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  1. VectorVonDoom

    3D Mandala Doodle (AD)

    Thanks. I also saw that for some reason there are people who seem to think they "invented" the style recently and are calling them Zentangles, and the way they describe it you'd think they'd discovered a cure for cancer or something. Mainly it seems to sell overpriced zentangle branded goods. Anyway this sort stuff is good for when you want to do some vector work but can't be bothered to something proper. Although, as is often the case, it would probably be quicker to do it on paper.
  2. VectorVonDoom

    3D Mandala Doodle (AD)

    I didn't at the time but did search later and found it to be Baz Furnell and his instagram account is https://www.instagram.com/bazfurnell
  3. VectorVonDoom

    3D Mandala Doodle (AD)

    I was searching for something unrelated and came across some 3d mandalas which looked fun, different from the usual flat coloured ones. The person had used pens so I added quite a bit of grain to make it looks more pencil like. I didn't plan it out (should have done) but it's a nice little project for an evening or so.
  4. VectorVonDoom

    1987 Cinelli Laser Rivoluzione Pista (AD)

    Yeah, editing on the fly without re-reading!
  5. VectorVonDoom

    1987 Cinelli Laser Rivoluzione Pista (AD)

    I doubt track bikes are known for their comfort. The lack of seat tube allows the wheel to come a lot further forward, so it's just a different way of doing it compared to the curved seat tubes. It used Columus MS (multi shape) tubing designed by Gilco. They did do a road version too but it's hard to know if it would have been any more comfy without seeing it built up https://twitter.com/Asahi_Chang/status/572748169412386817/photo/1
  6. VectorVonDoom

    Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)

    I'm not sure anyone would want them but perhaps.
  7. VectorVonDoom

    1987 Cinelli Laser Rivoluzione Pista (AD)

    It did take quite a while. Each perforation is 2 objects, then the highlights and shadows on top. The Cinelli cork ribbon bar tape was as bad. I think that with something fairly simple like this you have to put even more effort in to things as anything slightly wrong is obvious. Whereas something complicated can often hide imperfections more.
  8. If you know your bikes then this isn’t the first one that comes to mind when you think of the iconic Cinelli Laser but this is a much rarer Laser although there are more types than you perhaps think including a track tandem. I heard that only 5 were made and only 2 are known to have survived. One is in private hands and I’m guessing the other will be in the Cinelli museum. It seems that there is only one photo of this bike on the net. Although the largest version of it is a decent size it’s of poor quality as it’s a scan of a small’ish photo in an old Cinelli brochure. All in all this is made up from about a dozen different reference photos of the components mainly taken at different angles. At first glance it looks quite simple but was actually a decent sized project and took far longer than I expected. It’s A0 I size. Ignore any interference on the wheels it only shows in the uploaded version.
  9. VectorVonDoom

    Affinity DesignPad

    No I meant more about the left hand side and the middle. It's a bit dark it could perhaps do with some highlights too. Perhaps even a bit more on the tool buttons.
  10. That one looks better. I liked your properly skeuomorphic designs, hope that style comes back soon (I'm no where near the only one who does). But this is sort of in between so it's not boring flat. Hadn't noticed your DeviantArt account before.
  11. Looks good but the way you've done the shading on the keys makes them look curved. Not sure but less drop shadow and bring the highlight down as it's too close to the dark part? Always like seeing your stuff, you should post more.
  12. VectorVonDoom

    1974 Ducati 750 SS (AD)

    I you like that sort of style look at the Jaguar, Ferrari and Golf. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46909-1965-ferrari-dino-berlinetta-speciale-ad/&tab=comments#comment-234716 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/54917-jaguar-e-type-lightweight-ad/&tab=comments#comment-278767 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/45896-the-image-i’m-submitting-for-16-promo-vw-golf-gti-16-ad/&tab=comments#comment-229455 In a way the Golf's my favourite. It's the first one I did and wasn't really going for realistic it just happened. That's one's different as the car doesn't use any blurs. I've tidied up the background since. I wasn't going to do the Ferrari but did a nice radial gradient for the wheel and thought why not.
  13. VectorVonDoom

    1974 Ducati 750 SS (AD)

    There are a many different styles, aiming for photorealistic is just one, and they're all good as long as you enjoy creating them. There's no best one for everyone. But yes I do want to be better than that. I've been having a think about what I really want to do and it's better quality rather than more quantity. More just takes longer but isn't any more difficult.
  14. VectorVonDoom

    1974 Ducati 750 SS (AD)

    Thanks. I think I'm OK but you can always improve and I'm trying some new things to get better at it.
  15. VectorVonDoom

    It's the little things

    Most call It photo realistic/realism. I've read two differing things regarding hyper realism. One was that it depends on the country and language, some call it one thing others the other but it's the same. The other thing I read was that the hyper realistic artists add detail above and beyond what a camera can capture. That's a bit vague. If they mean add bits that aren't really there to improve it, say a nicer reflection or combine more than one image, then fine. If they mean simply more detail than a photo then that's obviously nonsense. Remember the arty farty type can talk forever about a canvas painted a single colour so I tend to ignore them. It is what it is.