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  1. nonresidentalien

    Copy and paste issues (Graphpad Prism and others)

    Hi Gabe. Thanks for your swift response. I am aware of the PDF or SVG workaround, and I am currently using that trick, although it has its own set of limitations with text, clipping masks etc. But worse, it adds a considerable overhead to my workflows as I have to go back and forth often. It is 2019, a graphic software should be fully compatible with the clipboard and common word processors. This totally feels like 15 years ago... Please fix soon. Thanks, Lars
  2. Hi guys, I often have issues with graphics becoming scrambled when pasted into Affinity Designer for Mac. Most prominently are figures from Graphpad Prism scientific plotting software which I use a lot. Sometimes, it helps to past the graphics in Preview, and copy it from previous before pasting into Affinity. But not always. Also copying and pasting in word often leads to low-res rasterization of parts. I know, one can work around this by exporting to JPEP or PNG but I feel this should necessary in 2019... So I guess its part bug report, part feature request (fix the clipboard). Thanks, Lars
  3. nonresidentalien

    Image management/DAM

    Thanks Aammppaa, this post is more of a feature request, and to trigger the a fresh discussion for people who would also like to have DAM in Affinity products. As far as I understand, this part of the forum is exactly for this purpose. I took me and others several forum threads and years to get the 'align to key object' function in affinity designer that we have now! Constant dripping wears the stone LOL Thanks for the (somewhat patronising) mentioning of the search feature though... ;-)
  4. With Aperture dying and with Lightroom now being rental software only (I will not even get into the hot mess that Apple's Photos is), I was wondering whether there are any plans to implement image management into Affinity photos. That would be great! Lars
  5. nonresidentalien

    [AD] Align with key object / aligning nodes

    It's finally here ('align to first/last object selected') Thanks for implementing it!
  6. nonresidentalien

    [AD] Align with key object / aligning nodes

    Hi guys, Two years, and two pages of people agreeing with me, after the initial post, I was wondering if that feature finally will materialize. Seems to me, that it should be quite easy to implement.... Any news? Thanks, Lars
  7. Great Job, but aligning to key object is still missing :(
  8. Hi guys, I do not manage to change any of the attributes of the surrounding frame of any Frame text. I would like to have a background color and some more padding towards the border. The only way I managed to do so, is to use a formatted square and align artistic text over it. Is there a way to apply formatting to the frame of a fame text? Thanks Lars
  9. Hi guys, I have recently switched my whole research group from using AI to using Affinity Designer. However, the thing that every single user heavily complained about, and that really limits the utility of AffinityDesigner for us, is the lack of an option to select a key or reference object that stays put during alignment and distribution operations. This is very crucial for the preparation of scientific data plots where one really cannot have the data points shifting around when aligning them to their labels. It would also be very helpful for preparing multi-paneled figure etc. Also, while at it, a 'select same color/stroke/fill/...' feature would be great, and the eyedropper tool could use some attention (eg. for text and vector objects) Please make these available, and I will promise, that there will be a landslide of scientists moving away from their current overpriced rental software to using Affinity Designer Thanks Lars
  10. Ok, thanks, I will request it again. It is one of the main issue that prevents the wide spread use of affinity designer for us scientists. You reallly cannot have your data points jumping around when aligning them to their labels.
  11. Well, our messages have crossed. Thanks for the swift response! Any chance we get the key-object selection any time soon? This and the select-same options
  12. Ok, figured it myself. Objects need to be distributed first before the options become available. Unfortunately, there is still no way of defining a key object that stays put for alignment/distribution operations..
  13. For some odd reason, I cannot change any of the alignment menu options and hence, I am not able to have objects spaced at a fixed distance. Help urgently needed. Thanks Lars
  14. First of all, I find affinity designer awesome and I cannot wait to be able to completely switch from the bloated, overprice 'mud brick' rental packages. However for this to happen, I would need to have better vector graph alignment tools. In particular, I would need to be able to select a 'key object' that stays put while the other objects are aligned relative to the key object. Also, it would be great if one could select multiple nodes (inkl. a key node) and align them. The snapping function works great but sometimes it is just not enough... Anything like this planned anytime soon? Thanks Lars