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  1. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    Just some more messing around.
  2. VectorVonDoom

    VW/Golf Robert Indiana Style (AD)

    Just messing around. If you look it up people say to use the Clarendon Black font for the Love style. But it isn't really that close to what he used so I altered it a fair amount, it's not exactly the same but closer.
  3. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    Not seen those before,. Had to do a quick google and looks like they still make them. I do quite like the idea of trying to doing the whole alphabet, a bit fancier and more refined. But soon won't have time for play for quite a while, will be too busy with AI work, so will have to see.
  4. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    I did try stippling instead of the purple section but it wasn't an improvement. I'll have a play with another V when I get the time.
  5. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    Thanks, it's fun trying new stuff but I do need to have a look around at other works including engravings and improve as it's a bit crude and doesn't flow well enough. I'm not sure how it would look, I assume that's stippling? I'll try tomorrow if I have the time, another thing I've not done before (but that's one of a very, very long list).
  6. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    I probably do too. It's not great but it's not something I've really tried before, will have to do some more practice.
  7. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    Thanks. You could do that now as SVG fonts are starting to be supported, so you can can have colour, gradients etc. Would be quite fun but would need some planning to give them a consistent look. A quick go at colouring it.
  8. VectorVonDoom

    Letter V is for Vector (AD)

    Or most things starting with V! Bit of a doodle, I was going to have it as a solid pattern but liked the look of sort of capping the top and bottom and leaving some background.
  9. VectorVonDoom

    Quilling, Letter A (AD)

    It didn't take long I was doing it while listening to/watching DS9. I could have spent more time on it and add more detail and made a bit more 3d but it was really to see what it would look like. It's not complicated, or I wouldn't be doing it lol, It's only filling in a letter shape, I split it in to the outline and background and put the spirals and stuff in between. I was thinking about doing some stylised, arty letters but not sure yet.
  10. VectorVonDoom

    Quilling, Letter A (AD)

    I wasn't in the mood to do any proper work this evening so was messing around and tried emulating quilling in AD with the letter A. As it was trying to copy hand curled paper it also meant I didn't have to get the curves or spirals perfect.
  11. Another good video Isabel.
  12. I'm currently working on a VW Samba in AD (as usual). I started with the background this time for a change although I'll probably alter the hills and might add another cloud or two, not sure. Still have a way to go yet. 

    VW 21 Window Samba  Split Screen Campervan.jpg

  13. It's all down to what you can do with it, nothing to do with which you're more comfortable with, it's not different enough to make a difference to comfort. One person's complex project AD might cope with whereas another person's it might not. If it copes with all your pro work then that's good (I didn't say that no one can do pro work in it), nice app and cheap, but you're not everyone. Think we're going around in circles, so will stop there.
  14. It depends what I'm doing. Sometimes basic things like select same.... or transforms or offset path (don't think there's a workaround for negative offsets only positive), that I think should be in any vector app, all the way up to things like scripting. If I'm doing styles then only being able to have one fx per type can often be limiting plus AD has fewer fx's. A recent one was wanting to roughen the edges of objects, easy in AI, you have to do it by hand in AD. Then there's things when I'm creating icons that I don't think you can do in AD, like snap to pixel after you have, for example, resized (only snaps as you're drawing) plus the artboards/export works better for me in AI for icons too. It's a long list but it just depends what I'm doing, sometimes I'm not missing anything at all or probably wouldn't be using it. It's a bit sad how AD's progressing so slowly but they've decided on multiple apps and platforms which you can understand. So as it stands I mainly do stuff for fun in AD which is fine but AI isn't going anywhere.