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    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Downloaded! The personas are spookily good. Will take a bit of getting used to this new mindset. I often pondered whether it was ever possible for one related program to be able to share functionality with another by importing icons or simply ''tearing'' them from one prog to another. Affinity makes this pretty much a reality. Good work lads and lasses!
  2. Thanks for this. Serif refunded me £5! What great customer service.
  3. I missed the 30% off email! I pre-ordered at 20%!! Is it possible to get a quick refund and repurchase at the 30% off price?
  4. Okay, no problem. Still good enough to know what you meant, which is all that matters!
  5. Yay! This worked! It is actually called 'Erase white paper' in Aff Photo. Thanx!
  6. As the title suggests, I have various images which when imported into Affinity Designer retain thier white background. I was told of a way to do this within these forums but I forgot the toll used!!! Any chance of a reminder?
  7. Dunno if this is the best location to post this. However, Corel has just released CorelDraw 2019. I take an interest as a former CD user, now using Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher (beta). What is interesting is that Corel has released CD 2019 as an app. And for the first time since CD 11, a Mac version. Yes, Corel probably had the app and Mac versions under development for some time. But it does seem very timely given how successful Serif is being with its desktop Windows and Mac versions of Affinity and the iOS versions as well. Whilst Adobe is the main target for Affinity and should be most worried, others such as Corel should be considered as well.
  8. Having trouble clipping an image inside an irregular vector shape. I am following the instructions from Affinity Designer's help namely dragging the object in the Layers panel to be clipped on top of the object which is to perform the clipping. No joy I'm afraid as attempting to do this results in the image 'disappearing'.Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  9. I very much doubt Affinity products to include bundled fonts. There is the issue of the cost of licencing to Serif for a start. And then the fact there are some very fine fonts available from a reasonable to low cost and in many cases FREE. You can build up a decent font library with high quality free and low-cost fonts. CorelDraw has been mentioned as an example. Be aware that CD which used to come with 1,000 fonts and 10,000 clipart imaged directly on the DVD/download, from X8 onwards forces users to download these assets as they are no longer included in the bundle.
  10. Thanks. Can see them now in pixel persona.
  11. I have created brush strokes from some EPS grunge patterns by clicking on them. Affinity Designer displays a message saying they have been added to the brushed library. How do I import them?
  12. In addition to a new splash screen, I noticed the Affinity Designer and Photo Persona icons have changed and become 'flatter' and a bit more abstract. I expect the main icons for these apps will change soon.
  13. iMatt

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.6.5

    Remember when Adobe Indesign 1.0 came out? It had certain features which its main rival QuarkXpress 4.0 lacked and vice versa. A couple of important features InD lacked were the ability to place type on a path and the creation of tables. These were rectified in the 1.5 update a year later. I feel the Affinity range is in this stage right now. Remember, Adobe (probably) spends more on advertising and promotion than Serif does overall. No doubt Serif's game plan is to get all the apps up to the same 1.7 level and take on new features from there.
  14. As a subscriber to Print Week, guess what I saw within its pages! An article on Serif and how they're taking on Adobe with their Affinity range. What is very interesting is the talk of an Affinity asset manager to manage Serif files and that Affinity Publisher should be on sale proper early next year. https://www.printweek.com/print-week/feature/1166103/britain-would-be-poorer-sans-serif (Sorry if this is the wrong forum to announce this)