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  1. The pixel selection brush does not work on pixel objects when it is placed outside an artboard (i.e. the pasteboard). What's up with that?
  2. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    When I adjust the vertical grid spacing in the settings, it does not spread out from the origin. As a result, the grid cells at the top and bottom are cut off by the edge of the artboard, even though the values are perfect multiples of the artboard. Switching to metal solves this issue.
  3. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    I tried all the options, and it seems like "software" is the only one that gets grids right. However, that option is so unbearably slow, it's like working on a computer from 50 years ago lol. I'm really liking the columns option in the beta. However, the grids are still buggy on the default option (OpenGL) in the beta too. Has this already been adressed in an inside update?
  4. Sorry, but thats a little bit ridiculous. Often times I accidentally touch the drag handle, mistaking it for a tab. This results in the whole side panel being messed up. Its extremely unintuitive and painful. Remember, just because something isn't objectively a bug doesn't mean it can't be a pain in the a** for the user. User experience is everything..
  5. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    Is there a display option that is regarded to be the most stable? Because OpenGL was also buggy with grids. Thats why I switched to metal.
  6. Sorry, I think I'm not being clear enough. The tabs themselves are fine, but the drag handle (the two vertical lines) are the ones that are too sensitive. Please take a look at this screen recording: Screen Recording 2019-02-20 at 10.37.11 AM.mov Screen Recording 2019-02-20 at 10.37.11 AM.mp4
  7. No, it's not the driver's fault. I can replicate the issue with my trackpad as well. Even a 1px movement after clicking will mess up the whole panel when using the trackpad. Have you guys at least tested this on your end?
  8. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    I tried setting the margins, but the grid still starts outside of it. Is there any way to shrink the grid to fit inside the margins?
  9. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    Right now when I set the gutter, there is no space between the line and the edge of the artboard on the origin sides. I want to be able to control the amount of space between the start of the grid and the edge of the artboard. See the image for clarification; the blue lines are where I want the grid lines to be.
  10. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    Ah there we go. I am a web designer by trade, so I am used to the positive Y axis being flipped (Origin at top left, not bottom left.) Thanks! Also, is there a way to have the gutter take effect on the margins as well? Or is there a different setting for that?
  11. serpenteagle

    X-Axis Grid Gutter not Working Right?

    So when setting the gutter for a grid, the behaviour for the first and second axis grids are different. For the first axis, the gutter is not set on the origin side, but for the second axis, it is. I attached a screenshot for clarification: I'm using Metal instead of OpenGL since it was glitchy.
  12. It would be nice if we could use percentage values in the grid manager. That way, if an artboard is resized, the grid resizes with it.
  13. serpenteagle

    Making a custom grid - things don’t line up

    I had the same problem; switching to metal works for me. Just wondering, is this bug fixed in 1.7? And are there any known downsides to using metal or OpenGL?