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  1. Selecting and recolouring individual elements works fine. And then after a while, AD locks up. Seamless-21.eps
  2. AD hanging when selecting a relatively simple graphic. The program hangs without the ability to select any other tool or menu option. No issues with ver. 1.84. Has only happened since upgrading to 1.85.
  3. A design studio/print shop/ad agency will almost certainly want you to dive into Adobe progs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, etc. right away. There will be no leaning curve or training! The questions you need to answer therefore are have you used Adobe progs before? If so, how long ago? If somewhat rusty, you may well be able to get back up to speed. However, you'll be almost certainly competing with someone who knows these progs like the back of his or her hand! As Walt says, you can lie or and attempt to 'wing it' as it were. But you may well get found out. The biggest issue you'll find if you've never use Adobe titles or have used them some time ago is that the workflow will be different to Affinity in key areas. Any employer will want you to work the Adobe way rather than the Affinity (or Corel or Xara) way. And yes, I did use Adobe CS and CorelDraw prior to Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher.
  4. How do I get custom brushes created in Designer to display in the brushes palette?
  5. In the absence of 'Affinity Web', could I suggest you use WYSIWYG Web Builder? It works like a basic DTP program with regards placement and moving of elements. If you've used InDesign, QuarkXpress and indeed Affinity Publisher, it'll come pretty easy. WYSIWYG Web Builder works very well with the entire Affinity range.
  6. What is the best way to make the white area around around a bitmap image transparent within Designer and/or Publisher?
  7. Well done Serif! Having used Adobe CS - CS4 and CorelDraw 7 - X8 with PageMaker in between, very happy to be firmly in the Affinity camp.
  8. Well done! I have gone from Aldus to Corel to Adobe, back to Corel and now Affinity. No regrets whatsoever.
  9. What is the best way to skew a shape in Affinity Designer?
  10. Downloaded! The personas are spookily good. Will take a bit of getting used to this new mindset. I often pondered whether it was ever possible for one related program to be able to share functionality with another by importing icons or simply ''tearing'' them from one prog to another. Affinity makes this pretty much a reality. Good work lads and lasses!
  11. Thanks for this. Serif refunded me £5! What great customer service.
  12. I missed the 30% off email! I pre-ordered at 20%!! Is it possible to get a quick refund and repurchase at the 30% off price?
  13. Okay, no problem. Still good enough to know what you meant, which is all that matters!
  14. Yay! This worked! It is actually called 'Erase white paper' in Aff Photo. Thanx!
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