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  1. So this is why you wrote that it has to pay "it*s investers" a dividend. Understood!
  2. which has so much to do with Affinity V2, updates, pricing and no subscription
  3. Of course. Just wanted to know why Terkoz creates fake news about dividend. Thanks anyway, rvst.
  4. Because many people would like to buy those shares. You wrote about dividend. So please tell us more since when and how to get it. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry, but the Affinity apps never had this tradition and in many cases people need to purchase updates in much shorter times and sometimes have to change to subscriptions or higher prices …
  6. Great text, great V2, Great Britain! Thank you, Ash! Never seen such a transparent and customer-oriented approach in sofware industry (ok, industry does not really fit but perhaps in one year Serif is bigger than Adobe ~ almost in mind). 😻🤘👏 But: It was not fair to kill or hide the cat in the AD update! 🙀
  7. There is one, which is MORE than zero, and you can create more via profiles. Really very rudimentary, but not zero. But is still V2.zero.zero.
  8. Professor knows well, if we have a new virus variant
  9. Well, with the pressure profile, arrowhead etc. there is already enough basic code in the app. So if Serif would enable to use curves in the profile would be a first workaround. What I want to say is that Serif could have done something here some years before. A vector app with only one or two real vector brushes? Unbelieveable!
  10. Thank you. Astonishing. Hm, Any idea how to create new ones (file structure etc.)?
  11. 1) What exactly? 2) You can change so much in the preferences, that you surely will find adjustments that works for you. Please first try High (UI Contrast). … so please try again and terrible and v1 will be yesterday, right?
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