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  1. Sounds good. Hope they implement it soon!
  2. I originally put this in feature request, but I realized that this is such a fundamental flaw to my workflow that I decided to label it as a bug. Let's say I create a rectangle. Now, I use the corner tool to independently round each corner of the rectangle to different sizes. I then scale up the rectangle. Since I am scaling, I would expect the corner radii to scale proportionally as well, but they don't. The result is that the scaled shape is no longer proportional to the original. The corners are all messed up. I know a partial solution to this would be to bake the corners first, and then scale it, but if I do that, then I will be unable to re-adjust the radii later on. Coming from illustrator, this is super frustrating since it was never a problem back there. Still, I do enjoy Designer much more than illustrator, so it would be excellent to see this fixed soon!
  3. Excellent, just what I needed. Thank you!
  4. serpenteagle

    Swatches Panel Freezes After Adding Global Color

    Wow, thats strange. I just tried to replicate it myself with a new document but this time it didn't freeze... I guess I'll make another post if I encounter it again. I'm not completely sure of the steps that leads up to this, but it's happened twice before.
  5. I think a lot of us want this. Corners don't scale proportionally unless you bake them. Baking means its a huge pain to go back and change it later, so that isn't a solution. Please add an option to scale corners proportionally like it does in illustrator. Thanks!
  6. This. Please, its common sense.
  7. It would be nice if the color squares in the palette tab would be bigger so that it will be easier to select them with the cursor. I work on a smaller 13" screen, so it can be a bit difficult to select colors since the icons are so small.
  8. The swatches panel freezes and becomes unresponsive when adding a new global color from a new document. The issue is resolved after quitting and restarting the application. Let me know if you need any more info to replicate and fix this issue. Thanks.
  9. Awesome, thanks!
  10. That would defeat the whole purpose. I use the spacebar so that I can just hold it to pan and release to get back to the previous tool. Pressing H switches over to the tool completely instead of toggling it temporarily. From my testing it seems that it's only a problem with the tablet. It doesn't happen when using the touchpad. I've heard that a lot of people have been facing similar issues for years now. Do you know whats going on? Is there no official explanation for this?
  11. Loving designer so far! Way better UX that illustrator. Anyways, on to the report. When using a wacom tablet, the pan tool becomes sticky sometimes. More specifically, when I release the spacebar and the pen (lift the pen off the tablet) at the same time, the pan tool does not deactivate, and remains active until I hit the spacebar again or change tools. Its super annoying and gets in the way of my workflow. Not sure if anyone else is facing the same issues?