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  1. I guessed that was what you were going for, where it looks like it stutters so the propellor is clear. I did have a quick look but couldn't find any pics, they either look like they're not spinning or the normal blurred.
  2. It look fine apart the propellor, perhaps I'm wrong but I've not seen them look like that, usually it's just a blur. The shadow on the ground probably needs a bit more blur added, bit too defined for how far away it is. As it is it's close to the shadow of the one one the ground.
  3. The big sur icons are vile, hopefully they will be tweaked (a lot) before release. Jumping on to a short lived fad isn't a great idea. Neumorphism looks good in a tiny number of cases, icons isn't one of them.
  4. I don't think the lighting is too bad except where you've duplicated things and not switched the gradients over for example the hinges and the bumper over riders. Although a bit more shading wouldn't hurt in places like on the roof. I was impressed by the interior looking at the thumbnail then found out it was a photo That sort of spoils it as you've greenery there, just draw it, it's not too difficult.
  5. Haha, no as in started drawing it. That was restored a number of years back, 2012.
  6. I'm usually too lazy to click through to links too! How to improve, practice and practice more. If you want to do people there are lots of tutorials and guides out there on all sort of styles from comic to more realistic, more than probably anything other subject. So look around at what style takes your fancy. Practice doesn't even mean drawing the whole thing, practice eyes, mouths....
  7. Not just the looks but the sound, can't beat it. I've just started on RR232 a MK IX, not sure how it will turn out though.
  8. Thanks. To be honest cars are one of the easier subjects to make photorealistic unless you do something unusual like the engine on the Jaguar which took far, far longer than the body. But I still enjoy doing them as long as the subject is worthwhile (so nothing too modern for me). I just stumbled upon this, not all hi-res but quite a few are big enough and others are just interesting. 2000 photos. https://revsinstitute.org/image-sitemap-1.xml
  9. It's not often you see her with a beard, must have caught her on a off day
  10. Another way I noticed that I accidentally delete stuff (possibly the main way) is managing to bring up the layers context menu when toggling visibility of layers (checkbox) using the trackpad by touching with 2 fingers by accident (with macbook touch to click option enabled it does happen, very sensitive). It's not normally a big deal in apps however Cut is the first option and can end up being selected.
  11. It happens from time to time where I accidentally delete a group (sometimes the whole thing but that's easy to spot!), it can be from pressing delete once too many times to delete a path but the reason doesn't really matter, it happens. So far I've either noticed and done undo's (which can still mean you've lost things) or copied it back from a backup. It happened just now, I was just about to quit noticed I'd managed to delete a group, which was fortunate as it is new so no backup. It's the sort of thing that if I did loose a big chunk of work because of it I'd be very tempted to bin it. So locking needs to actually lock, nothing can be done to it at all unless you unlock. Basically like any other app I can think of. I don't care if that's the new default behavior or it's an option.
  12. Nice first vector illustration. Good to see you haven't gone gaussian blur mad like some do.
  13. Thanks. They never look as good as they do at full resolution, this is about 7.5k pixels square reduced to about 2k for here. A tiny part at full res.
  14. I wanted something more than a standard product shot which practically everyone seems to do. They are great for their intended purpose but I don’t find them an interesting subject and they are just too easy. So this was from my folder of things I might want to do sometime. Subjects that on the face of it seem fairly simple aren’t necessarily less work, this took at least 4 times as long as the Porsche. Back to the complicated/slow ones now.
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