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  1. Being a professional means you pick the right tool for the job. That is certainly not Affinity Designer allthough the marketing desperately tries to reach professionals too. And having 10 years of experience with Serif we see the same pattern emerge. Incomplete software and years of waiting. Pointless when the competitors delivered 10 years ago. And when Affinity starts all over and leaving the old file format behind. 1995 again.
  2. +1 And just to make it clear to everone here. Developers are not decision makers. Their job is to recommend and implement the best technical solution in the machine room to whatever decision makers should decide. Decision makers - whatever rank they may have - must follow a vision for the product - but certainly most of all take into account what customers need. A vision is a dream. Market demand is reality. Somehow on the famous internet posters talk about developers like they are the only beings in software companies. And the tone is like you customers owe them something special?
  3. And I do. Have to. Over and over and over again. The grid is my base and it is also part of my shape formula.
  4. Thx for visuals. Allright @Ben, how - using your new snapping - would you remember and recreate fx this particular corner again and again? To the pixel? With total precision? It is an easy workflow that is also easy to remember as a formula so the corner gemoetry can be recreated. Place node on grid intersection, place one handle two intersections below, the other handle four grid intersections above. Not a perfect match - but rather a formula. Once I have a curve geometry that is red line in a particular design - icons, logos, corporate design guidelines even in illust
  5. Thew point is not (only) that these two handles should be a match. It is also that handles in all kinds of shapes can be placed so that they match handles on other shapes. And can be placed easily. That dozens or even hundreds of corners and curves can be made exact replicas of curves in other shapes. And a lot more. The whole point of snapping of whatever is total control. And software asissted precision. If Serif doesn't understand the use case that Corel, Adobe and the community behind Inkscape (and others) understood, fine. I see your target audience. I just have to contact Serif for a ref
  6. I am sorry Ben - I don't have time for this - or for waiting years for it to be implemented. I guess Affinity Designer is just not the tool for me. It was fun with a new player, but it is just Drawplus in new clothing. There is more sense in sticking to software that does the trick. I don't need all of Illustrators features, but I always needed this. I hate wasting money. But please make it an option in some preferences/settings or on the toolbar (like in Inkscape), so users whose work depend on the feature have it available. I don't use vector drawing tools for drawing manga cartoons, land- a
  7. Oh boy - handles don't snap to guides either. So please add at least: handles snaps to grid intersections handles snaps to guides Actually the snapping works great for nodes - please add the same snapping to handles.
  8. My need is that handles snap to grid intersections. I am not using snapping to draw something in perspective. I am using snapping to construct precise and symmetic shapes. Inkscape has a toolbar with snapping options that can be enabled/disabled on the fly. Its awesome. Snapping to grid intersections is one of the options. Illustrator CC too can snap handles to grid intersections It is simply essential to shape construction in my work. You can also control the (precise) length of each handle fast and easy. It really is a key feature and it is very frustr
  9. Two questions: I purchased Photo from the Windows Store. Therefore I have no product key. So I cannot install and try betas? I have a key for Designer though - will betas install in a separate directory so I can use it for test, but also use the stable version for production work? Thanks EDIT: Found answer (which is currently no) to this here Still not sure about 2?
  10. I have the same problem with layer masks on a 16MP photo (8-bit). Performance is so bad I can't use Photo for this. This is a key feature.
  11. Looks very handy indeed. Well done. But I am still waiting for these important features that never found their way into DrawPlus either - so I am still using Inkscape and clumsy clumsy Illustrator CC for designing logos and shapes: handles snapping to especially grid and guides (just check out how Inkscape does) snap the node handle to a vertical / horizontal alignment and other angles (just check out how Inkscape does) I just read the book "Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork" by Von Glitschka. His techniques a
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