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  1. It's been more then a year since they were first requested... ;)
  2. Nice! Looking forward to symbols. Do they have layers like in Flash? :)
  3. Any new thoughts on this? Are you buying up Astute Graphics to get all their cool plugins straight into AD? :ph34r: I thought some more about the line/ stroke width tool in AD as it is. What makes it "not work" for me is that it takes way too many steps/ actions before I can get going. And once you've started, if you want to do another line you have to go through all the same steps again. In AI Steps needed. Shift + W shortcut Edit any point / width on any line You get direct feedback to what you're doing, while not needing to move to any menu bar and open multiple things. You stay "in the creating zone". Steps needed to continue editing other lines. None :rolleyes:Once you entered the line width mode with the shift + W shortcut you're good to go. You've entered the realm of uninterrupted In AD Steps needed. Select the line you want to adjust Click the linewidth bar on the top of the screen Click the pressure bar in the next popup Select/ add a point on the pressure curve Then it's looking at the curve and then looking at your line, what is my action giving me as a result. Steps needed to continue editing other lines. Select the line you want to adjust Click the linewidth bar on the top of the screen Click the pressure bar in the next popup Select/ add a point on the pressure curve That's a lot of moving/ clicking / time difference. Especially when you use the function a lot. I think as a user you want to see / click through as less interface as possible, staying with / on / in your art environment. Might be insightful to have 2 people in your office make a illustration based on an example with a lot of different lines (sizes/ lengths / positions). One in Ai and one in AD, have them sit next to each other and film / watch every move they make. :)
  4. Not asking for a date, but any news on symbols? :rolleyes:
  5. Any news on this? I'm making a design with confetti and need to be able to select and change a lot of colors at once, but can't. Going back to illustrator for this, but would rather not... :rolleyes:
  6. I'm glad I found this topic, thought there was no skew on the object itself... I would expect the "handle" drag point for that to be in the center between a side point and the middle point of a shape. That would be good for the other nodes too, there's nothing in the way there. Now that I know where it is, I can find it. But the rollover /button areas are really small even with tool size UI pref turned to largest. You really have to make an effort to hover above that small area and use the skew function (or rotate).
  7. I'd put the logo on the "later list" and keep pumping out updates and tweaks.
  8. Is there an ETA on symbols? The lack of symbols still has me closing down AD and opening Flash at times. ;)
  9. Almost made a new topic for this one. Really hope this will become possible, and rather sooner than later. :) Thought of this again because the export to eps wasn't working and I thought it was the stroke width variations, so I was going to convert them all to shapes / expand. Found out that I had to click them all, one by one, was looking for a major time saver like: Select all: Stroke / color / etc. This and the way you edit the strokes is pretty high on my list...
  10. Hi, I just had this too, thought I'd use my AD drawing in printwork for new sticker cards. But it spits out blurry / raster things...
  11. Yeahh! That looks nothing short of amazing. Also to show how important it is and how intuitive those on - your - line options are. As long as it also still has the option to adjust single width points. It would be awesome if you guys incorporated some (or all...) of those features. :D
  12. I still find myself pressing i all the time. To pick a color or linewidth and start drawing something new, or with something selected and wanting to pick the color / line properties of another object... :rolleyes:
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