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  1. Glad you liked it but I didn’t like it so I tidied it up a bit, basically the same though.
  2. Thanks. It was a bit of a rush, I did make the background less awful a time back but didn’t update the post.
  3. I usually start of with a search engine, I use startpage.com, and go for the highest resolution I can find. Perhaps start with 40mp and go down if I can’t find anything, but not too low res. There may be paid for sites with higher res photos but I’ve not noticed any. I don’t do anything modern but if you do then it’s likely to be easier finding hi-res photos than if it’s vintage. However sometimes high res have just been enlarged so when you look carefully it’s quite blocky and noisy, which you don’t really want if you can help it. Finding a decent reference, whilst not always easy, is easy compared to actually doing it but that’s what practice is for and obviously depends on the style you want to go for. Always look at a reference and try and spot things that are going to be problematic, presuming you’re going for photorealism. Sometimes when you think about it you realise it’s just going to be too much work (although sometimes it ends up being anyway!) Yes, I only do vector although some do mix vector and raster but to me you either do one or the other. That is the advantage of vector, you can increase the size without it going blocky/ blurry but the more detail you put in the better it will look if you increase it by a lot especially looking close up. I usually work at A1 which is likely larger than you’d print it anyway.
  4. You might be better off showing an image too, not everyone wants to download files.
  5. Ah OK, I'll let them off Why you'd choose that yourself I'm not sure. I guess it's easier to remember.
  6. Thanks it was a typo. What parent is so lazy they give the poor kid the same christian name as the surname!
  7. A fairly quick one. The best reference was still rather blurry but I quite like the outcome.
  8. Thanks. I don't usually post my doodles on my web site, I always post here and sometimes on reddit in the AD section. Even less often I'll post on behance or dribble as no one on those seems to like anything I do so there's little point!
  9. I don't normally keep track but think it was roughly 3 weeks. Which when you look at the outlines I often wonder why it took so long.
  10. Funny thing is I'm generally not a patient person (especially with stupid people!) but for certain things I can be.
  11. There's a Rolleicord in the family but no-one has used it for ages. Have been thinking about using it recently but not got around to it yet.
  12. Thanks although I’ve realised that this sort of stuff isn’t generally appreciated (on here is perhaps the exception). There’s more reaction to simple stuff that takes a few hours than things that have taken ages! But you don’t necessarily do it for others.
  13. I fancied drawing a camera and decided on this one. The lens reflections were a bit boring on the reference so I used ones from a different photo where I didn't like the camera body. But between the two it looks OK.
  14. Once you start going for a nice frame, acid free mount etc and posh glass framing runs in to the hundreds of pounds for poster size. Then there’s multiple mounts, fancy frames… that add even more. Depends what you’re framing, for example you don’t want a limited edition poster fading quickly from uv or being ruined by the card acids. But it does also depend on your pocket. Of course if you do enough and you’re handy then you can save money by doing it yourself. like most things the initial outlay isn’t worth it for one or two though.
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