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  1. I don't see how apps that don't have non destructive free transform, perspective and warp tools can replace Adobe .. When I first came across Designer I got excited as it was the nearest thing I'd seen to Adobe Fireworks, however the lack of non destructive free transform tools is a real problem and we've been waiting a looong time without a peep from the people at Affinity....
  2. You still need the fundamentals and basic transform tools be be found other non-Adobe products available right now, so IMO that is a very lame excuse ... I think Affinity have spread their resources to thin and dropped the ball on this one, iPad versions and the introduction of Publisher have meant that Designer has been neglected.
  3. It was a bit of joke really if you see some of the comments to another post about a Windows only tool 😁 I'll deffo take a look if they come up with a windows version
  4. No windows version, thus worthless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. There's still a window of opportunity for Affinity here .... A hell of a lot of people still use Adobe Fireworks and are extremely disgruntled with Adobe, especially those on Mac who upgrade to Mojave and find out Fireworks will no longer work.... Non-destructive perspective, Free Transform and some core warp tools like arch, arc, fisheye would seal the deal IMO. Workflow and learning curve in Illustrator and Photoshop are steep, clumsy and don't lend themselves well to long term users of an intuitive tool like Fireworks ..... Add these tools to Designer and Adobe could be dropped completely then and hello Affinity all the way
  6. Hi all, Just to reiterate as this thread is getting hijacked and going off on a tangent, to vote for this feature add a +1 to this new thread here and hopefully Affinity will pay attention:
  7. Any ETA on non destructive free transform, perspective and warp tools like those found illustrator/Photoshop?
  8. Unless its a major release (which I'm sure we would have heard about) I doubt it - Development of Designer seems to have slowed down ....
  9. Since i first started looking at Affinity as alternative to Adobe, I think there has been a lot of concentration on the mobile apps and the launch/development of Publisher. It seems like development of Designer has really slowed down?
  10. Yes, until there's a non destructive free transform, perspective tool no pont in switching from the good old Adobe Fireworks. With free transform and also warp tools there's a very good argument to compoletelt ditch Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Firweworks
  11. Yes I know about the shear tool - the lack of a simple perspective tool in Designer like the one in Photoshop is a problem - In Adobe Fireworks its called the 'skew' tool and it combines both shear and perspective functionality. Its a frequently used tool and it should be in Designer, hopefully it won't be too long before its added ...
  12. What are the workarounds ? I can use perspective grid in Photo but it rasterizes. A simple perspective tool (called skew tool in Fireworks) is missing. I worked out a trick with the node tool that can be used on vectors to do the equivelant of the pespective tool in Photoshop - not sure about text and if I want to do the same on a bitmap I have to switch to Photo and use Perspectibe grid as far as I can see?
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