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  1. Yes, much easier although I still find myself going for the colour picker sometimes. Under Windows I can map a mouse button to Alt-Click using X-Mouse Button Control, I don't think I can do that on the Mac. I might have been able to do it with BettertouchTools but it no longer supports the additional Logitech buttons.
  2. As it stands you have to drag the eye dropper from the colour palette, pick the colour and then go back up and apply it for each gradient stop which is a bit long winded. I was wondering if that could be streamlined. Perhaps change the functionality of the colour picker tool (I) so that if a gradient stop is selected then it sets that gradient stop to the picked colour rather than the whole object as it does now? That way you could even set a mouse key to I and speed it up further.
  3. I just tried it now and it looks fine, couldn't wait 😆, thank you for the work Matt.
  4. It's only my opinion so doesn't mean anything but it just doesn't work. The message is a bit obvious, not really clever or humorous. So I basically ignored the text and looked at it as a dialog box and it's a great example of how not to do one. I think if you'd thought about it a bit more then it might have worked. Perhaps it me just being too picky so don't take too much notice 😀
  5. Deliberately wrong, OK.... The thing that was immediately obvious was the warning sign being wrong as you've done the dialog in Win10 style, it's not exactly a complicated drawing so perhaps a tiny bit of attention to detail. The people who might like it are going to be techie and especially with the buttons, some are going to wonder why you've done it when you don't know what a dialog box looks like and sort of ruins it. Just my opinion.
  6. Your buttons are back to front, it's always the affirmative action first, yes/no, run/don't run...
  7. Thank you. I was going to put in the beta section but wasn't sure it had been added.
  8. Was it in yesterday's release? If it was it forgets where it was if you use the pen tool and create an open path (just click 2 points) and then press delete. Then no layer is selected so the next one goes up the top or down the bottom. I end doing that quite a lot if I'm using my macbook , the "new" trackpad's are a bit of a pain compared to the old ones, you have to properly lift your finger or it ends up registering a click (not AD specific).
  9. I think for me if I do photorealistic I have to either do it properly or not at all. If you instantly know it's a drawing then it's not photorealistic and saying it is when it isn't doesn't change that, it's there in the name. The longer it takes for people to decide the better you have done. Which is why it normally takes a silly number of hours even for something that seems really simple like the box. Breaking it down does take a lot longer than you'd imagine. Of course it could just be that I'm slow.
  10. Thank you. I'm not sure about AP but AD has the "edit all layers" toggle at the bottom of the layers palette which helps in some respects but not all.
  11. Thanks Matt. That's something to look forward to, I'll be having a play. I had stayed on 1.7 for now but installed the latest Mojave update this evening and it doesn't open (a certificate exception) so will move on to 1.8 especially with that change.
  12. I was one pixel off in each direction for the computer, should have measured at actual size.
  13. I never had one of the old macs, I did think about buying one a while back but then thought what would I do with it! I installed a couple of emulators on my macbook today, they will do. I've been having more of a think and know how I'm going to try and do them, I'll try again tomorrow. The last one needs a little tidy up in one place too, it was late I should have double checked or left it until the morning.
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