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  1. +1. Either unlock all, and/or the option to right click a locked layer to unlock it.
  2. I'd really like to see this be made a higher priority with Affinity Designer. So much of my workflow in Sketch and Illustrator relies on the use of plugins to automate, organize and simplify tasks. Take a look at what Invision Craft and Astute Graphics are doing to add amazing functionality to these apps.
  3. The only hack I've found to snap to 45 or 90 degree angles is: Create a new anchor point on the shape, snapping it to the desired angle by holding shift. Select the new anchor point and drag it on top of the old anchor point that you want snapped to an angle. Move the new anchor point using shift + arrow keys to get it off the original (remember how far you moved it) Delete the original achor point. Move the new anchor point back to the location of the original anchor point. A bit ridiculous for such a simple task, but it's the only way I've been able to do it. Affinity Team: is this something that can be considered please, or at least acknowledge that it's been seen? Thanks!
  4. Hah, maybe so. There are definitely times when it is just easier to work with these angles instead of trying to guess, or get as close as possible. The behavior already exists when first creating nodes. I'd just like to see that behavior carried over to editing them later.
  5. Working with the pen tool, I've noticed that there is no way to snap the bezier handles to 45° and 90° angles once the node has been placed. Normally, this would be done by holding down the shift key while moving the bezier handle. In Affinity designer, this locks the handle to the angle it was last placed at. My suggestion would be to keep the current behavior, but add an alternate keyboard shortcut that will lock the bezier handles to 45° and 90° (and possibly other) angles. Could be CMD + DRAG, CMD + SHIFT + DRAG, etc.. Thanks!
  6. Sorry to bring up an old topic, but is there any way to snap node handles to 45 and 90 degree angles after they are created yet? This seems like such a basic and important feature of using the pen tool. This is done in most applications by holding shift while moving a bezier handle. In Affinity Designer, holding shift snaps the handle to the angle that it was originally at.
  7. Hey I understand how to set the original clone source, but once it's set, it would be nice to make 1px adjustments to the source location using keyboard shortcuts.
  8. Hi, When using the clone brush tool, I notice that I have options to set the rotation, scale, and opacity of the cloned area, but I can't find any way to adjust the location of the clone source once it's been set. I find it much more useful to adjust this location using the keyboard shortcuts, rather than the rotation and zoom. For reference, the way to do this in PS, is holding Option + Shift + arrow keys. It's extremely useful when the source of your clone has a repeating pattern. Is there a way to do this in Photo? Thanks
  9. Yeah, it's a decent workaround, but unfortunately only fits a single use case.
  10. +1 This would basically be a nicer version of the "Add Anchor Points" tool in Illustrator, which I use extremely frequently!
  11. Awesome, works perfectly MEB. Didn't realize you could skew shapes like that (I had been trying key combinations). Thanks!
  12. Thanks Ben! Having a hard time processing how this would work. Would you mind sharing a screenshot or screen recording of this process? Thanks. And very excited to see future isometric tools! Affinity is already by far my favorite tool to create isometric illustrations in.
  13. Thanks Yakk. This works for the top, but is there any way to do the sides the same way? Also, how do you use this method to get the circle to "fit" inside a rectangular grid, rather than extend beyond (see screenshot of example.. this was just eyeballed)?
  14. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has found out how to easily make isometric circles or ellipses in Affinity Designer? In Illustrator, I could draw an isometric side of a cube, and use Effects > Stylize > Round Corners and set the value to max. When using the Rounded Corners tool in Affinity, it doesn't seem to product the same results. Any ideas? Thanks!
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