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  1. There really needs to be a feature for this... Maybe you could add an option in the snap options panel?
  2. I had the same problem; switching to metal works for me. Just wondering, is this bug fixed in 1.7? And are there any known downsides to using metal or OpenGL?
  3. I know that you can create diagonal grids, but sometimes I just need a one off guide on a slant to align just one element with another. So basically you would just be able to rotate an existing guide.
  4. I haven't been able to find any way to create diagonal guides, despite all of the community feedback. Is this something that will be implemented in the next release?
  5. It would be very nice if you could collapse all layers at once in the layers panel. Layers become very difficult to work with when you have many of them since selecting objects expands the parent layer, so you have to scroll back up and manually collapse them yourself. Perhaps you could have it so that layers are only expanded for as long as the item within it is selected? That way, after deselecting an object, the layer expansion goes back to its previous state, which is ether expanded or collapsed. Am I making any sense?
  6. Good to know. When is the public release expected to take place?
  7. I am unable to delete guides within the guide manager (delete button is greyed out) until I physically double click and change their value. At this point I'm just gonna create and use an overlay for rule of thirds and fifths instead of guides. Maybe you guys could make a feature for this?
  8. I originally put this in feature request, but I realized that this is such a fundamental flaw to my workflow that I decided to label it as a bug. Let's say I create a rectangle. Now, I use the corner tool to independently round each corner of the rectangle to different sizes. I then scale up the rectangle. Since I am scaling, I would expect the corner radii to scale proportionally as well, but they don't. The result is that the scaled shape is no longer proportional to the original. The corners are all messed up. I know a partial solution to this would be to bake the corners first, and then scale it, but if I do that, then I will be unable to re-adjust the radii later on. Coming from illustrator, this is super frustrating since it was never a problem back there. Still, I do enjoy Designer much more than illustrator, so it would be excellent to see this fixed soon!
  9. I think a lot of us want this. Corners don't scale proportionally unless you bake them. Baking means its a huge pain to go back and change it later, so that isn't a solution. Please add an option to scale corners proportionally like it does in illustrator. Thanks!
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