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  1. leshido

    New Icons Too Similar

    Really liked the old icons. Their silhouette was instantly recognizable as Affinity. The new ones lack that strength. Still hoping these new icon designs are just beta-specific, though if this is the case, the β badge of Publisher Beta would have been more fitting.
  2. Many suggestions here are for new features. I'd like to suggest the otherwise. It is my understanding that all Affinity apps share the same clever "viewing"/"backend" capabilities which allows them to open and render the same file format. The difference is in the tools each app provides to edit this content. This got me thinking of an app (maybe free?) that has no editing capabilities and only allows a user to open and view an Affinity file. Ideally this app will also provide some measuring and information tools, a color picker etc. I imagine 90% of the code for this is already exists. Many teams use hand-offs apps like Avocode or Zeplin, that allow developers to inspect files provided by designers. Having this tool actually be provided by Affinity, and open the real workfile could IMO really help organizations adopt the Affinity line of products. Hope you'll consider!
  3. Not sure if that's what you mean, but at the top bar you have a checkbox labeled "Lock Children". Checking it with the parent rectangle selected should allow you to scale it without causing transformation to any element within it.
  4. Hi @MEB, thanks for the tip! Using the bottom-right handle for scaling does the trick (and it even shows on any group that contains a text-on-a-path). One problem though is that using the handle to scale isn't accurate enough, and there doesn't seem to be a way to enter exact dimensions and have the text scale along with the path (like one could use the Transform Studio for). Is this right? In any case, I'm happy to hear a "global scale toggle" was already requested. I looked through the Common Feature Requests INDEX and the roadmap and didn't see it mentioned. Hope to see this feature implemented soon.
  5. After doing some more work with Affinity Designer, I came into more and more situations where I wish we would have this option. As it turns out, layer effects also need to be set to "Scale with Object". In addition, I couldn't find a way to scale text on a path - it only scales the path, but the font size remains the same regardless. Between this and the original issue, I mean come on - scaling an object so that it looks the same on every size is practically impossible.
  6. I thinks both @R C-R and @Pšenda are right in that the issue isn't specifically related to the "Scale with object" setting. Changing any style property of a parent object doesn't influence it's clipped children. I can see where this is coming from - say you want to change the parent Circle's color to blue, you wouldn't necessary want all of it's children to share the same fill. However, I still think an option to quickly scale the entire object (clipped children included) and maintain stroke width is much needed. I'd like to suggest two options for a possible solution: Add a separate option to scale an object along with it's strokes and effects. This can possibly be either by checking a box in the Transform Studio (similar to Illustrator) or an entire "Scale" tool/menu (similar to Sketch). Even better would be a way to specifically select the parent layer + a default way that selects the parent AND it's clipped children. This way we can quickly change any style property of the entire object, including any grouped and clipped children. If we need finer control - say changing only the parent's fill color - we would still have a way to do it. Maybe this could be accomplished by specifically selecting the parent layer in the Layers Studio? Please consider adding such feature. I love the option to clip layers, but right now it makes a simple task such as resizing an object too elaborate.
  7. Hey, Really love the software so far, it can do some pretty amazing things. I've been playing with it for over a year now, but have just recently made the jump to use it as my primary tool. So far no regrets! Few things do bother me, though. Here's one: I get that the "Scale with object" setting is part of the Stroke Studio rather than the Transform Studio (which is how I would usually accomplish this in Illustrator). So, when I want to scale a group in Affinity Designer, I first select it and then check that box. Usually that works well - all grouped objects get that setting no problem - but for some reason nested objects don't seem to respect it. Is this intentional? It requires me to go through EVERY nested object and set that manually. Any chance this can be changed? I find it hard to believe anyone would expect this behavior. Thanks!