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  1. I did, you stated IDML support should be desirable on which I agree. To be succesful though this propably isn't enough. I disagree on your focus on solely be able to deliver a good pdf. This will only be sufficient for individuals / freelancers who don't cooperate with others. For businesses it will be very important to easily adopt / transition to another worflow. Atm the ability to import AND export to an inter-exchangeable format is essential. Layout-software is relatively complex and targeted at a (more) professional market, therefor I think the needs of that market can'
  2. This is just plain silly. Affinity Publisher is doomed if it does not at least support a flawless import/export of .idml files. If you want to be a serious player in the graphic industry, you just can't ignore the biggest player in the market. There will be at least a long transistion time before Publisher will be picked up. Dig a bit deeper in the history of InDesign and you'll know why. At the time InDesign was introduced, QuarkXpress was the industry standard. Yes, Adobe was well known, but their former layout application(FrameWork) was mediocre at best. It took Adobe
  3. Sure. You'll have to set the thickness to 0% and the hideous arrow looks a lot more appealing. You can still use the stroke weight to set the thickness of the arrow.
  4. How do you make an arrow with a dashed line segment? I tried this, but the arrowhead also gets dashed, resulting in a big mess. Btw. quite a strange way to set up arrows. The options to style the arrow are quite good, but it's very non-intuitive.
  5. I was wondering if this feature is still coming and when. Today I received an e-mail about the latest 1.6 update and I was hoping this was finally implemented. This is the first thing I check in every update. Alas, no preview. I really love the software, but I just can't use it yet without this.. It's going back on the shell until the next update.
  6. The lack of an option to preview the output quality is THE main reason I'm still using Photoshop today. I bought Affinity Photo because I love many features of it. Not being able to judge the image quality before saving renders the whole app allmost useless for me. A lot of my work is internet related. Getting the best compression / quality ratio is essential in this field. Especially since screens with high pixel density are pretty much mainstream.
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