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  1. A basic UI design feature of all apps on all platforms on all systems of all time of all history is creating an extra margin around any given tap area, that enables you to drag your finger outside the tap area to cancel the tap operation if you change your mind. Your app is a huge honk. It has operations that take a long time especially with serious documents. I find myself so often accidentally hitting the Save button or a CLOSE button (FOR WORSE), and I just like watch my mistakes happen in the glass reflection on the ipad questioning my life choices. FIX that, thanks
  2. +1 on the springloading, on the zooming part, i just forced myself into getting a magic mouse
  3. Aren’t the completely different colors in the icons enough???
  4. Tabs, it would be a very useful workaround for this, and would be really needed for referencing multiple things at the same time
  5. Like HOW is there a gray blob of crap next to the pencil, i don’t understand this, isn’t it like r e a l l y easy to figure out the selection? is there not enough contrast? its like black and white… when i turn the smoothing to 0, feather to 0, everything to zero, i expect to get a “refined” selection result that looks INDISTINGUISHABLE from the original non-refined selection. when everything is turned to 0, it looks like this. well i guess not everything is turned to zero then. and where is the contrast control? your refine engine seems to have so much feathering…in other apps this would happen very rarely and i could just increase the contrast if it ever did. please please please please please please please please please please bring “contrast” to the app
  6. I’m sick of APPLE’S KEYNOTE doing a BETTER JOB at simple black and white selections than your app. FIX this. Seriously, it’s really really funny at this point. I have to pay an extra $9.99 every month to Adobe just to use Photoshop refine edge. I’ve already posted numerous times about this and was told “mY iMaGes aRe LoW reSoLutioN so tHat’s wHy”. well the issue seems like your software has NO detect edges capability. not to mention when i work 10 hours on a single high-megapixel selection painting it by hand, and you want to refine just ONE inch, you press refine and the F**king app overwrites your W H O L E SELECTION with this crappy job and now you gotta do it all over again. WHO’S idea was to implement that. No, i don’t have feather on. This is what the app always outouts on ANY problematic edge. This is crazy, it’s a WHITE BACKGROUND
  7. This is really important for publisher on iPad. I am sick of using APPLE PAGES because the antialiasing is nicer
  8. It’s very important to me to have the “strong” antialiasing option in Affinity designer. I really love the look of it, and the “smooth” options as well. The default antialiasing looks like Crisp, and I always hated that one. Even Apple’s built-in antialiasing looks kinda different than your app one, I don’t know if you’re using the same one, I don’t know if that’s how things even work, I just want these options! Please, and thanks a lot! They really really enhance many fonts, and they remind me of the perfect antialiasing in Steve Jobs’s presentations lol
  9. there have been s few instances, i reccall this one...idk maybe he’s just trolling
  10. i keep playing around with the gamma slider and it keeps changing nothing
  11. publisher for ipad is well in the works, ive seen many folks here having it on their signatures meaning the development team probbably has an internal beta distributed via testflight it must be released this year, we dont know when
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