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  1. Still an issue, I use this tool intensively but sooner or later it is impossible to copy the layer with the perspective filter. I isolated one of my documents with this issue and it isn't even related to a group necessarily. Just try to copy this layer and you'll see what goes wrong. If I create a brand new rectangle and apply a perspective filter to that, it works fine. But the filter layer contains the copy bug used to contain a lot more content and it's beyond repair now. I even tried to save a duplicate version of the file and copy/paste layers between documents but the issue remains. BTW I'm on a Mac. AP 1.10.4 MacOS 10.15.7 Perspective filter copy bug.afphoto Perspective Filter copy bug 2.mov
  2. It's kinda quiet here. I hope a nice new version is in the works. I check this forum too often hoping for an update for the pen behaviour - jagged lines on low zoom (<50%)levels and the overall line bugs -. We use affinity professionally on a daily basis (6-8 hours a day) and this is our number 1 - by far - improvement request.
  3. Affinity, could you please, please have a look at this. Imo it mustn't be hard to fix and it's driving me mad! I run into so often, like 50 times day.
  4. A friendly bump for this issue. I know it's been only 2,5 months but something tells me this could be quite simple to fix. Also, the jagged line thread was closed(?), I wasn't able to reply to that thread anymore, but that's an equally annoying issue especially for us hand drawing artists. In short: when zoomed out more than 50% quick strokes become jagged.
  5. AHHHH. same here. AP 1.10.1 OSX Mojave MBP 2018 A file I was working on all day. No problems.. suddenly this issue. I think it is related to editing an embedded Designer document... [edit] this was definitely the case. I dropped a design document to my AP document. It shows up as "embedded document"layer. I can freely edit that embedded document (it opens a new window), but AP does cannot save. For test purposes, I tried to copy that embedded document and paste that into a new document I can see it is scrambled/incomplete (layers missing). I cannot save my AP document with this embedded document. When I delete that layer it saves fine... [edit2] it looks fine when I 'place' the document [edit3] unfortunately it also fails with the placed document. As soon as I edit anything in the embedded document, AP can no longer save. It doesn't matter if I close the embedded document or not.
  6. Is there anything more you could tell. Can we expect this to be fixed -eventually- since it is 'logged'. Is this some kind or priority or is it on a long list of "whenever there's time left". Is this hard to do and therefore will take some time or is it an easy fix. Anything. For me it's critical so would appreciate a little more indication of what to expect.
  7. I wasn’t clear with what I meant with lines. With Lines i mean the outlines (Also referred to as ink lines in cartooning) of a hand made drawing (so pixels, not vector). Just simple objects, people, buildings, nature, vehicles all drawn by hand (on a cintiq). Coloring is just like you would colour a coloring page, only more detailed and layered. Here is a small corner of a drawing I made (on low resolution). E.g. the people might all need to be colored Ps @Old BruceI posted a feature request
  8. Thanks I was aware of that workaround. That’s fine for a single instance, but I in my work I make manual drawings and when I colour the drawing (in Ps) I use the bucket a lot, like a 100 times or more so I would prefer to just click and fill in 1 go with the flood fill. The circle example was to illustrate the issue. In practice I’m working with hand drawn images. I was just wondering if I was missing some option, since the select tool is able to sample all layers so I assumed the flood might be set in a way to do that would too. Your replies confirmed it can only sample layers below. To me it seems like a strange limitation though. I mean, if you colour any line drawing, wouldn’t you always have the colour layer below the line layer. The similar bucket tool in ps is able to sample all layers. You cannot even limit it to only the layers below(?). There’s probably some other (photo editing) reasoning behind this choice that would make other things easier, but for coloring line drawings it’s tedious.
  9. Thanks @stokerg, I'm sorry I was unclear. I'm talking about AP. I want to flood fill to work with the contraints from all layers. So let's say I have a circle (line, no fill) and want add a layer below that circle to fill that circle with colour. I cannot seem to use the flood fill tool to fill that layer within the constraints of the layer above.
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