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  1. +1 on hyperlinks. Most of my work is for the web. Without hyperlinks it is not possible for me to work with Affinity Publisher. Adding links after export is not an option. Simply too much time wasted if you have a document with few links and will have few iterations of it. I use Designer and Photo on both Mac and iPad. I will be happy to buy Publisher too, but it must have hyperlinks. No other feature I miss more right now in Publisher.
  2. Hi, @Raf Tudela, this UI kit was a gift from Affinity team. They sent link to this (and brush pack) on December 2017 via their newsletter. I don't know if there is any other way to get it. I wish there is, because it would make it more easy tu use Affinity if you are interested in UI design for iOS. But this is a question to Affinity team
  3. OK, so I have just found a workaround. By default, iPhone X preset is 216 DPI. If I change it to be 144 DPI, assets fit the artboard. OK, it works But it is a little confusing, to be honest. Or maybe there was some information somewhere that this UI kit is designed for 144 dpi, but I did not find it?
  4. @R C-R constraints are one problem, but my original issue is about UI kit's size not match the size of artboard. And it is not only about this bar object. All objects are scaled wrong. So this UI kit for iPhone X is smaller than artboards for iPhone X. Or... maybe I am doing something wrong? Or is it a bug?
  5. Hi, @DWright From iOS kit's EULA: Affinity iOS11 UI Kit End User License Agreement Version 1.1: 18th Dec 2017 And about artboard - this is normal iPhone X template from AD: new file in Affinity Designer: File -> New -> Type: Devices, Page preset: iPhone X (Retina) -> OK Please check screenshots attached
  6. Hi, I have just downloaded iOS 11 UI kit from your Affinity mailing from few weeks ago. It is said it's made for iPhone X. I creat new file in Affinity Designer: File -> New -> Type: Devices, Page preset: iPhone X (Retina) -> OK This new file has an artboard of 375 pt in width. Now I try to add UI objects from the iOS 11 UI kit made especially for iPhone X and... those UI objects are 250 pt in width. When I try to scale them to fit the artboard 100% width, they don't scale correct, because they are grouped with some constraints. So... It is nice to have those presets and UI kits from you, but they don't work together. Or am I missing something? I would apreciate your help, thanks in advance
  7. It would be great for me too if I could select locked layer somehow. Please also give us the way to filter/search layers by their names. I am currently trying to replace Adobe Illustrator with Affinity Designer in my workflow and those 2 things would help a lot. AD has really nice vector editing skills. I like it more and more :)
  8. Hi. Any news about Stroke Width tool? This would be great improvement to Affinity Designer.
  9. Hi. Yes, I know. I change opacity with 0-9 too. But this only changes how much opacity you have on whole brush stroke. With opacity controlled with pressure, you can control opacity more. Start brush stroke with less opacity to make it lighter, end with more opacity. It gives you much more control. I tried changing flow with pressure in Affinity Photo, but it didn't give me good results.
  10. I really hope to see all the features ready soon, but there are few that still keep me from using Affinity Desginer for professional work. - Trim and Bleed control - it is a must for print - Exporting PDF documents with multiple pages - Pages and Artboards or at least one of those things - without this it is hard to design few pages in one document, so work takes muuuuuch more time than in Illustrator or Fireworks. And I use Artboards and/or Pages to keep some objects for later use, as a sketchbook, in your app it is now impossible without using few files - Symbols - for bigger projects it would take too much time to work without this feature - Global colours - on your list - it will work just as global swatches in Illustrator? This function saves a lot of time. You only change one swatch color and all the elements that use this swatch change color. Even when making business cards it saves some time of work. For bigger projects I can't imagine working without this option. Things like customisable keyboard shortcuts are nice, but not crucial. I can work without it. So please start with adding things that really save time at work. I hope you will add most of those feauters soon and I could switch from Illustrator to Affinity Designer. I wish you all the best!
  11. Instead of adding new topic, I will add something here... I've bought Affinity Photo for digital painting, but unfortunately I had to opt for refund. This is not ready for painting yet. Mainly because of 1 thing: no opacity control with tablet's pressure. There is a button to control size of brush with tablet's pressure, but sadly no button for opacity control. I was suggested to use Flow Jitter with option set to Pressure, but this is far from Photoshop's opacity control. In Photoshop you can turn on one button and you have control to paint many different brush strokes with different opacity. With Affinity Photo's Flow Jitter control you have almost no control over Flow and completely no control over Opacity. When you will add this one single function, I will be happy to buy your app again, but now it is not mature enough for digital painting. I wish you all the best. I really hope that you will be strong competition for Adobe. Good luck!