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  1. Thanks Mark. I didn't really know how I wanted to do it exactly other than I didn't want to use blurs and so just did it. I thought it turned out OK. Might revisit it later as I have a few ideas to try.
  2. My idea of flat, no blurs so tried to blend things in a bit by using shapes and blend modes.
  3. I thought I'd try and do something with Inkscape now v1.3 is out. Cars are "easy" if long winded so I though that would be a good project to try it out on. Even installed Linux to give it the best chance but it's just too slow, clunky (like the coders don't actually use it, but they're doing it for free so not complaining too much) and a bit buggy. So I gave up after a couple of days and opened it in AD v2 then copied it in to AD v1 (as v1 wouldn't open it) and did it in there instead. Windows AD was grinding to a halt near the end, should just use my Mac.
  4. Couldn't decide what to do next so did this. People on FB said about the Christine movie that featured a '58 Fury, not watched it but it's now on my list.
  5. It was the last manned lighthouse before they all became automated.
  6. The Art Deco entrance to the Lowell Pool in Boise Idaho. Designed in 1953 by Wesley Bintz.
  7. Thanks but no thanks. I'm fine with a bit of fun, who isn't? But that's more of a pain than fun as you can't easily see which one to pick. I don't care if it's just the odd day I don't need slowing down any more than I usually am (I've got literally thousands of objects to do with styles this time). Do it more like the shapes panel and make it a user decision.
  8. I don't want some random brick wall someone else has done though.
  9. I know but that's not vector and still wouldn't look exactly the same.
  10. I've done as much as I'm going to. I was going to try and do the brickwork as close to real as possible but it was going to be a ton of work, bad condition bricks plastered over in places too, so I chickened out and simplified it. Think it still looks OK'ish.
  11. Thank-you. I did add the text last night. On to the complicated/more fiddly parts now.
  12. Weekend update. Finished the book covers and the door windows insides/reflections. Have some text to do on the window stickers sometime. Working on the first floor window reflections then on to the brickwork.
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