrong format and retracted. Can't get a good GIF either.
  3. Well, they are in the Pixel Persona, but not in the regular Designer toolset. Is that what you mean?
  4. There is the "Modified" status to consider for linked objects, but I think it could be a 4th variable in the list, no?
  5. My experience is the same as @thomaso as I'm also on a Mac. And when it does show the correct object selected, in the light UI, the highlight color is a pretty subtle distinction among the alternating colored rows. On further inspection, that's a result of my system highlight color rather than Affinity Also…what would be the semantic difference between a linked object that has been placed twice vs being copied/pasted twice? Why would the Resource Manager need to distinguish between the two?
  6. This one's a big hassle and grinds work to a crawl when dealing with multiple instances of the same resource. Gotta have batch updating/relinking!
  7. @loukash has always got a workaround or new workflow, which I very much appreciate. Seriously, I almost always learn something new when reading a thread where they are involved. An innovative Affinity user. However, once again, a five step workflow for something which could be done with a dedicated menu item or button in the competition. Clip Canvas only works for white or transparent images. The "top left or bottom right pixel color" is a great time saver when working with images with a solid color background.
  8. I'd argue a five step workflow is not really "smarter" than the single step of holding down the space bar. This lack is greatly felt when attempting to use the circular marquee. Super frustrating to try and select an almost circular object to find you're off by just a few pixels and have to start over.
  9. Expand all stroke, then with everything selected, Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves
  10. Pantone 368 is a green color, Pantone 287 is a blue color. They check out. RBK? Could be a typo. See "Miscrosoft". Looks like tab troubles when copy/pasting. RGB(91,191,33) is a green color RGB(0,48,135) is a blue color RGB(91,155,213) is a light blue color
  11. Indeed, that seems to be the case. Workable in the short run, but perhaps a pain if one is returning to an effect that was set some time ago and one doesn't remember all of the finer details of which settings were set to what value. Even more complicated if you select 2 objects with the same effects applied, but with different values. In your example, if I select both circles, the effects panel shows the specular value of the first object selected instead of indicating there is a mismatch between the 2 values. See my similar complaint which as not been addressed as of 1.9.2
  12. This is not my experience. The FX do not apply just by selecting other objects. One has to "touch" a setting or slider to have it apply to all other objects. Maybe adjust a slider a bit or enter a new value. A bit of a workaround, but if there are multiple FX, one has to visit each one separately and "touch" them to get each to apply to all selected objects.
  13. Found a weird behavior when applying and removing All Caps using the Text > Capitalization menu vs the Character > Typography panel. If I apply the capitalization via the menu and remove it via the panel, some fonts don't actually remove the capitalization despite indications that it has. It may be font related as I only found the error in 2 out of the 400+ fonts I currently have loaded. The video shows the 2 effected fonts along with 2 that behave as expected. You can aslo see the bonus weirdness of the effect not occouring in all variants within the font family of Avenir. Again, maybe a bad font file, but thought it worth mentioning. Screen_Recording_2021-04-02_at_10_50.28_AM.mov
  14. There is the problem. If I paste an effect from one object, I would like the same exact effect to be applied to the second. Instead, Affinity does some calculation and guesses what the effect should be scaled to with no input from the user.
  15. If "locking" worked the way it should in the Affinity Suite, one could lock the artboards to be ignored and proceed with the selection, but sadly…
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