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  1. This has been years with NO communication from Affinity. IF and when v2 ever turns up, who knows if they'll do anything with Designer, it seems to be at the bottom of their priorities. The lack of communication is very strange & it will be Affinity's downfall! I don't like to believe the conspiracy theorists but it does seem very odd!
  2. I would be more than happy to pay a generous upgrade price for v2 Designer if it had some of the key features currently missing; free transform, warp, perspective tools. Yes I know Photo has perspective tool but it rasterizes and it is no good for people wanting to export to vector formats.
  3. any update on some new non-destrictive free transform, distrot, warp tools for Designer? Even a basic perspective tool that doesn;t rasterise the object would be helpful?
  4. Why are 3rd party plug-ins greyed out sometimes? Seem if I just open a JPG 3rd party plug-ins are available but if for example I create new blank document then place an image or select a shape or text the 3rd party plug-ins are available in the menu but greyed out....
  5. Why do I have to type *.jpg when I want to see/and open a JPG .... Even in Photo Personal I still have to do this ... Really annoying...
  6. Please, please make the export preview option available for Studio Link, it's a real pain having to open in Designer or Photo to get the export preview feature ....
  7. In Designer and Photo when choosing export => jpeg for example there is a preview button bottom left corner which is useful - When using Studio Link with Publisher, Photo and Designer combined the export preview is button is missing. It;s a pretty important feature ... is it somewhere else or when will it be available?
  8. Adobe Fireworks users are desperate for a viable alternative after being left high and dry by Adobe. Affinity could clean up with a few additional features in Designer. A simple non-destructive perspective tool would be a good starting point .... Check out the Adobe Fireworks forum someone from Affinity and you'll see desperate Fireworks users clinging onto the software and trying to keep it working even though Adobe have not updated it at all since 2013.
  9. Adobe Fireworks users betrayed by Adobe are desperate for a good alternative ... Save for web preview would be invaluable... Fireworks still has the best option of anything out there...
  10. Any way to restrain/ make a perfect arc with the mesh tool or are just relying on good eye, steady hand and guides?
  11. For people who've used Fireworks for many years, this is a very interesting project: https://www.photopea.com/ ... Has both warp and perspective tools and can open layered Fireworks PNGs
  12. If you have to pay a sh*t load of money to Adobe because of core missing features in Affinity then that means it's essential to a hell of a lot of people. A basic perspective tool is a no brainer...
  13. The point is people want to drop Adobe but with essentials missing from Affinity Designer they just can't at this point.
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