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  1. Unless its a major release (which I'm sure we would have heard about) I doubt it - Development of Designer seems to have slowed down ....
  2. Since i first started looking at Affinity as alternative to Adobe, I think there has been a lot of concentration on the mobile apps and the launch/development of Publisher. It seems like development of Designer has really slowed down?
  3. Yes, until there's a non destructive free transform, perspective tool no pont in switching from the good old Adobe Fireworks. With free transform and also warp tools there's a very good argument to compoletelt ditch Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Firweworks
  4. Yes I know about the shear tool - the lack of a simple perspective tool in Designer like the one in Photoshop is a problem - In Adobe Fireworks its called the 'skew' tool and it combines both shear and perspective functionality. Its a frequently used tool and it should be in Designer, hopefully it won't be too long before its added ...
  5. What are the workarounds ? I can use perspective grid in Photo but it rasterizes. A simple perspective tool (called skew tool in Fireworks) is missing. I worked out a trick with the node tool that can be used on vectors to do the equivelant of the pespective tool in Photoshop - not sure about text and if I want to do the same on a bitmap I have to switch to Photo and use Perspectibe grid as far as I can see?
  6. Unfortuntelay there seems to be a culture on these forums of making silly comments and general rudeness to a simple question or feature request - so if people insist on posting sarcastic replies with rude undertones then I will reply in the same manner ... I have experienced many time rudness and an ''attitude' on these forums, so the idea you are all polite on here is a nonsense .... I'll leave you to your little clique, it seems you have a very blinkered opinion
  7. I am simply asking the question if there is any chance the Photo Persona will inlcude support for Thirdy Part Photoshop Plugins in the future as it would come in very handy instead of having to do round trips with edit on Photo ... I've no idea what the point of any of your answers (if you can call them that) or comments are for ... You're wasting your energy, unless you are part of the Affinity Deve team and you know whats going on and would stop embarressing yourself ....
  8. Hello - is there no way to make the perspective tool behave like the transform > perspective tool in Photoshop? I thought maybe I would be able to hold shift and drag a corner for something similiar but it doesn't work?
  9. We know that - and it defeats the object of Studio Link i.e. not having to do roundtrips
  10. Is there any chnace in the future that Studio Link might include Photoshop Plugins in the Photo Persona?
  11. Hi, This has been discussed elsewhere on the forums but I'm posting it here as I'm pretty sure it falls under the category of a bug. When using the guide manager with artboards its not possible to change the margins. I believe this has been fixed in the Mac version of Designer but it still seems to be problem in Windows versions. Designer version: Thanks
  12. +1 to be able to double click the page name in the pages panel and enter custom page name would be good - like you can do in Adobe Fireworks.
  13. Hi Mark - you're on Mac I see... so it looks like its been fixed for Mac version but on Windows version of Designer 1.7.2 I still can't set margins
  14. +1 ... need to be able to change the default color of regular guides ....
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