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  1. I fancied a fun little project that's only partly graphics related, so you might not be interested but I'm posting it anyway, feel free to ignore it! Someone can always delete it if it's not appropriate. I often use a vector app when I'm doing these little projects to mark up the basic layout. Not so much in this case as the stones and gems are fixed size but it usually makes it easy to resize, rotate etc the objects, the usual vector advantages. They're nothing fancy, not even super accurate depictions, but they give a good idea of what it's going to look like (or you hope it will look like). This one will be a custom backspace keycap, or black space key, using some of the bits I hoarded for a project that I didn't end up doing. I've got mother of pearl for the moon, diamonds and gold for the stars, amber, lapiz lazuli, tiger eye, opal and turquoise for the planets and pearl and gold wire for the comet. It's going to ue a sanded down donor keycap as the basis and polymer clay as the background. I've spent a fun afternoon with a jewellers saw and files creating the moon, bit fiddly. I've never tried using stones and gems with polyclay so it might be a disaster but even if it is it's fun trying. Either way I'll update when I'm done. Anyway this is the design and mockup.
  2. Looks like a broken link, might just be my end though.
  3. Add to me to that. Adding objects to a locked layer isn't too bad just annoying but a couple of times I've accidently recloured locked groups. Fortunately it was bits I had working on a few days previously so I've been able to replace them from backups. But if it had been in the current work session and no backup so it/me lost me a chunk of work then it would be going in the bin never to be seen again. I don't think I've used another app where locked isn't totally locked.
  4. Thanks. Trying to finish my next one but it's a lot more work. Will get there though.
  5. They've said "The Linux share being reported is not correct. We are aware of the issue and are currently looking into it."
  6. They look good but perhaps tone down the HDR? Not many use it that strong these days, when it first came out everyone would though. So for example the last one has turned in to a bit of a blur because of that. I've no problem with grainy black and white and I think that one would have looked worse in colour, the only thing might be the cropping. I don't know what they are but those two things behind the telegraph pole are a bit distracting especially the top one. I'm not sure if the motion shots in general are meant to be blurry or you need to practice panning more, perhaps you're stopping panning as you press the shutter? You carry on panning as you do that if you want them sharp. The couple near the bottom perhaps would have been better concentrating on one car. For example the red of the car behind the mg draws your eye to that, perhaps if you'd taken it a bit further to the left (and a bit lower) you could have got rid of it.
  7. That was funny, you're a funny man. Combine apps to make them less bloated, genius.
  8. Thanks. I didn't know who had taken the original photo, I found it elsewhere. The floor and wall are a bit different on the one I used, someone might have masked the car and swapped it.
  9. OK my mistake, it just looks wrong.
  10. I like the first one. Second one's pretty good too apart from the wonky brake levers. The shading on these is how you should do the car, not splodges.
  11. Looks pretty good but there's some random and heavy shading going on. It's specially on the body, sort of spoils it a bit. As a nitpick the 3 pinpoint highlights don't really do anything. If you're going to do that then make the chrome parts properly chrome too and don't just copy highlights. Oh and why aren't the bonnet badges in the middle?
  12. Thanks. Glad people like it. I'm doing another that's a lot more complicated, pushing both me and the software. Depending how it turns out I might post it.
  13. There's always something you can improve and I might see things when I go back to it later but I'm happy with it at the moment. I'm thinking of starting on a much more fiddly one, never done an engine, but not decided yet.
  14. Not done many cars, only a few recently, but I'm slowly improving.
  15. Thanks, quite pleased how it turned out. In case anyone's interested, the split view but with the vector textures hidden as they make it look a mess.