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  1. One of the things I remember about using Acrobat was the ability to restrict printing, saving and exporting. This helped me on a couple of occasions when I wanted to stop someone saving a sensitive document. I wanted them to view only. CorelDraw has this feature built into its PDF export options too. Unless I am missing something, Affinity Designer (and Publisher) lacks such security features. Any chance of including them at some point?
  2. Will Affinity Designer have the ability to create patterns a la CorelDraw and Illustrator? Will this also include the ability to import and read Illustrator patterns?
  3. I have a lot of files created in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I brought them over to CorelDraw. Illustrator AI files being pretty effortless, the InDesign files were saved as PDF's. The corelDraw files I created were also saved as PDF's as well as native CDR files. Now converting them to Affinity Designer files as Designer makesa very good job in converting PDF's. Will also use Affinity Publisher in due course. So perhaps the moral is to save as a universal PDF allowing forward transition.
  4. Okay, thanks. Must've missed it. Where is this thread by the way?
  5. ...that not everyone is over the moon with Affinity Publisher. This chap on YT is critical of Aff Pub's inability to create shape containers and finds it inferior to Adobe InDesign. Any thoughts?
  6. I wonder if it's because I opened up a Designer file in Publisher and Windows has assigned Designer file types to Publisher?
  7. I can still see the thumbnail. So no problem there. It's the fact that the thumbnails of projects created in Designer have the Publisher icon attached to the bottom right-hand corner rather than the Designer one.
  8. Just noticed files created in Affinity Designer now have the Publisher icon attached to them. Does not harm functionality as they still open in Designer.
  9. My experience with Affinity Publisher has been positive so far. In essence, it appears to be Affinity Designer with a far more robust text capability and multiple pages. A little simplistic, I know. But as Adobe incorporated Illustrator's graphics engine into InDesign, so Serif have done the same with Designer and Publisher. And I think they've probably done a better job given my experiences with Adobe CS in the past.
  10. As some suspected, Aff Pub does indeed have vector and photo personas which seem to link to Aff Des and Aff Photo. However, I get the message ''A compatible version of Affinity Designer/Photo is required''. Perhaps this means Des and Photo need updating to the same 1.7 version as Pub.
  11. iMatt

    Greeting card website

    Well, I am already using Affinity Designer if that's what you mean. It's helped by the fact that AD opens PDF files brilliantly. Thank goodness I save in PDF as well as native file formats.
  12. iMatt

    Greeting card website

    Just a quick share of http://www.poetrycards.me.uk The buttons originally created in CorelDraw have now been redone in Affinity Designer and Photo. As was the logo. The actual cards are also being redesigned in Affinity Designer. Awaiting Affinity Publisher to complete the rest.
  13. Thanks a LOT for this!!! It works brilliantly! My problem is I am still a bit too used to the way CorelDraw does things. Or rather DID as I am now using Affinity Designer, Photo and soon Publisher full time.