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  1. I asked in forums and the response was yes. Template format is not restricted to OS. 😀
  2. I have 15.6pro and recently updated the software. There are no settings that I am aware of. The XP Pen becomes a monitor when it is plugged in. The only issues that I had was that I had to give up one of my desktop monitors to use this. The new software is nice in that you dont have to calibrate the working area anymore.
  3. @carl123 At first, I had no idea what was occurring when I saw a small rectangle appear. It was only after trying it on other input dialog boxes that I realized where this was going... Thought maybe this was something odd as I had never seen or heard mention of this happening before. On this example I cannot find where the text is, but, on other tries, I found the text @ 75% of the way down inside of the box and not at the top nor at the margins.
  4. @walt.farrell My intention was to change the % by using the mouse left or right by dragging it outside the box and instead I got a surprise. Now I guess I have a shortcut to text frame creation from many locations. It does copy the text into the frame from whatever was highlighted.
  5. Thanks Walt! That's awesome news...always wanted to get one. Now it's a no brainer! 😃
  6. While working with the curves panel I highlighted the Opacity dialog box, does not matter what the % is, I dragged the box over to the image and let go and it created a new blank layer that says it is Frame Text and lists the % of opacity that was present in the Opacity dialog box. Is this a BUG? If not what is the purpose of creating a text frame layer from this dialog box? thx, - T V (seems to happen from any highlighted input dialog box with the Move Tool (V))
  7. Can I create an Affinity Photo template file in Windows and access it on an Ipad(Mac)? thx, - T V
  8. Good point. I'm a windows user too. Do templates done in Windows format work for mac? I never got the hang of the user experience back in the early days of Photoshop and Illustrator...drove me right to Coreldraw...and there are a lot of things I remember from that which I miss still today.
  9. I do not have an Ipad, but, I am assuming that .aftemplates have an easier time being used over macros for options like proceedural textures that can take alot of processing power. Templates, however, seem to be more difficult for me to keep organized and remember how I used them. Perhaps, I just need to get an Ipad to push myself a little harder into a more organized space... 😂
  10. Thanks for the .aftemplate's! Either format (-H, -V) works for any photo format due to the pattern layer's ability to adjust to any size. My favorite adjustment is Channel Mixer Offset slider...as well as, scaling the pattern layer for different size pattern. One template could have as many different pattern layers as you want, just turn them on and off...I can see a lot of new possibilities for using this output/format...
  11. was thinking analogous...tis ok because you can have as many Hue masks as you want and can be used together in a mask stack...Same with combining the different Live Masks!
  12. Glad to hear its working out well. I can see a bit better after playing with it that there is something there! Blend Options could use some presets 😉
  13. Full preset config... Live Luminosity Range Mask ( L1-6, D1-6, M1-6 ) Live Hue Range Mask 30' Color Wheel ( 12 ) Live Band-pass Mask ( L1-6, D1-6, M1-6 ) livemask_presets.propcol Let me know what you think. - T V
  14. I can see a need for separate .propcol files for these live masks. Right now the 3 live masks presets are stored together. Hue Live Mask deserves more preset categories...IMO...it could get alot better! Alot of work in this... has been very mind expanding considering the focus puzzle factor. Tune in, turn on, drop out, do Affinity - T V
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