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  1. Its a great tool but using the latest Beta is mightly frustrating that some basics/fundementals are missing ... 1) Please add a basic persepctive tool that works on bitmaps / vectors, in Adobe Fireworks its called the skew tool & works seamlessly on bitmaps or vectors. Altthough I have copies of both Photo and Designer its tedious switching between programs sometimes, maybe because I am long time Adobe Fireworks users and used to the all in one program approach. 2) Please add some text anti-aliasing pre-sets/options, the native feature that was explained to me in Designer is totally alien. 3) Ability to crop the canvas area either mannually with a crop tool or crop to selection ... Its really useful when designing indiviudual graphic elements
  2. Are we getting anti aliasing options/presets for text?
  3. still no text anti-aliasing in the latest beta of designer ... seems a glaring ommission to me??? Any particular reason why this feature doesn't seem to get any attention from the developers?
  4. Is there a simple perspective/skew tool for vectors/bitmaps ? FW.avi
  5. can you do simple perspective/skew effect on bitmaps, shapes and vectors in Designer 17
  6. Hello, is there a separate beta forum for Designer, Photo & Publisher? As long-time Adobe Fireworks users we're may interested in Designer and what new and where its going, finding this forum a bit confusing as we sometimes dont know which app we are talking abut here.
  7. Please add text anti-aliasing options and presets, like smooth, strong, crisp .....
  8. I was hoping that something had changed since that post ... It is an absolute must to have some better text anti-aliasing options. We couldn't replace Fireworks (still our main go to app) or Photoshop with Affinity Designer/Photo without this feature. I think Affinity have done a great job but as a newbie looking at Designer I think they are adding some more advanced vector features whilst overlooking a few key/fundamental features required in everyday use, especially if you are primary concerned with screen/ui/web design mock-ups or creating design elements/components for screen then its a must. I'm not trying to hammer the Affinity devs, just trying to offer constructive feedback, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a future version.
  9. Are there any text anti-aliasing options/presets; crisp, smooth etc ???
  10. Yes, but I think it would very, very, very, very nice to have the Photoshop plug-in compatibility for Designer to save switching between apps
  11. Also, the latest versions of HyperTyle and Plugin Galaxy work as far as I can see....
  12. I'm a Windows users I should probably add ....
  13. If you have 32 bit plugins this may help you if they do NOT work directly in Affinity Photo : https://www.mediachance.com/pluginbridge/ It acts a s a container, I tested it and a it works well inside Affinity Photo .... Also tested this useful plug-in which I bought a few years ago and it seems to work: https://www.prodigitalsoftware.com/StarFilterPro4.html
  14. Yes, I know but it gets tedious switching apps for frequently used tools ... I've been a Fireworks user for 18 years and used to doing everything in the one app. I'm keeping my finger crossed that the clone tool and flood select tool find their way into Designer soon. For me they are more useful and more often used than some of the other bitmap editing tools already in Designer, so they warrant inclusion