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  1. Hi, MEB. Just tried. Same issue. Different user account. Different laptop. Nothing changed
  2. Hi, Sean. I have just uninstalled most apps on one of my laptops (the one from 2015). Deleted Figma, Tyme2. Uninstalled Wacom and Logitech drivers through uninstall scripts. Still have the problem. Even with a simple file with few geometry objects, when I right-click on Layers, some items are gone. Sometimes 1, sometimes half of 1, sometimes few as on the screenshot below. What else can I do, as right now I have mostly Apple apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote and all 3 Affinity apps on the laptop. Still having problem.
  3. Hi, Sean. I have just tested this issue on another MacBook: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), 16GB RAM, Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB. Same Designer version, same macOS version. Problem is there too. 2 different machines, same issue.
  4. And more thing... I didn't see this problem in similar right-click pop-ups. For example, right click on objects in Affinity apps looks normal. Right-click in a layer in Layer panel has the problem.
  5. Hi, Sean. No, not a one-off incident. It happens almost all the time. Just checked Affinity Photo and the problem is there too. Very often it's when the pop-up is too small and there is this triangle to scroll down. After scrolling, most items disappear and I need to move cursor over them to make them appear. Apps in the background: Logitech Options Deamon, Dropbox, Wacom Driver, FigmaAgent, Tyme2 app. Fonts: I don't have many, but yes, I have few extra fonts. Copied to Library/Fonts. No additional Font Management software. I am using your apps from the Mac App Store.
  6. Hi, Sean. I work on MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2019, Two Thunderbolt 3 ports), with 16 GB of RAM and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 1536 MB. macOS: latest Catalina (10.15.4) Do you need more information? I would be happy to help as I really like working with Designer, but this bug makes my work less productive.
  7. I have a problem when working with Affinity Designer. Menu items in Layers panel (after right click) are gone. This menu looks like this: After moving the cursor around, the items appear again: Whole situation happens again and again. It is very annoying I have tried to reset the app. Didn't help. I have also changed OpenGL to Metal. Didn't help either. What else can I do? Or is it a bug in Affinity Designer?
  8. I need this too. Please add deform live filters. This is essential for working with mockups
  9. I am missing this feature as well. Crucial for exporting images for the web.
  10. +1 on hyperlinks. Most of my work is for the web. Without hyperlinks it is not possible for me to work with Affinity Publisher. Adding links after export is not an option. Simply too much time wasted if you have a document with few links and will have few iterations of it. I use Designer and Photo on both Mac and iPad. I will be happy to buy Publisher too, but it must have hyperlinks. No other feature I miss more right now in Publisher.
  11. Hi, @Raf Tudela, this UI kit was a gift from Affinity team. They sent link to this (and brush pack) on December 2017 via their newsletter. I don't know if there is any other way to get it. I wish there is, because it would make it more easy tu use Affinity if you are interested in UI design for iOS. But this is a question to Affinity team
  12. OK, so I have just found a workaround. By default, iPhone X preset is 216 DPI. If I change it to be 144 DPI, assets fit the artboard. OK, it works But it is a little confusing, to be honest. Or maybe there was some information somewhere that this UI kit is designed for 144 dpi, but I did not find it?
  13. @R C-R constraints are one problem, but my original issue is about UI kit's size not match the size of artboard. And it is not only about this bar object. All objects are scaled wrong. So this UI kit for iPhone X is smaller than artboards for iPhone X. Or... maybe I am doing something wrong? Or is it a bug?
  14. Hi, @DWright From iOS kit's EULA: Affinity iOS11 UI Kit End User License Agreement Version 1.1: 18th Dec 2017 And about artboard - this is normal iPhone X template from AD: new file in Affinity Designer: File -> New -> Type: Devices, Page preset: iPhone X (Retina) -> OK Please check screenshots attached
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