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  1. @Callum, Wow, thanks...yes, the little bugger got checked somehow...
  2. After a brush install crash that led to a reset of brushes, I lost the ability to paint on an added pixel layer. Works on an image pixel layer, masks, etc, just not the blank pixel layer. I have now tried a reset of all items in Photo, as well as, a re-install with no success. Does anyone have a solution for this?
  3. Hi @Callum , I had to take a couple days off after finishing backing up all settings, adjustments, etc. I have been working with Beta since and found an HSL problem in the calculation of HSL angle...(*this self corrected tonight, somehow...?) Here is a screen shot of my window with screenshot as layer with paintbrush working on image layer and no brush or paint on Pixel layer(should be a large black dot over most of image). I had no problems of any kind previous to the "brush load crash reset". I assume a clean reinstall is in order. - thanks, TV
  4. This afternoon my Affinity Photo (on Windows pc) crashed upon loading a recent upload of brushes. After restarting the program all brush categories were removed except the default brushes. I reloaded the downloaded brush set to find that I could not paint with brushes on a pixel layer, but, I could paint on an image pixel layer(photo). My updated Beta has no issues nor does Designer. Not looking to reinstall as I have not finished backing up all of my settings. This one is my first crash loss of any major kind and non functioning brush pixel layer.
  5. Color Wheel By Split Complimentary A1 & A2.afpalette...Enjoy, T V Color Wheel By Split Complimentary Color A1.afpalette Color Wheel By Split Compimentary Color A2.afpalette
  6. Color Wheel By Tetradic Color.afpalette...Enjoy! - T V Color Wheel By Tetradic Color.afpalette
  7. Color Wheel By Square Color.afpalette...Enjoy, - T V Color Wheel By Square Color.afpalette
  8. Color Wheel By Triadic Color A1 & A2 .afpalette...Enjoy, T V Color Wheel By Triadic Color A1.afpalette Color Wheel By Triadic Color A2.afpalette
  9. Color Wheel By Analogous Color A1 & A2 ...Enjoy, - T V Color Wheel By Analogous Color A1.afpalette Color Wheel By Analogous Color A2.afpalette
  10. Color Wheel By Complimentary Color...Enjoy, T V Color Wheel By Complimentary Color.afpalette
  11. Here is a Color Wheel palette by warm/cool. There is a debate about this, so, I made 2. Enjoy, - T V (fixed) Color Wheel By Warm-Cool 1.afpalette Color Wheel By Warm-Cool 2.afpalette
  12. Smadell, While I like a good visual paralysis, the effect I was visualizing was the metallic gradient effect of noise graduating from say 100% to 0% into another color...I will work on trying the noise filter masked by gradients as an effect to see if this is really where "my head is at"...
  13. Here is a greyscale noise(100%) palette I created while working on some metallic surfaces. This is a vector - texture palette that doubles as a pixel greyscale palette (duel use). Enjoy, - T V Grey Noise.afpalette
  14. Here are a couple more Color Wheel palettes representing Luminance and Perceived Brightness order and values. Enjoy, - T V ColorWheelByLuminance.afpalette ColorWheelByPerceivedBrightness.afpalette
  15. The inner kid in me felt the need to work with some chalk colors. Here is a Crayola Sidewalk Chalk (64).afpalette to get you creating until you can get outside. Enjoy, - T V Crayola Sidewalk Chalk (64).afpalette
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