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  1. MCFC_4Heatons

    Arc warp

    There's a window of opportunity here for Affinity .... Adobe customers are not happy .....
  2. MCFC_4Heatons

    Arc warp

    The thing is the warp tools in Photoshop are frequently used and something that is required in both Photo and Designer - its quite common to want to use warp > arc in Photoshop on bitmaps, for example for adding labels to jars, bottles, cans and so on ... often used when creating promotional graphics. I wonder if Affinity are spreading their resources a bit too thinly with the iPad versions, the new Publisher and the 'HOPEFULLY' seamless integration with Publisher, Designer & Photo when it arrives. Meaning some fundemntal features are too slow to arrive. If you leave-out fundemental tools that people are using already on a regular basis, then you cannot expect people to make the switch to Affinity on mass even with the fantastic pricing.... We'd pay a lot more and buy several licenses for an integrated all-in-one Photo and Designer with all vector and bitmaps in one and the addition of just a few more frequently used tools.
  3. MCFC_4Heatons

    Arc warp

    Don't get too excited, 2014 the first post here .... If they haven't managed to add it now I doubt its coming any time soon ...
  4. MCFC_4Heatons

    Arc warp

    We purchased Photo and Designer to have a look at them ...... I'll come back in a year and see where Affinity are then.... in the meantime I'll continue using Adobe Fireworks & occassionally Photoshop ... Hopefully a few of the glaring ommissions in Photo and Designer will be there by then like presets for text ant-aliasing, mesh warp,, arc, arch, etc ... at the moment the tools & a bit frustrating to use with such omissions, it seems hard to get a definititve answer from Affinity too, I don't see any direct support.... only forums? You'll end up like Adobe with a total disconnect from your customers if you're ot careful.... I fully expect Adobe to lose a lot of customers inthe next few years
  5. I looked at it but I haven't got a clue what to do with it I'll be honest
  6. Yes I know its frustrating - hopefully the integration between Publisher, Photo and Designer will be seamless in the future - the Betas seem to suggest. I don't mind paying for all three at the affordable prices. The only trick I worked out in Designer was convert a square to curves select two diagonally oppossite points holding shift then you can do some simple perspective tricks .... buiy limited I know
  7. 1) I select an image 2) select the shear tool 3) hold down shift and pull down from thc centre It seems impossible to create a perfect arcl like you can in Photoshop with the warp > arch tool
  8. MCFC_4Heatons

    Shear Tool - Pefect Arch

    Thanks for this I'll take a look at it ....
  9. MCFC_4Heatons

    Shear Tool - Pefect Arch

    Thanks, but I honestly wouldn't have a clue what to do that with Equations filter
  10. MCFC_4Heatons

    Arc warp

    I'm looking for this too ... the 'shear' tool does some similiar effects but it is very dofficult to be precise with it as far as I can see to do a perfect arch effect
  11. How do you create a perfect arch vertically or horizontally with the shear tool, like the warp > arch tool in Photoshop ? Its very easy to go off centre and not get the perfect arch when using it and I couldn't find an option like holding shift key? Thanks
  12. thanks, really helpful ... Why did you bother?
  13. MCFC_4Heatons

    Lens Flare

    Just off track slightly, but on the subject of Phoptoshop Plugins - Jixipix plugins seems to work in Photo and Star Filter Pro which is a nice llittle plugin also works (tested on Windows 10) .... Might be useful to somebody ..... I hope the Affinity people get wider support for more plugins in the future
  14. Think an estinate is not a lot to ask for ... otherwise Affinity start sounding like Adobe