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  1. I recently downloaded the latest Designer and I note there still isn't a way to snap to corner points as I described previously, so am wondering if there is anything being done further to snapping or so forth in the future?
  2. Apologies if this has come up before but Affinity's Twitter support suggested I post this here; Essentially I'm proposing a customisable palette/window/whatever that docks left or right that you can populate with whatever shortcut keys you find most productive. Big hit-friendly keys for your non-drawing hand, to quickly switch tools, hold 'shift' etc. I have previously used Wacom devices which obviously have actual keys, and also TabletPro on a Surface which is a Windows standalone sort of version of this (see attached image). I just think it would be very useful for those (like me) looking to increase productivity.
  3. Just adding my voice to this request. Heavy user of Astute's Inkscribe tool in AI. If that (or it's functionality) made its way to Designer I could drop Illustrator altogether.
  4. My current workflow (using illustrator and the Astute Graphics Inkscribe tool) is to eyedropper a colour, Draw a closed shape, deselect, then eyedropper again, then draw a second shape off the points/nodes of the previous. I cannot replicate this in Designer (or Photo) with the pen tool. Playing with the snap parameters allow me to, to an extent, draw off the first shapes points but there's no way to give snapping prominence over the general sides of said shape so accuracy cannot be maintained. I understand this is probably quite a difficult thing to explain, but the Affinity tools seem halfway there so would be amazing if I could switch 100%. Failing that please encourage Astute Graphics to enable their Illustrator plugins to work in Designer!
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