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  1. I recently bought Photo and Publisher to join Designer. Sadly still not ready to move over to the Affinity suite yet because of little need-to-haves like this. MikeW's example (5 posts up) demonstrates exactly why negative offset is required. 5 years later... any progress?
  2. Yep, this (sadly) keeps me in AI for inking characters for animation.
  3. Thanks for your help guys. I got it done, but man was it a hassle! This was one of my first commercial projects using AD. Its nice, but some aspects (like this issue) made the process a little frustrating. Anyway, thanks again for your help <3
  4. Yeah damn, circles would be easy, sadly my actual paths are much more complex. Breaking the node works, but I can't seem to figure out how to close the shape again, any pointers?
  5. Ahh this is driving me crazy. I can't find ANYWHERE how to change the starting point of a closed shape. I need this for some complex brush work I'm doing. Attached is a crude example showing a circle with a variable width brush. Imagine I need to change the starting node (the red node). Surely this is possible? I have a bit of urgency here so if anyone could help asap it would be super appreciated :)
  6. To the talented devs at Serif, I am writing this message as a plea that you consider putting your talents towards developing an Affinity animation application. Something that leverages the high speed canvas render engine you have developed, to offer high speed motion graphics design. I am an After Effects user and have grown increasingly tired of its slow, bloated and cumbersome working environment. Sadly, for 2d motion graphics work, AE has no real competitor. I think an Affinity animation platform with a refined, modern core would be a great contender to disrupt Adobe's monopoly on 2d motion graphics. Of course I have a million ideas for what would make a great animation package. But the purpose of this message isn't to go into such details, instead it's just to test the waters and hope this is something you guys might be into?
  7. Is there any way to increase the GUI size? I find the text and icons to be far too small, it would be great to scale them up to 150%. Is this possible currently?
  8. It would be fantastic if the Affinity suite would adopt a robust and unified method for viewport navigation. Something with extremely fast and intuitive controls. The current zoom and pan could be improved and the addition of viewport rotation would make for a great experience. Something like what Autodesk does with Sketchbook pro would be ideal, as it's amazingly intuitive. But even without using an on screen gizmo, a simple mouseclick + modifier for zoom, pan and rotate would be great!
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