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  1. Hi sorry for the delay, seems that things are getting in place now. I'm aware about text format from Word, even many times I do a double check, copy and past in to the standard text app in mac to convert it in to a non format text, copy again and paste without format, Silly thing to do from being also an old web designer. What has been really tricky this times is the hyphenation settings, something has been done different from last version that made things strange, maybe just me, just setting them different made it work, still a little strange but not sure what is it. After the Designer fake u
  2. Hi, must seriously apologise, that happens to me with a very long text cut and paste from word, I have being working on the file as I have a tight dead line, and starting to make in to smaller bits and works as expected now, Not sure if will happen again pasting long text or by using a longer text blocks all over the pages. So, before anything, my apologies for the flame, I was very upset by the previous update to 1.9, sorry me. And I will try to remake the problem, if you are interested, but will be next week. Thank you for answering fast.
  3. Hi. Just updated to 1.9.1 with the hope to be able to work after the bunch of bugs of this first lunch release. Must say that I have work to do with serious dead lines and this is getting a bit complicated to use. When making flow text in columns, text disappear if I resize one of the columns, it comes back after scrolling to an other page back, also have problems with the text cursor just gets sort of transparent hide, it's there but I can't see it, this is quite random but often, till now doesn't happen in the first column. And finally justify text acts funny. It acts like was a full ju
  4. Bad bad and again. Just updated the iPad apps. My IOS is in Catalan and all apps that are not in my language get installed by default in Spanish (¿?I said this because I suppose that in French Catalonia they get it in french) or in English as a default language. Well, after the update now started in Portuguese I do really love Portugal, but I don't speak they language enough, please forgive me for that. And people from affinity, did your hire someone from ADOBE? of course I know that I can change the language, and I don't really mind, but details are important, your clients are most
  5. I agree, just wanted to say that I do much appreciate this software and would like to keep using it in the future.
  6. Today the mouse stop touching objects when trying to export a PDF, some interface icons are over tiny and so on, I was, and I am very upset that a so badly made release has been send to us all. I think that beta tests are made to prevent this sort of things, and this is not about a bug, it's a terrible mix of not working things. I do appreciate your apologies, I have also made, and will make, mistakes in my life. Must say that I have been in Nottingham so must have some appreciation for Robin hood sisters and cousins . But please keep in mind that we use your tools for work and this sort of th
  7. Hi. I do really appreciate your work, your price, your incredible software and I'm very grateful for the great tools you made and I use every day, at home, as a freelance and at wrk as a corporate identity director in a film studio. But must say that the last update is one of the worst I ever seen, is not a bug or a few bugs, affects production! not being able to group or to print a single desktop is not a bug is a not working software for real life work. I do appreciate your hard work but I do also work hard and I do it with the tools you make. What are beta releases for? Are you go
  8. ok, so publisher doesn't support Numbers files and can't use dynamic data , that means to redesign style every time is imported, can be saved in table formats but doesn't keep all. In any case all together has very good improvements. Thank you for the answer.
  9. Not sure if I understand it wrong, but should Publisher be able to import Apple Numbers files too? or only Excel. Once imported the content doesn't change while updating the excel file, should do it? of course that should what I mean is if that can be done now.
  10. Thank you, can see that you have been working hard with good improvements in all the apps. This issues stops work on my side, so thanks for the fast answer.
  11. Same here to weld or ro rest. Very big issue for creating a one ink version logo for a graphic identity Manual. Not a file problem as it happens everywhere and with different files.
  12. Hi. Don't know how or since when, but now Publisher appears in all desktops i was used to have designer in one and publisher on an other as any other app (mail...) in a third desktop, but now publisher is everywhere, any suggestions? please :(
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