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  1. That does not seem to have an effect. Indeed, where you grab the curve does affect how the curve will look, but I think what's really happening when you drag the curve is you are adjusting the rays of the nodes at either end of the curve. You can adjust these independently, but when you pull the curve, you are manipulating them both simultaneously. I don't disagree. And if we can get that to happen, I would also be in favor of making the rays themselves follow snapping protocols.
  2. I think the issue is that you are not actually grabbing a point or node, you are moving the curve itself. The curve does not seem to follow the snapping options.
  3. You can also use the "File > Edit In…" menu to move your file directly to another app.
  4. Thanks @walt.farrell. I did my best to search the forum for an existing issue, but as both those referenced placed PSD and EPS files, I didn't locate the topics. Hoping the next release solves the issue, though now that I know what to look for, I can do a quick review of my files and see if anything is missing.
  5. Also of note, in the Resource Manager, all files have their ".pdf" suffix, but in the Layer panel, some do and some do not. And it appears to be unrelated to their linked or embedded placement status.
  6. Maybe this will help someone else out or inform a bug report… I'm working on transitioning some of my production files from Publisher v1 to v2. Occasionally, I have files that crash a lot or refuse to export with the less than helpful error message that others have complained about. I ruled out font issues and have no hyperlinks, both which have been discussed in the forums here. For me, it came down to placed PDF files. You can see in the Layers panel, there are 4 placed PDFs, 3 of which are in view. Or rather, they aren't in view (boxes note where they should be)! They are a mix of placed and embedded and show in Resource Manager as being present, but are not showing up on screen. Or maybe they are on screen, it's just that looking at the context bar, their dimensions are 0x0 pixels. If I work on the file long enough, say 5 minutes, Publisher will crash. If I try to export, I get the mystery export fail message. The only solution is to delete them from the Layers panel and re-place them. After that, all is well.
  7. That's just the geometry of triangles as it relates to stroke miter, but I wouldn't over think it. As @loukash said…
  8. Sad that a rare helpful bug is now broken. The Text Frame button still appears in the Context Toolbar, but clicking it does nothing.
  9. And how did you do it? Just to bring some closure to the discussion here.
  10. As @GarryP mentioned, the opacity is set to 10%, so I believe it is black, just lighter than you expect.
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