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  1. Cecco himself, if I'm not mistaken
  2. As a Caravaggio aficionado, I'm stunned by your skills.
  3. Stunning piece!
  4. Yeah, it's a pretty obscure item. It's called a dub siren, because it's used predominantly in reggae and dub music. It's a cheap synthesizer, similar to those used in old toy guns to generate different type of laser-like noises. I don't have the DS-01 anymore (hence the isometric homage, I was saying good bye to it lol) because I got the new one, but is similar enough. So here's a short demo. Cheers! dub siren demo.MP4.00.mp4
  5. Thanks @avo, the idea was to keep it between realistic and yummy. I went for a warmer feel than the original machine has.
  6. This is a DS-01 unit, manufactured by a guy named Benidub.
  7. Hi everyone! I've been playing around with this brand which I work for since 2003 (yep, not a typo... I'm getting old). These 3 are different stages of the last iteration of the logo. We relaunched the brand late 2014, around the same time I switched to Designer. The (mildly) interesting thing is that they represent very well my daily dilemma working with Designer: Should we always go as far as the software allow us? What I mean is this: the 2015 version is, in my opinion, better as a logo than the most recent ones. What do I see in the 2018 version? That I had A LOT of fun with Designer that day. Have a great day!
  8. Not yet, I'm afraid. This is the only reason I have to open Photoshop sometimes.
  9. Clean, neat and outstanding. Congrats.
  10. Love the graph/chart. Subtle.
  11. Great style indeed. Tarot meets Where The Wild Things Are.
  12. Stunning skills, @VectorVonDoom. Do you experience any performance issues, like crashes or slow screen refresh/render?
  13. Work in progress... lights are kinda random right now.
  14. Hi guys, here is a logo for an euro-dance tour which begins in a couple of months in Spain. We created every single piece of artwork with Affinity Designer & Photo, from branding to stage decorations. Except for video, of course :-) More info:
  15. Thank you PixelPest. So disappointing. I didn't expect this kind of misleading trick from Serif.