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  1. aekorps

    Open Recent menu is always blank

    Wow, that's bizarre. Thanks for the tip. I've been using Mac OS for 20 years and I think Affinity Designer is the ONLY program I use that respects that setting. Kind of strange that it would apply to apps other than installed Apple apps.
  2. The File > Open Recent is always blank in 1.6.1.
  3. I really wish the glyph browser would sync up with the current font. Makes no sense to me why it doesn't. It should automatically be in sync. I don't even know why you would even want to be able to select fonts from there. If you do, it should update the Character panel too I think.
  4. @Lorox It might not seem like a big deal, but once you see how much better rounded corners anti-alias with the "Smart" rounding, even at small pixel sizes, it's impossible (for me at least) to un-see it. It just looks way better and smoother. In addition to that, creating app icons for iPhone/iPad software, etc REQUIRES this type of rounding to match the radius of the app icon itself should you want to use any outlines, etc around the icon.
  5. Just tried exporting for After Effects as a layered vector file. No go. Couldn't export layers with EPS, PDF, or SVG. Nothing worked with layers for After Effects. Is there a plan to allow exporting of .AI files? If not, please add it. Doesn't have to be current. CS2 works fine.
  6. Yes, it's been in Sketch for a while already: This is similar to Apple surface finishing for real products. It might seem like a small thing, but visually it makes a difference.
  7. No, when I select the Move tool and hit V again, it goes to the Zoom tool. When I click the layers with the Zoom tool, the alert sound wings repeatedly and nothing happens. You can see each time I click a layer, I also hit delete. Nothing happens.
  8. I often press the V key to activate the Move tool so I can delete layers in the Layers panel, but if press the V key again while I have the Move already activated? It DE-activates the Move tool.Why? Now I can't delete layers and for some reason, the Zoom tool is activated when the Zoom tool is supposedly activated with the Z key. — Not sure why hitting V twice (or any number of times) would toggle the Move tool on and off and switch to the Zoom tool. — Not sure why hitting the same key more than once toggles ANY tool off. Tools should always be on unless switched to another tool. This is how Photoshop or Illustrator work. — Why does the Move tool need to be selected to delete a layer, when I just clicked in the Layers panel directly and hit delete? Why does it matter what tool I have if I directly clicked the Layers panel? Thanks
  9. aekorps

    Selecting Multiple Artboards

    Really? That's confusing and intuitive in my opinion, considering you can select and move them using the label when only one is selected. Why not when multiple are selected?
  10. aekorps

    Artboards getting scaled up 1 pixel on Export

    Yes, that's what it was. Thanks for the clarification! I think you mean Command (on Mac), not Ctrl, right?
  11. aekorps

    Selecting Multiple Artboards

    Yes, using Shift. If I create a new document, Shift works. But not in the attached document. — artboards_dont_move.afdesign.zip Maybe the document that has the issue has been corrupted somehow. I selected all the content and deleted it, but the issue persists.
  12. Merging or "Adding" vectors together which should make a single shape, instead moves/aligns the verts of the one box to the edge of the other which causes see-through issues on sub-pixels. See attached.
  13. aekorps

    Selecting Multiple Artboards

    I can select multiple Artboards, but when I attempt to move them simultaneously, the previous ones I had selected get deselected and only the one I grab moves.
  14. My artboards are getting scaled up and I have to keep adjusting the export size by one pixel. For example, if I create an artboard of 1920x1080, when I export, the file dimensions are 1921x1081 or sometimes just 1920x1081 (one dimensional). If I click the dartboard title and check the size, it shows 1920x1080 in the Transform panel, but when exporting it always jumps up 1px.
  15. When exporting GIF files, weird lines get created when I'm using a flat, one-colour background. See image. You can see it extending to the right from the tip of the black vertical line left. The whole top of the image is another colour, slightly off the single colour used in the file.