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  1. Every time I open my documents in Affinity Photo, the Swatches panel defaults to "Greys". I would like it to load the pallette that was selected the last time I worked on it, or a specific (document) palette that I select. Is this possible? OSX Mojave AF 1.9 216
  2. Flood select and flood fill are still extremely slow. I sometimes have to wait more than a minute (!) for it to finish. OSX V1.8 and 1.9 beta
  3. There is an omission combination of the perspective/warp tool. Look at the image below. This was a simple 2d grid that I put in perpspective and lifted one corner. This is done in PS in two steps but is nearly impossible in AP. In photoshop you can freely transform the 2d grid image (free transform) into the perspective, then, without applying, you can step to mesh warp. That mesh warp is now aligned to the perspective grid! Meaning the mesh warp points are on all four corners in the 3d grid. Now wou only need to lift one corner. In AP perspective and warp are completely separate. As soon as I want to go to mesh warp, the perspective warp needs to be applied. Now the mesh warp starts in 2d view again meaning its impossible to warp the (already in 3d) grid. I can use the warp tool from the start but that's really cumbersome. So what is needed here is a warp tool that can follow up on the perspective tool without a 'reset' of the selection in between.
  4. I found a bug I think. In the beta my lines are lagging when I am zoomed in 150% in a particular drawing that contains a live perspective text. I cannot compare to the regular version because I cannot open this file in the regular version. I was able to isolate the issue and attached the file. There are only 2 layers. A perspective text en a pixel layer. You can try, the same happens with a trackpad. But a pen is quicker of course. If you draw a quick line (in the pixel layer) in the upper area from point 1 to 2, all is fine. When you draw a line in the lower area the line lags. But only when zoomed in at 150%!. When I delete the text layer, the issue disappears. MPB 2018 OSX Mojave Lagging Line.afphoto
  5. I'v seen the link to windows link before. However I have this issue in OSX and always have (the mac version of) Ink turned off. And it also occurs on the iPad. In small files it's fine, but when the resolution is larger and draw in low zoom levels (20%) the lines become jagged.
  6. I wonder if you were able to reproduce this and if there will be a fix .
  7. Sorry for the double post, but realised the original thread there I put this in is 'archived'? This is AP in normal (not separated) mode. Shift to cycle tools enabled. This shows the bug with a keyboard on screen and clicks recorded. Only happens with floating layers panel as you can see. Notice the clicks and keyboard clicks. It happens after you click on the 'empty' layer (even if it's already selected). If you dock the layers panel and undock it, the bug does not immediately occur until you click the (empty, or any other) layer (not layer panel but the layer). And it only occurs at the moment where you would rotate the tool (if shift to rotate was disabled), so with your second click. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ex1cowp8630rifz/Shift cyle tools bug.mov?dl=0
  8. Thanks for replying, I missed your original post since I had not found it was related to the cycle tool initially. Preventing the layer named is hard, because i work with hundreds of layers and the chance I accidentally start with any of those characters is quite big. I really hope this gets squashed.
  9. Ok it was pretty easy to reproduce: create a new file A2 size 300dpi (anything north of 100pi is slow) create about 10 pixel layers (edit: no need for many layers 2 is fine) select the top layer select fill tool with source set to "layers beneath" set to contiguous tolerance 20% click on the layer op layer to fill I had to wait 1minute 20 seconds https://www.dropbox.com/s/5pqacghi90nulax/Flood fill slow.mov?dl=0 this example is not a real life situation (with all empty layers) but the same happens with any shape that is not closed Edit: It’s even unrelated to how many layers you have. It’s just as slow with just two. The pixel dimension and area to be filled (hence if it is closed and therefore less pixels) do make a difference
  10. Hi callum, sorry for a late reply. I’m talking about AP. Mac version. Does your question mean this is not a known issue? I‘ve had this for a while. I’m sorry but I cannot share the actual client file so I will look into recreating something similar.
  11. Hi thanks for your reply, shift to cycle is on - it does not occur when this is off! no third party utility installed issue remains with a new user make sure you use beta 206 it does not occur in 1.8 it is related to the tool selection, because it does not happen with shortcuts unrelated to tools, e.g. "d" it only happens when the layers panel is floating! And it does not happen when you first click next to the floating layers window causing it (And all layers) to be deselected. If I click on the floating layers window the ap window becomes deselected (resize cirkels top left are greyed out) meaning the layers window is selected. Now it still does not happen until you select a layer. so in steps : shift to cycle is on layers window is floating create several layers that start with tool shortcut characters (e.g. v, b, e) deselect all items (click on the grey background with the selection tool) select the floating layers window select any layer now type a character that corresponds to another layers’ first character but also a tool shortcut. After the second time it will select a layer. It actually toggles through all layers with that character when you press the character repeatedly I hope this enables you to reproduce this
  12. When I have a layer selected and press "v" (move tool) while the move tool is already selected affinity photo jumps to a layer which starts with the name "v". Beta. . It does not occur in 1.8. To reproduce, It's simple. Just create a new file and create e.g. 3 layers. Name 2 of them and leave one blank. Then type any of the characters that the layers begin with (twice often if it's a shortcut) and it will select the layer. In this example I select the lower layer and then press "b" twice and "v" twice. You can see it switches tools first and then selects the layer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8mk329bdchnoe4/Affinity Shortcut Bug.mov?dl=0 Mac OSX Mojave Macbook pro 2018
  13. I just had to force quit a file because the flood fill tool was taking forever (waited over 5 minutes) but it did not show the flood fill progress bar (which in itself is rather useless since it shows a full bar for the duration of the fill calculation). I restarted affinity and it did not offer me a recovery. Meaning 2 hours of work were gone (I know, don't do work in beta, but the time saving of other fuctions make up for that). In general the flood fill tool is super slow (when the area you click turns up not te be closed so it fills all over the drawing) and very unstable. OSX mojave Macbook pro 2018 beta 206
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