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  1. Sorry, Jet, but something being "in-vogue" has nothing to do with it. And yes, it is used in creating physical parts by a lot more companies than just Apple. It's called a C3 curve in manufacturing and CAD and it's used to create corners that smoothly transition from one surface to another. If you don't see the benefit, please ignore the post. When something comes along that is clearly better, it should be embraced, in my opinion. This has nothing with a single implementation of "squircles". It's about ALL rounding algorithms in general as I said in my original post. Apple simply uses it in their graphics because it mirrors their manufacturing processes, and they (and I) think it looks better. If it was used by default, it would more likely adopted across the board and we could stop using the old (hideous) curves.
  2. Good to know, thanks for update Lagarto! Is it also possible to paste from Fontlab (w/ changes) back into Affinity Designer?
  3. Unless it's using Continuous Curvature rounding, it wouldn't be as smooth as that method.
  4. It would be smoother around angles. Same as it would be around a square or any other shape.
  5. If this could work with shapes that are NOT procedural/parametric default shapes, that would make it much more useful.
  6. Thanks Walt, that worked! Not sure why though as I've never modified the defaults. It happened on my other machine as well.
  7. There's MORE that are missing completely! Here's the list of shortcuts that don't work at all in my copy of 1.7.1, but should be as shown below based on the official shortcuts docs linked above. Corner tool — C Vector Brush Tool — B Colour Picker — I Zoom Tool — Z
  8. Not sure how or why this happened, but I'm assuming this is a bug. Somehow the shortcut for the Zoom tool was changed to the B key? And there is now NO shortcut for the Vector Brush Tool which was previously the B key? Should be swapped. The docs even show the correct keys (Z for Zoom, B for Brush) https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/Workspace/shortcuts.html
  9. Copied a square from Fontlab 6 and this is what's on the clipboard: %!PS-Adobe-3.0 %%Creator: FontLab FontGate EPS Export Module %%CreationDate: Sun Jun 23 17:37:43 2019 %%BoundingBox: -1453 879 -858 1407 %%DocumentProcessColors: Cyan Magenta Yellow Black %%DocumentNeededResources: procset Adobe_packedarray 2.0 0 %%+ procset Adobe_cmykcolor 1.1 0 %%+ procset Adobe_cshow 1.1 0 %%+ procset Adobe_customcolor 1.0 0 %%+ procset Adobe_pattern_AI3 1.0 0 %%+ procset Adobe_Illustrator_AI3 1.0 1 %AI3_ColorUsage: Color %AI3_DocumentPreview: None %AI9_Flatten: 1 %AI12_CMSettings: 00.MS %%EndComments %%BeginProlog %%IncludeResource: procset Adobe_packedarray 2.0 0 Adobe_packedarray /initialize get exec %%IncludeResource: procset Adobe_cmykcolor 1.1 0 %%IncludeResource: procset Adobe_cshow 1.1 0 %%IncludeResource: procset Adobe_customcolor 1.0 0 %%IncludeResource: procset Adobe_pattern_AI3 1.0 0 %%IncludeResource: procset Adobe_Illustrator_AI3 1.0 1 %%EndProlog %%BeginSetup Adobe_cmykcolor /initialize get exec Adobe_cshow /initialize get exec Adobe_customcolor /initialize get exec Adobe_pattern_AI3 /initialize get exec Adobe_Illustrator_AI3 /initialize get exec %%EndSetup 0 A 0 O *u 0 g -1453 1407 m -858 1407 L -858 879 L -1453 879 L -1453 1407 l f *U %%PageTrailer gsave annotatepage grestore showpage %%Trailer Adobe_Illustrator_AI3 /terminate get exec Adobe_pattern_AI3 /terminate get exec Adobe_customcolor /terminate get exec Adobe_cshow /terminate get exec Adobe_cmykcolor /terminate get exec Adobe_packedarray /terminate get exec %%EOF
  10. It's not highly proprietary, Fontlab 6 uses “Adobe Illustrator AICB Clipboard Format”. I can copy between Illustrator and Fontlab, back and forth all day long and it works perfectly. Affinity is the app where it doesn't work back and forth. As for what's on the clipboard, look a page before this and you'll see.
  11. What about pasting TO Affinity Designer from Fontlab? Is this on Affinity's end of Fontlabs?
  12. @Callum Just make Studio Link work from within all the apps (Designer, Photo) as long as you own 2 of them. Problem solved.
  13. I REALLY hope that changes very soon. I'm sure Affinity knows there's a whole lot more people making vectors and photo work and requiring an app made for print work (not nearly as popular) makes no sense and would only make their users upset. They should really comment on this publicly and it should have been included in their launch announcement.
  14. Is it possible to use Designer and Photo together with Studio Link? It's not showing up for me if it is. I don't need Publisher at the moment but being able to go between Photo and Designer would be amazing.
  15. I really wish the glyph browser would sync up with the current font. Makes no sense to me why it doesn't. It should automatically be in sync. I don't even know why you would even want to be able to select fonts from there. If you do, it should update the Character panel too I think.
  16. @Lorox It might not seem like a big deal, but once you see how much better rounded corners anti-alias with the "Smart" rounding, even at small pixel sizes, it's impossible (for me at least) to un-see it. It just looks way better and smoother. In addition to that, creating app icons for iPhone/iPad software, etc REQUIRES this type of rounding to match the radius of the app icon itself should you want to use any outlines, etc around the icon.
  17. Just tried exporting for After Effects as a layered vector file. No go. Couldn't export layers with EPS, PDF, or SVG. Nothing worked with layers for After Effects. Is there a plan to allow exporting of .AI files? If not, please add it. Doesn't have to be current. CS2 works fine.
  18. Yes, it's been in Sketch for a while already: This is similar to Apple surface finishing for real products. It might seem like a small thing, but visually it makes a difference.
  19. +1. Being able to copy between apps, especially Fontlab 6 is a big one. https://www.fontlab.com/font-editor/fontlab-vi/
  20. Thanks guys! I found the measurements using Command. Works great, I'm surprised the Dan the Moderator didn't know about it.
  21. Is it possible to create a linked swatch so that if that swatch is applied to 100 objects, that if I change the colour of the swatch, ALL the objects with that swatch applied will also change? Not talking about symbols, I'm talking about objects that are different but with the same fill colour applied (i.e.: stroke colour). Thanks!
  22. Is there a way to toggle a "measurement/spec" view like Sketch has when you hold Option? You'll see the lines/numbers show up in the attachment when the user holds the option key.
  23. Thanks @dominik, but I don't need to "see" the combs, I just want to be able to have "rounder"/smoother curves like the above diagram shows.
  24. Should be the default in my opinion, but Affinity really needs to add this functionality into the rounded rectangle tool and any other rounding algorithms. Short answer: "Squircles" are what make Apple products have "more than rounded" corners. Great article here: https://hackernoon.com/apples-icons-have-that-shape-for-a-very-good-reason-720d4e7c8a14
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