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  1. ok, so publisher doesn't support Numbers files and can't use dynamic data , that means to redesign style every time is imported, can be saved in table formats but doesn't keep all. In any case all together has very good improvements. Thank you for the answer.
  2. Not sure if I understand it wrong, but should Publisher be able to import Apple Numbers files too? or only Excel. Once imported the content doesn't change while updating the excel file, should do it? of course that should what I mean is if that can be done now.
  3. Thank you, can see that you have been working hard with good improvements in all the apps. This issues stops work on my side, so thanks for the fast answer.
  4. Same here to weld or ro rest. Very big issue for creating a one ink version logo for a graphic identity Manual. Not a file problem as it happens everywhere and with different files.
  5. Hi. Don't know how or since when, but now Publisher appears in all desktops i was used to have designer in one and publisher on an other as any other app (mail...) in a third desktop, but now publisher is everywhere, any suggestions? please :(
  6. At list don't let the info for so short time on, a place where to find the missing font list could be a half solution.
  7. I have Affinity in spanish as it detects that i'm in spain, but my main language is catalan as mostly is my work. But the dictionary it starts anything is always Spanish and I have to keep changing it every time , of course I can choose the language for the styles, but will be a great help to be able to decide the main language in document preferences. I suppose that this little problem happens to many others, Polish, Txec, Dutch, Lituanian...or in any case that the app language and it's default spelling dictionary is not the same as the main language used.
  8. Wow! it works but I'm afraid that this should very well explained, at list to has been quite confusing, thank you for a great feature
  9. Thank you, I'll try that , just managged to do it using the mask tool, but not as cool as shown by Ashley
  10. Hi, Congratulations for a really great work, you make it, thank you. Found that the beautiful masking shown in today's keynote using Apublisher opening Aphoto then blurring a photo then on Adesigner make a square and using it as a mask by dragging in the blurring box doesn't mask i did trying many ways, blur works masking the blur box doesn't. Testing other new things
  11. Publisher can do most of the linking needs, page, anchor or URL, it does only on text and works fine. To use it on a graphic just made the graphic a one letter text on top using a full square character, make the link and then transparent 0, the same for some anchors needs and it works fine, no rollovers but works fine and for most cases is enough.
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