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  1. Thank you so much for detailed answer @SrPx, it really helped me a lot Just ordered one for me, also bought AP since I think it also would be helpful for my photo edit works. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for the tips @SrPx How about Pen Tool? Is it good? Since I use Pen Tool a lot for my works... For tracing and stuff. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for the reply I'm planning to buy Wacom Intuos Draw (CTL-4100). Still planning to buy it, but try to make sure it's fully compatible first
  4. Hi, I'm planning to buy a Wacom Intuos tablet. Is it compatible with Affinity Designer? Cannot find the demo on Youtube or somewhere else, only with Adobe products. Thank you!
  5. Hi @dominik Thank you for your help. It's very disappointing they don't ship to Indonesia. I will take a look at another shop I guess Thank you!
  6. Hi, Sorry if I post in the wrong room. I really want to buy workbook, but when I try to fill the shipping details, I cannot see my country (Indonesia) on the list. Why tho? :-/ Is there anyway, somehow... I can buy this book? And shipped to Indonesia. Thank you
  7. Hi there, I just start using AD for a couple of weeks now. While I really love it, I think some basic features are still missing. Where is Line tool and background blur? Am I missing something? I know I can use a Pen tool to create a line, but it's not as intuitive as just ordinary line tool like adobe X D and sketch have. And about background blur, I have a difficult time when trying to create arcylic effect. In adobe X D, I can create it in just 2 clicks. Sorry if some other members already request this. I hope Affinity can consider this request in the future. Thank you.
  8. Yes, thank you. Actually, this is not "real" wording. Just like dummy. They will replace all wordings with their own Thanks!
  9. Hello there, I'm new here, so please bear with me. Been playing with AD for a couple of days (Awesome piece of software!), and here is my first professional work using it (I made this for my client). Hope you like it!