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  1. I do not have the exact file any more but I have generated a different one that imports with all text as boxes. Thanks Lars PrismIssue.pdf
  2. Since one of the more recent updates, all text in imported PDFs is converted to Text boxes rather than artistic text, irrespective of the options chosen when importing the file (i.e. 'Group lines of text into text frames' checkbox deselected). While this may be a good choice for many texts, it completely screws up the workflow for (scientific) illustrations with text labels coming from other applications. Below I have illustrated the consequences of a font change by 2.8pt if everything is imported as box vs artistic text. Please fix soon, or give option to prefer artistic text over text frames for single line texts.
  3. I would also be in favor of such a feature.
  4. nonresidentalien

    Superscript and Subscript not working

    I did not know that. This was very helpful, thanks Lars
  5. nonresidentalien

    Superscript and Subscript not working

    Thanks for pointing the changes regarding the 'faux subscript'. It is not that I would not appreciate proper typesetting. However, when preparing figures for scientific journals there are strict restrictions as to which fonts are allowed. If standard fonts such as Arial and consorts do not cut it, things are going to be difficult and tedious for us. I think one should have the option to allow for faux subscript when typographic accuracy is not an issue.
  6. nonresidentalien

    Superscript and Subscript not working

    Having the same issue here, and I feel like the super- and sub-script feature used to work just fine before one of the more recent updates. As a scientist, I use a lot of sub and superscript so fixing this in one of the next updates would be highly appreciated.
  7. Everything is fully updated, has been started and is located in the root of the application folder
  8. Yes, I suspected this but unfortunately, that is not the reason:
  9. To whom it may concern: As an expat, I have two Apple Store accounts for both, my original and my current country. I used my original account to buy Designer, the new account to buy Photo and Publisher. Now it seems though that publisher does not recognize Designer and I cannot link it. As far as I am informed, there is no way to port purchases between Apple Store accounts. Is there a way of linking Publisher to Designer anyway? Thanks, Lars
  10. nonresidentalien

    Tables and calculations (?)

    Agreed, simple math would be nice.
  11. nonresidentalien

    Copy and paste issues (Graphpad Prism and others)

    This is unfortunate, in particular since the issues even seem to have gotten worse. Now, all text is imported as text boxes rather than artistic text. As a result, alignment of text etc has become a major pain. Please fix soon. The clipboard is quite an essential feature. Thanks, Lars
  12. Dear developer team, Also I am really missing a this basic selection tool that would make my live so much easier. I often work with figures coming from different scientific programs and cleaning and unifying those up takes a lot of work as one has to chase all instances of a certain color, line thickness etc by hand... I am also sure that every graphical designer who change their mind mid-design would really be grateful for this feature. Thanks for considering, Lars
  13. Hi @Alfred, thanks for pointing this out, I assumed there might be such a thread but could not find it. Will close this thread then! Lars
  14. nonresidentalien

    Copy and paste issues (Graphpad Prism and others)

    Hi @GabrielM, Any news on the copy/paste bugs? Thanks, Lars

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