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  1. This features is well overdue, can we expect it soon?
  2. Are there are AI plugins that work inside inside Affinity Photo? Photoshop is really pushing their Ai features and it would be nice to have some of the same capabilities inside Affinity Photo.
  3. Are we going to see the ability to convert a selection into a path in the near future?
  4. Need this feature, it is so useful, even Adobe Fireworks has it and Adobe haven't updated that for 10 years, this might be a longer wait than we had for the warp features in Designer 🤣
  5. My bad, for some reason show toolbar was disabled after updating to the the new beta!! 🤣
  6. I have all three v2.2 apps and the Studio Link Icons are not showing in Publisher?
  7. this seems to be one of things that Affinity either don't think is worth the bother to fix, or it is much more troublesome to fix than you'd think...
  8. 20 mins ... must have reallygone in to it in great detail 😉🤣 I'm not buying this
  9. Blur brush is near useless without any strength controls. It is long overdue for an update.
  10. I'd like 3rd party plugins in studio link instead of having to use edit in Photo. Thanks
  11. Compared to the bloated clunky UI of Photoshop it is a triumph IMO
  12. I'm sure a lot of photographers use Affinity Photo, I think Affinity are missing a trick not having a cataloging companion app for Affinity Photo.
  13. This is a very small but ever so annoying. I bought all three apps, not for publisher but to use Photo/Designer features combined with our having to use edit with switching between the two apps. Yes there are lots of ways to open a JPG in Publisher drag to Publisher icon, right click image icon -> open with... But why can I just not open a JPG from within Publisher without typing *.jpg in the file dialogue every time? It really irritates me tbh!!
  14. Needs full non destructive workflow. Like Photoshop -> convert layer to smart object then all effects/filters including 3rd party plugins are effectively non destructive. It is a big miss, when you have to do workarounds like copying a layer before applying a non live filter. IMO, it is the biggest single missing feature.
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