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  1. I think your points are fair, the frustration is waiting, so, so long for features in Designer and then still not getting a simple Perspective tool with snapping and constraints. I know there are some ways around some of these things, but it is frustrating that some of the staple requirements are still missing
  2. I honestly think Designer is low down on their priorities.... I would think that Photo on all platforms is a much bigger seller as it covers a wider range of users from professionals to photographers and hobbyists (I guess)
  3. I installed v2 on Windows 11 - no idea where apps are installed - if I go to task manager while Affinity apps are running and right click 'open file location' is greyed out. I don't like these MSIX installers, nothing but trouble....
  4. There's still no basic perspective/skew tool... I don't think Affinity are serious about Designer anymore. I just want to be able to do simple symmetrical perspective and skew without all the faff involved in the new feature. Even Adobe Fireworks has it & Adobe stopped updating that nearly ten years ago!!...
  5. I have the same problem v2 of all three apps on Windows, yes I have already launched Photo and Designer at least once...
  6. I purchased and download all v2 apps for Windows... They seem to be Portable and Studio Link seems to be an issue, I am assuming it is looking for Photo and Designer in specific locations? I have activated all three apps but cannot switch to design or photo persona. It says Photo and Designer are not installed> Any tips?
  7. This is a bit mysterious but sounds like something big is coming, fingers crossed Designer gets some much need new features: https://affinity.serif.com/?utm_source=serifemail
  8. Some big announcement coming by the looks of it, I'll pray Designer hasn't been ignored again.... https://affinity.serif.com/?utm_source=serifemail
  9. This is a bit mysterious but sounds like something big is coming: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/?utm_source=serifemail
  10. There was a conspiracy theory doing the rounds, that Adobe will buy Affinity, and that is why there is no news available on v2. Adobe likes to buy competitors out and then bury the software to eliminate competition.
  11. There was talk of v2 of the Affinity apps this year .... who knows!!
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