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  1. On a Mac? Then give Quick and Easy Web Builder a consideration. Only $45. I use WYSIWYG Web Builder (Windows only) from the same developer and Affinity Designer and Photo work very well with it.
  2. In Windows Settings, I noticed Affinity Designer taking up 1.03 GB of disk space. Photo taking up 1.06 GB and Publisher consuming 1.04 GB. In contrast, Affinity Designer 2.0 takes up just over a tenth of version 1.XX, a mere 109 MB!!! Photo and Publisher are similar at 106 MB and 112 MB respectively! Why do version 2.0 apps use so much less space? Are they a lot less bloated?
  3. Just purchased for the all in price of £89.99 for all progs on all current platforms!
  4. Remember when Quark talked of buying Adobe 20 odd years ago? Just think, no InDesign and Photoshop and Illustrator absorbed into QuarkXpress!
  5. Some in depth speculation about last week's teaser video. Let's see how much he got right and got wrong.
  6. Perhaps. But do remember that prior to Creative Suite, Adobe bundled Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker and Acrobat in one box set - not quite a suite yet as they were still separate progs. When InDesign Came on the scene, they offered that instead of PageMaker as an option. The PageMaker bundle was aimed at business and the InDesign bundle was aimed at graphic designers. Whilst you could still purchase each prog separately, Adobe offered generous discounts on purchasing them all together. The same happened with MS where you could at one time purchase Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc separately. But it made more sense to purchase them as Office if you needed two or more progs. Now, Serif is not Adobe or MS. However, any incentive to get people to purchase all three major progs at once could be in Serifs favour. The very competitive price point right now, however, may make it less worthwhile. UNLESS Serif raises prices of the individual titles and makes a sweet/bundle come in at a price where you'd be stupid not to buy Designer, Photo and Publisher that way.
  7. In the presentation, there was mention of Affinity as a suite of programs. Could we see a unified installer a la Office or CorelDraw? Purchase Affinity Suite V 2.0 for say $120/£120. Or buy each separate prog, Designer, Photo and Publisher for $50/£50 each. I would also like to see something lie 'Affinity Web'. A web design prog based on the graphics capabilities of Designer and Photo. With the page layout abilities of Publisher.
  8. It may well be that if you purchase Affinity 1.XXX after a certain date, you get Affinity 2.0 free. I should imagine Affinity 2.0 will be generously discounted for users of 1.XXX anyway. And there may well be an introductory 2.0 price to boot.
  9. When I import images into AD and apply a simple drop shadow, the shadows display awful tearing on screen. Any ideas? I am using an AMD 5700G and its integrated Radeon graphics with the latest drivers.
  10. When creating simple drop shadows, they look pretty bad on my PC with bits of shadow left when moving a shadowed object from one part of the page to another. Same issue in both Designer and Photo. I have the latest versions of both installed on Win 11 and latest Radeon driver.
  11. THANK YOU! It worked like a charm. Will make a screenshot of your helpful reply in case I ever forget!
  12. I'd have thought it obvious! How can I mean the whole canvas! And how can it be the brown rectangale when i mentioned the BLACK image?
  13. This is what I mean. The image is a TIFF bitmap. I wish the white square to disappear leaving just the black image. I was told this some time ago but forgot how!!!
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