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  1. I think this needs to be SERIOUSLY ironed out if you guys ever plan to take Publisher to the iPad !
  2. The only upside to all this is that Affinity on iPad made me realize that I always copy pasted text from online webpages, and i didnt take time to compose it more carefully in something like Pages or Word. So technically, it made my text better. Maybe that’s the design intention.
  3. When I paste in something from some random website, or something from an another app — I get this WEIRD BACKGROUND i can’t remove. I found a workaround by using the effects presets, but it’s REALLY ANNOYING. SOMEBODY FINALLY FIX THIS OR GIVE US THE ABILITY TO IMPORT TEXT WITHOUT FORMATTING. This alongside how Affinity doesn’t remember my choice for spelling after I close my documents — and the fact how AFFINITY SEEMS TO THINK THE WORD “AUTO” IS MISSPELLED makes me literally scream every time i pick my ipad lol. come on guys please fix some of this stuff soon FullSizeRender.mov
  4. Thanks on the interest everybody, hope something’s done in the next months or years…
  5. I think a brilliant way to fix all this could just be to allow users to pick between Perspective Panorama/Spherical/cylindrical… could fix this issue?
  6. I am now realising how the Photoshop Auto mode actually deforms the images as well… But I swear, I swear, in my mind this is how the scene looked in person (I haven’t even checked the raw files, now they seemed squashed too)… Maybe Photoshop is doing some distortion, but it produces a nicer image in my opinion... Just posted this here so you guys can see what’s going on, I can actually send you many many many more panoramas where the same thing happens, the image is very distorted at the top. This even happens with head on subjects, without any angle distortion in the original files. Just something I think the affinity team could look into the future. Also note: the Affinity image dimensions after the panorama stitch and Photoshop image dimensions are significantly different — and when you apply a MESH WARP adjustment to fix the distortion in affinity (to make it look like photoshop) — you loose some quality. This led me to the conclusion that the program squashes more than photoshop extends
  7. the only thing is that this has been edited using content aware fill, so the edges have been filled — but it’s clear that the tree is normal and not squashed (this is literally just like i saw it in person with one eye closed). the sky is also noticaebly taller
  8. I literally provided the Photoshop image! :)) This happens very often in my Panoramas, I don’t use Photoshop because it’s slow and produces files that are 3X the size. But Photoshop and Lightroom always make it look like in real life.. I think it has to do something with projection. I tried Microsoft ICE but if you really zoom in, and compare the quality of it’s exports and Photoshops, the quality is not even compareable
  9. This happens every time I try to merge a panorama — in this case it was with many files, but it can happen with only four files. I did notice that this isn't drastically noticeable when I'm merging a panorama where I'm only moving the camera horizontally. Pano.zip
  10. i was working on a dodge/burn layer in the latest beta, the app crashed 7 times in the span of 10 minutes in the app store release i could work for hours with no problem, using way heavier files with 100s of layers after the app crashed, it should display “send feedback to developers” warning, but no alert is displayed does anybody know whats going on? i can attach the original document if you want
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