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  1. LOOKING GOOD! The page arrangement from what I could see looks reminiscent of InDesign. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. seems a very much drag and drop application. I do hope the graphics capabilities such as vector drawing are there also.The text wrap looks very slick as does the drop cap tool.
  2. As an Affinity Designer owner I also use CorelDraw X8 as it has some very powerful capabilities esp. regarding its page layout text handling overall. I am awaiting Affinity Publisher as I wish to see if I can make the jump from Corel to Serif/Affinity (although I may keep CD around). One of the things that makes me warm to the Affinity range is that in following Adobe and MS, Corel is edging closer to the subscription route. Although I don't think Corel are quite big enough to go subs only. I notice that on the Affinity web site, it mentions Affinity Publisher will appear in 2018. Whilst I don't expect a definite date, it would be helpful to know if it will be Q1, Q2, Q3 or Q4. After all, Dec 31 2018 would still qualify!
  3. Much talk of Affinity Designer taking on Adobe Illustrator. Bit what of CorelDraw? I use CD but looking at the Affinity range as a viable alternative. One thing I love about CorelDraw is the powerclip feature where a photo for example can be place inside a container. Does AD have this feature? Will I have to wait for an upgrade or Affinity Publisher.