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  1. Unfortunately, I am at a loss on this as a procedural texture function. As @v_kyr said, there are many things lurking behind the face of the app that we are just scratching the surface of. Macros most likely would have to be incorporated.
  2. @darkwark Are you using this in procedural texture to expand the function or is this something that could be achieved by macro?
  3. John, Dido on the Merge Visible. Clip Canvas worked like a live layer for me, but, I do have to wait for the processing to catch up between changing settings as it is not instant. Creating a larger canvas also seems to add to the bog at the beginning. This is why I kept it lean and avoided the Merge. It is completely possible to turn off visibility of layers in macros, but, how many and which ones... - T V
  4. Clipping Macros I haven't been making macros everyday lately, so, I thought I would try some new things to get confidence with these equation anomalies...tested on horiz & vert format images and working great. - notes : larger canvas - 10,000 px x 10,000 px , clip canvas crops to image size leaving curved edges exposed , controls modified in equation... 👽 - T V S-curve CLIP.afmacros larger canvas - rasterize - S-curve equation - clip canvas larger canvas - rasterize - S-curve Radial equation - clip canvas Curve-warp CLIP.afmacros larger canvas - rasterize - Curve-warp equation - clip canvas rasterize - Horizontal Curvature Shift equation - clip canvas
  5. John, looks good. Personally, I prefer to see the edges. Clipping the canvas would be good for saving file size. Are you starting a 'Heavenly Brew'? Cheers - T V
  6. John, here is something to consider...including your macro(renamed 'equation'). Run either...hope this helps, feel free to rewrite...I have done this to all of them and I get a better feel for what you are doing. Really great stuff - T V curvewarpmacros.afmacros *one further macro option is to merge visible to start...that way you unlock and select that new layer from a position of having a layer selected or not when you run the macro.
  7. The equation is interesting to play with...and manipulating it does some fun mirroring and warping. I am missing the y calculation with second parameter...flip document?
  8. catlover, ran into same problem on vertical oriented photos. Horiz no problems...John fixed this problem in last macro with rasterize. I have tested this and it works no problem, just rasterize and it should work for you too! PS. John, while it is good form to add unlock as a macro step, rasterize seems to unlock the images without that step. So far, I have only run into this issue with distortion related commands on Vertical oriented images. Keep up the good work! - T V Update...this is flipping the image horizontally for me. Without rasterize, it flips horizontally and vertically.
  9. It's right out of the flash card. I did try cropping and everything I could think. I usually shoot RAW & .JPG and have the RAW for images I really want to play with and usually just grab the .jpg and go. The camera is a Canon 6d mkII...my brain was telling me to take a couple more days off and everything would fix itself, but, no. I did crop the RAW conversion and no problems...just tried images from D80 and same problem. It is as if the pixel information on the horizontal images is being fooled into starting at a different fixed point throwing the calculation off. Otherwise, life is good my friend! +++ok, rasterize worked. Good call. Here is a new one. Cropped and rasterized to original ratio I have to turn to 1's to get the divisions instead of .5. Why rasterize on vertical format and not on horizontal? Please make some more macros using distortions! I wonder if it is all of the equations or just certain ones that act like that. Is rasterize something to think about when creating a macro? Lots of interesting or not good interesting stuff came out of this...my brain is feeling sort of squishy.
  10. John, I opened a RAW(.cr2) file by chance to try it on the same photo instead of .jpg file and it works. My horiz .jpg and .cr2 no problems. Somehow my .jpg vertical format causes problems. I am at a loss to understand what is happening as this is the first time I have encountered an issue of any kind. Your macro works as it should. Sorry for the confusion...this kind of thing does not help my math foundation... - T V
  11. This is what happens on a vertical image...works perfect on horizontal. I am updated to current version, not beta. ????? - T V
  12. Sorry, the macro applied differently to horizontal format and vertical format images for me. By changing the w & h seemed to fix.
  13. John, Seems that only works correctly if w = h. I would like to be able to create these kind of effects in PT also. Not sure the underlying structure of functioning the x, y. If Equations were a live filter it would be much easier to work with...I will put on my tin foil hat and see if anything come to me. - T V
  14. Hi John, Try this: fixes the wrap...thanks for introducing me to Affine! - T V x = irem(x+a*h,h) y = irem(y+b*w,w) ⛔ correction...this only works on vertical document format...
  15. linear 2.0 examples horiz rgb shift .5 vert rgb shift .33 rhe1 rhs .5 rvs .33 rhe1 rhs -.5 rvs -.33 hs rgb .5 rvs .33 hs rgb.5 rvs-.5 gvs-.25
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