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  1. I don't have the same experience. My font menus, both in the Contextual Toolbar (top left) and in the Character palette show the selected font in its place among the pre-defined sizes with a nice check mark next to it. My complaint is that if the font size is not one of the pre-defined choices, there is no selection in the font menu. I would request that the selected font size always be shown in the menu in the appropriate spot regardless if its on of the pre-defined sizes.
  2. Can't replicate on the work machine running Mojave, though I do get the bounce when zooming as seen in @clemens.holleis's video. I'll have a look this evening on the Catalina home machine.
  3. But @MikeW wouldn't it have been much simpler to insert the "Indent to Here" character before the word "In" in your example?
  4. Perhaps this is similar to my experience. As I was working with several objects of different colors, the color palette (fill circle and sliders) indicated the color of the object I had selected as expected. But whenever I "clicked off" of everything (meaning I had no object selected) the color palette seemed to contain an arbitrary color mix. What was actually happening, was the color palette showed the last color that had been set using the palette (including the eyedropper). I had done so much other work, I had forgotten the last color I had mixed, so it seemed arbitrary, but was behaving as I assume is intended. However, I do agree that when multiple objects of different colors are selected, the color palette shows confusing results… - Selecting an object, holding Shift, clicking more objects to add to the selection = the color palette shows the color of the first object selected. - Dragging to select multiple, ungrouped objects = the color palette shows the color of the left-most object. - Using Command-A to select all objects = the color palette shows the last color set by the palette. - A grouped set of objects is selected = color palette conflicts itself by having the fill circle show red slash "no color selected" but the sliders show last color set by the palette.
  5. I believe you want "Indent to Here." On the Mac, it's Command-| (the "pipe" character)
  6. I see this behavior too. Mostly between the opening and closing of dialog boxes: Open, Save, Place, etc.
  7. I see! Thanks. I was using Brightness/Contrast (as I sometimes did in Photoshop) to tweak the black/white levels of the mask, but it has no such Alpha choice. I guess I should stick to Levels.
  8. +1 for this. I was just working in Photo and my Photoshop muscle memory took over (as it often does) and it took me several moments to realize I hadn't gone crazy. Very handy and time saving for getting just the right selection without having to drop, move, add, subtract, redraw, etc.
  9. Is this still the technique? I'm having trouble making it work. I'm not quite sure what this means. I also think @Shotster's question suggestion is good. If I've moved the adjustment layer onto a mask, the program should assume my intent and I shouldn't have to take an extra step.
  10. But what benefit do explicitly non-global swatches have?
  11. Maybe it's bad form to bump my own comment. I'm not asking Affinity to justify their UI choice, but I am genuinely curious if anyone else has need for a swatch to be added to a palette and yet not be a "global" swatch. To me, the whole concept of swatches is global. I edit a swatch and every object that uses that swatch is updated accordingly.
  12. And to boot, even with the newly pasted object selected, when choosing "Add Global Color", the resulting window doesn't "see" the color you've selected, but rather defaults to a somewhat arbitrary rich black, forcing me to redefine the swatch manually. I can get a usable swatch by clicking the little "add current fill to palette" button, but if I don't have a Document palette created yet, the color is added to whatever palette is currently active. In my case, I got a PANTONE spot color added to the "Greys" palette. Not super helpful.
  13. Still my primary complaint and hindering my full adoption of the suite into my professional workflow.
  14. I do. For typesetting work, I would think straight black text is far and away the desired default. Am I wrong? I am certainly no expert when it comes to color profile, but this phrase makes no sense to me. If I tell something to be a quantified value of 100% K, why would changing profiles change that value?
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