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  1. Before migrating to AD, I used Gravit Designer Pro. It has an automatic vectorization tool- just import image into it, then apply the vectorisation tool and it gets done. Even low res imaged got completely vectorized. It will of course need to be edited but at least you'll have a vector image which you can export as an SVG. I'm not sure if this feature is available in the free version but it's worth a try. You don't even need to download the software but try it out in the browser version. https://designer.gravit.io/?newuser&_ga=2.61482094.312900482.1658041888-1103131997.1656889501 1. Import raster file, go to Modify > Path > Vectorize image Alternatively, you can use Inkscape which is 100% and has come a long way from before. It practically has all possible features a vector graphic software needs and has the Image Trace feature- so many great tutorials on you Tube:
  2. Honestly there isn't any argument or issues, just wanted to clarify what I meant. It's possible I had edited "Adobe can only claim to be...." to "Adobe can only be..." as I realised that Serif have never claimed to be an Adobe replacement and they needn't as it's an excellent app on its own. However, the label has been imposed on Affinity products, that's all. As much as I love Affinity-I own all three apps, doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement or those who offer criticism should get verbally attacked with patronising or sarcastic comments. That user's frustration is genuine to them and for someone to just come along and dismissively ask them to create their own app is frankly rude and unhelpful. I think if users' issues were at least acknowledged that would be better - letting people know if its a consideration or not, where in the road map etc rather than just ignoring them. People are just frustrated by the absence of features they consider to be basic necessities which make their workflow more tedious and have been requesting for years. No arguments here just people voicing their opinions. Nice to see a moderator btw 🤓
  3. Paying customers tend to "rant" when their feedback or reporting of persistent issues appear to get ignored.
  4. I'd appreciate it if you don't misquote me because I never said " Affinity Designer can only claim to be an Adobe replacement". You don't have to claim to be something to acquire a label, do you? First of all Serif don't have to "claim" to being an Adobe replacement for it to be valid- the creative community has done it for them because most of them were Adobe users who wanted a cheaper alternative that was comparable, hence the label of being an "Adobe replacement" even Serif never intended it to be. Secondly unless you're not in the creative industry you must know that Adobe is seen as the industry standard and was the software most professional creatives used. However, they were quite expensive and made things worse by switching to a subscription model which became unaffordable for a lot of people and newbies. Although other software existed, nothing matched Adobe's standards in terms of UI & UX, until Serif developed AD & AP.
  5. I'm afraid the lines don't disappear. I always export my pattern designs as a PNG. Recently saw the lines looking so visible on a few of my mockups I've had to delete them. I create my patterns with precision using only the transform tool to move anything, making sure everything is perfectly aligned so for the life of me can't understand why any gaps should exist between each repeated pattern swatch. They're especially bad on designs with very dark or black backgrounds. I've tried all the suggestions and no joy. I'm also not the only one complaining about it.
  6. This is a frustrating problem a lot of us who create repeat patterns have been experiencing and complaining about for a few years now. Those white lines emerge as soon as I create a clipping mask on my pattern swatch. When the pattern is repeated in a preview you can see the lines I've search the internet and forums for a solution and can't find one that works. I've followed "the rules" and still even when I export the file as a PNG, the lines still show! It's beginning to look like an Affinity Designer bug which needs to be fixed ASAP.
  7. My sentiments exactly, I don't see the point in selling it cheap and leaving out so many basic features people desperately need and have been requesting for years. Most of us are tired of using "work-around" to complete certain tasks. I still think Affinity is a great product and appreciate the absence of the subscription pricing model. However, I'd rather have all the requested features for a higher price (as long as it remains subscription free). I'd happily pay a higher price- one off of course!😄 Affinity can only become an Adobe replacement when it includes basic tools like: live trace (even Inkscape has this), warp effect, eraser, knife tool, pattern maker tool, vectorization tool (like in Inkscape, Gravit Designer) etc. I really hope Affinity 2.0 delivers. I say an Adobe replacement because whether we like it or not, Adobe is still established as the "industry standard" in the creative industry hence, in order for Affinity to compete to the point of being recognised as an "industry standard" alternative, it needs to match the missing highly requested and essential features found in Adobe. There are professionals who complain about having to still return to Adobe to complete certain tasks! Nobody is asking them to change their pricing model or ethics. I can still be an Affinity fan and offer constructive criticism- nothing wrong with that.
  8. We've been waiting for this feature for years now, it's been requested for a long time 🤔
  9. Thanks yes I recently learned assets need to be exported, but doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the whole asset library idea, unless I'm missing something? I thought the whole point of the asset library was having all your assets readily available within the app. Before I discovered how to use Assets, I stored all my vector design elements & motifs as Affinity files in a folder and sub-folders for the various categories on my desktop. Then every time I needed an asset, I'd open the file in Affinity Designer in a separate window. Please can you help clarify this- When the assets are exported do they leave the asset library or is the export feature for saving/backup? Thanks.
  10. Thanks but only found out about this recently on the forums. To be honest I had no clue that assets had to be exported, I thought an asset library was exactly that- a library. Funny thing is my own custom assets disappeared except that iOS asset library 🙄🙄. I'm still trying to research solutions to retrieving them. I still can't accept my entire asset library is gone forever.
  11. I recently upgraded to Affinity Designer 1.9 (on Windows 10) and did a completely new install as I have been having problems at every launch where all my settings revert to the default factory settings. I thought the problem would be resolved with the new upgrade and account registration, but it appears to freeze more and I still get the same "There was an error loading your settings. Some settings may be inaccurate" error message. After my last launch of AD, I went to my asset library and noticed my entire asset library I had taken time to build (over 10 categories) with over 100 assets had all disappeared except the iOS assets. I also noticed the new free assets that I had downloaded from new AD 1.9 upgrade had also gone. However, when I went to my account, I downloaded them again and "re-synced" my library hoping my own assets would reappear but alas no. Those elements were invaluable to me because most of them were created spontaneously and I excitedly stored them there, including my entire custom KDP interior collection. I don't know whether to scream or cry. 😭. I have located assets.propcol but what do I do with it? I would really appreciate help to retrieve them, thanks
  12. Yeah just make sure you have everything backed up as I discovered to my dismay today. Over a period of a few months, after discovering what I could do with assets, I was excited as it's a brilliant feature and had built several design elements under about 10 different categories including my pattern design templates, KDP interiors collections and close to over 100 designs I had created spontaneously and stored there thinking it was safe. Well after launching the new AD 1.9 today, my entire asset collection is gone, except the default iOS one (useless to me)- I'm livid.
  13. Thanks for the response. However, I haven't launched the app as Administrator because I normally install, launch and uninstall apps as a normal user without any issues. Normally I get prompted to agree to privileged access when required. It's even happening after updating to version 1.9 and now after my last relaunch, my asset library I had taken time to build (over 10 categories) with over 100 assets have all disappeared only with the iOS assets left- I don't know whether to scream or cry. 😡😭
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