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    Font List Locks Designer

    I am on a MBP 15". Using a nifty app called QuickRes, I usually work with the resolution boosted to 2880x1800 (my eyes are good enough, and 'more space' often just doesn't cut it on such a small screen). This crashes AD as soon as I click the font dropdown arrow. Scaling down the resolution to 2560*1600 and restarting the app solved the issue for me. Edit: The new beta seems to solved the issue here as well! Awesome work guys
  2. On both Designer and Publisher, whenever I try to export a document as PDF it exports at 72 DPI. I have tried almost every combination of PDF export settings, as well as changing the resolution in the new file dialog or document setup dialog... to no avail... This happens on macOS high sierra 10.13.6 with Designer v 1.6.1 and both the first and second Publisher beta, in every new document I create or change... I can't seem to find out how to fix it...
  3. Yes, i'd love to see functionality like this in the form of an Export persona in Publisher and added to that in Designer as well
  4. Altijd

    Master layers

    @Patrick Connor Thanks! Have been here for a few years, but up until now found everything I was looking for using the search function Thanks for your reply! This is almost exactly what I was looking for! Amazing (In case other people looking for this: Right clicking on a master page -> apply to pages and then unchecking 'Replace Existing' makes this easy to do for a great number of pages at once.) It might be a sweet addition to be able to denote if a master defaults to above or below the content. Maybe something like a 'watermark' checkbox that makes a master layer 'stick' to the top when adding a new layer? Yeah multiple layers, or in this case, multiple masters was what I meant all along!
  5. First off, big ups on the beta, I'm loving it! I do have a suggestion: I would love (and haven't found) a way to create master pages with layers that you can place around the page's content. I know I can currently treat the master page content as a layer and put stuff on top of below, and copy/paste stuff out of it to appear above the content (copy, not drag as that alters the master page). I'd like to create a master page with two layers: a layer that defaults on top of the page content (where I can put watermark-like content) and a layer that defaults below of the content (where I can put stuff that may be obfuscated with page content, like the master defaults to now).