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  1. Thank you so much, the tips helped me. I certainly wish this will be fixed, asap. I hate how the small issues are ignored. They are really important.
  2. Alongside Apple color picker, please let us have the Apple Font picker instead of the built in app's ones. fonts.mp4
  3. A single color change should leave a single history entry. ColorMeCrazy.mp4
  4. Cmd+click to select layers is hiding transform handles, even when you let go of the key. Click.mp4
  5. I think I may be the only one using Affinity for my note-taking in school… Looks like a poster.
  6. Thank you for highlighting this. This actually may be added to my list of workarounds, merging curves.
  7. I mean I must admit I was using these workarounds, like increasing the size, overlapping, or in some cases multi-layered overlapped divided extracted strokes to achieve an inside-stroke-look I wanted, I was extending images, where there was a "gap" I would duplicate the original shape, and center it and put it behind the two shapes, I was constantly doing so much for years now that I just felt enough compelled to write some feedback about it. It would be really, really nice to just not think about it. I agree I may sound to a technical engineer, a bit, arrogantly blonde.
  8. Take a look at the jointing curve in the "Artboard 2" of the document! Enter pixel view, or even make the insides of the clock hand darker. It's pretty jarring. Could you provide me a solution to thatDocument.zip
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