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  1. Hi Sean, Thanks for trying to test this. It turns out I had the assets set to half scale on export (@0.5x), which I guess messed things up for the JSON builder as the coordinates are understandably not scaled as well. In any case, once I configured the export without scaling everything was back in order, so I'm guessing there's no regression there. Would be fun if we somehow had more control over the Batch Builder feature and were able to customize the JSON to our needs/workflow... but anyway feel free to close this issue
  2. Export from Designer using Batch Builder set to Spine JSON. In Spine (I'm using 3.8.95): File>Import Data Imported assets don't align exactly as placed in Designer. I am certain previous versions worked perfect, it's only now that I'm seeing issues. (If a work file is needed for testing, I can share one privately) Thanks!
  3. I'm a senior game artist at Candivore, where we make the mobile game Match Masters (iOS/Android), a multiplayer match-3 game played by millions around the world. I do most of my work using Affinity Designer, which I think is an incredible tool for creating 2D game assets. For the recent October update we introduced a new Booster - Monkey Joojoo: Mandatory app screenshot: And finally this is how everything looks in-game: monkey-joojoo-gameplay.mov
  4. Thanks, but none of these methods quite do the trick in my experience. Dragging with the flood fill tool just changes the tolerance value, and selecting the brush strokes isn't really what I'm wishing to achieve.
  5. Hey, I'm missing the Magic Wand selection tool from the pixel persona in AD. A common illustration technique I see many use (myself included) is to draw the lineart with a brush, select the outside of the object using the Magic Wand and then inverse the selection to quickly be able to color the inside of the lineart. Unfortunately, ATM this method isn't particularly possible with the current toolset (the Selection Brush tool, which is included, isn't suited for this). Sure, I can use APh to do this, but my understanding (and personal preference) is that AD is meant to be the illustration tool and APh is more focused on photo manipulation. Please consider!
  6. Just FYI, you din’t actually have to go into each export line and change them individualy. Instead I find it easier to define the export settings in one slice and use the copy/paste buttons at the top of that panel to apply these settings to the rest of the slices.
  7. Just updated and tested again with the same file. It now opens with no problems and looks very true to the original PSD file. Amazing, thanks!
  8. Thanks @Dan C , I've just uploaded the file. Hope you'll find the culprit!
  9. Trying to open a .psd file with any of the Affinity apps is failing for me for the first time. Other PSD files are opening just fine in Affinity, however this specific file I have just won't open. The apps hang for a bit, trying to load, only to return with an error "File type is not supported". Anyone had this issue before? Is there a setting/feature on the original PSD that prevents it from being open? Thanks! P.S. Unfortunately, I cannot share the troubling file publicly
  10. Hey, Currently the layers studio of the Export persona doesn't show any applied color tags. I like to use colors to indicate which layers need to be exported and not showing it in the export persona isn't working with that workflow. Hope you'll consider. Thanks, Ido
  11. Go to app Preferences (Cmd + ,) -> Performance -> Set "Undo Limit' to anything that is not 0 (I use 1024).
  12. Just had my app automatically updated to the latest 1.8.0 via the Mac App Store. For some reason, I found there was no Undo available, neither Cmd+Z nor Edit->Undo seem to work. I realized the problem was that the setting for "Undo Limit" in Preferences->Performance was for some reason set to 0 after the update
  13. I love the advanced features of the Export persona and make extensive use of it. One thing in particular I tend to use is the Path components in the additional properties of the export settings. Many times I would use it to export named folders with assets already in them. However, I find the variables part of it, while really useful, have untapped potential. I'd like to see more variables that would help automate file naming (i.e "Document Name", "Artboard Name" etc.) + an ability to add custom document variables (currently there is an option to add user defined variables but they seem scoped to the current slice only which isn't really useful). Hope you'll consider, Ido
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