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  1. I have the exact same problem when I want to import raw files from my Nikon on iPad, is this still a known problem?
  2. Thank you very much for your efforts and help!
  3. Thank you very much for this book and the efforts you put into it, it helps to get a deeper understanding of some rather ‘abstract’ concepts!
  4. I’ve made a few own categories in assets with textures on iPad and one of them is making affinity photo shut down every time. I guess it’s to heavy for my iPad so I wanted to delete it but even press delete makes affinity crash before It is deleted, so I don’t know what to do to solve it. Restarting the iPad makes no difference. I have an iPad Pro and latest versions of iOS and affinity photo. Anybody has the same problem? Thanks!
  5. I have the assets I bought and got downloaded and that was ok. Then I placed textures so I could save them as assets by selection. I had like 30 of them and as i continued the app froze. I had to close it by force. Later I saw that the asset panel was completely empty, also after a restart of the iPad. I downloaded the resources again. But I really would like putting in there my own textures and saving them as assets cause that’s a lot easier than going every time to the iCloud to place them from there. Now I’m afraid to do that again because it’s a lot of work and maybe I lose everything again. I’m guessing it’s too heavy for iPad to have a lot of assets in the program but I wish i knew what the limit is so I can for example delete some of the packages I bought and replace them with some of my own I use often.
  6. I experienced the same kind of issue with my assets panel on iPad Pro, was importing some assets and the program freezed, al my assets were gone. Is this a bug or does it depend on how many assets there are? Have the latest update of affinity and IOS
  7. I’m not totally sure because i don’t use luts every week but before the last update of affinity, it worked
  8. I have an iPad Pro since one year and suddenly i can’t use any of my saved luts, before it was no problem
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