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  1. Hello I’d like to transfer my large asset and brush library from ipad to desktop,and not desktop to ipad,since it’s the ipad that contains all the goodies,and my desktop asset library and brushes are empty. Hope I explained that well. thanks
  2. If you are really into vector,you should have a look. But if you want it simple,it’s a different approach to illustrators’ gradient mesh. btw to much capital letters and exclamation marks,Ali,cheer up.
  3. Eh,did you have a look? it can do a lot less than AD,but there’s one feature,that would be a superb addition for AD.
  4. Hope it’s allowed to post this would be a nice addition for AD
  5. Thx for your reply. interesting to know it’s just illustrator causing the trouble.
  6. Ps:the file works fine in affinity though,despite the complexity. it’s other softwares that have difficulties opening them,which is maybe not your problem.
  7. Here is the file hi Sean All exports were done from within affinity to svg-pdf-eps If you try to open them in illustrator afterwards you get: EPS:the operation cannot complete because of an unknown error SVG: takes forever to load PDF:opens but full of errors (you can test this easily by opening it in illustrator,assuming you still have a copy.) if you need a screenshot of the pdf errors just let me know thx for your time Forreal.afdesign
  8. Wosven will have to explain herself,since i don’t really get it,nor do i need more than solution 1,2 or3.
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