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  1. Ros

    Mk1 Golf GTI, v2 Progress (AD)

    You are insanely good. I like the fact that, despite the result being so amazingly real, you manage to keep the amount of layers to a reasonable number. If I tried to achieve something remotely similar, I would probably generate tons of collateral crap in the process.
  2. Ros

    Still Bored

    Please get bored more often. This is good stuff. Just a couple of things: - Maybe the reflexion is too sharp and opaque. - I think the shadow needs multiplying.
  3. Ros

    Blacknut Application

    Clean and straight to the point. Dig it.
  4. Ros

    Train logo design

    I'm still Team Version #1.
  5. Ros

    Love The 90s • 2018 Tour

    So... We kicked off the tour last weekend and it went pretty well. That's 16.000 people enjoying at once a show designed (mostly) with Affinity, so I just want to share a few pics with you guys. Have a good day!
  6. Ros

    Train logo design

    On the one hand, I think cute smiley faces improve * e v e r y t h i n g * On the other, I think the original is already cute and nice enough, so maybe it loses a bit of subtleness.
  7. Ros

    Train logo design

    Clever, indeed. Also, clean and nice.
  8. Ros

    Concept illustration poster

    The first one really got my attention.
  9. Ros

    Silent Ocean - Campaign (2018)

    Clean, sharp and keeping it coherent across a wide variety of premises. Great work, @shizumiaoki
  10. Ros

    Desert Fox

    I have a fixation with symmetrical designs like this one. TIP: I find symbols super useful for this kind of stuff. I create one, flip it, and start adding shapes.
  11. Ros

    1966 Batmobile v2 (AD)

    I am speechless. Please, could you tell us more about the process? Thanks.
  12. Ros


    Kudos, amazing piece.
  13. Ros

    Rock it!

    A combination of vector brushes, textures and "real" pics. I think this sequence explains it better: During the time I was working on this I was trying Envato Elements 3D feature, which allows users to rotate a pre-rendered graphic and download it as a layered psd file. I don't use it anymore because it is ridiculously expensive but I certainly enjoyed playing with it to make that big hole: I hope all this is helpful.
  14. Ros

    Rock it!

    Thank you guys. I really appreciate It. I will be posting future updates.