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  1. When I import images into AD and apply a simple drop shadow, the shadows display awful tearing on screen. Any ideas? I am using an AMD 5700G and its integrated Radeon graphics with the latest drivers.
  2. When creating simple drop shadows, they look pretty bad on my PC with bits of shadow left when moving a shadowed object from one part of the page to another. Same issue in both Designer and Photo. I have the latest versions of both installed on Win 11 and latest Radeon driver.
  3. THANK YOU! It worked like a charm. Will make a screenshot of your helpful reply in case I ever forget!
  4. I'd have thought it obvious! How can I mean the whole canvas! And how can it be the brown rectangale when i mentioned the BLACK image?
  5. This is what I mean. The image is a TIFF bitmap. I wish the white square to disappear leaving just the black image. I was told this some time ago but forgot how!!!
  6. What's the correct method of removing the white square around a TIFF bitmap image within Affinity Designer or Publisher? Thanks in advance.
  7. Okay. Seems to be working now. Publisher is seeing and opening up Designer files. Re-saving them as Publisher ones. Thanks for the help.
  8. I think I know what the problem may be. Although saving in Publisher, the files have the afdesign extension rather then afpub. Hence the reason Publisher is not seeing them. Will have to rename the files.
  9. No idea if this proves anything. However, as you can see there is only one file which I saved yesterday. There should be sevral others. The drive is working fine and these files can be accessed in Windows Explorer on their own. They become invisible from within Affinity Publisher.
  10. Creating files in Publisher and can save as per usual. When using "save as" command, I cannot see my previous files as icons. Thus it becomes difficult to see what I am replacing. Just tried this in Designer with no issues. Any ideas?
  11. Selecting and recolouring individual elements works fine. And then after a while, AD locks up. Seamless-21.eps
  12. AD hanging when selecting a relatively simple graphic. The program hangs without the ability to select any other tool or menu option. No issues with ver. 1.84. Has only happened since upgrading to 1.85.
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