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  1. I also have this problem, running on Mac.. trying to save N key for smudge tool. keeps reseting to default when I open affinity again
  2. Please add a blender like krita's blender blur brush. Also the ability to sample all layers on the mixer brush.
  3. Awesome! Looking forward to it- good job on the last update too- the brush engine works way better than it did before.
  4. Really glad more users are showing how important this feature is to them and I hope that affinity team adds this to the roadmap soon. Currently I work between both illustrator and designer because of this feature at times. (Doing lines in illustrator and colouring in designer) (the other reason is for using astute graphics plugins - eraser tool in particular- if affinity added a tool like that as well as this request for anchor handle snapping, I’d be sorted!) Im very meticulous when I design and I love to have anchor points snapping to grid (not always, but when it’s needed). It is a feature that needs to be a toggle on/off option in the snapping menu. It’s not always required but when it is, it’s fantastic and quick for when I want to be precise.
  5. It’s really awesome to have the anchor handles snap to grid, like Andyq said, having the exact position for anchor handles is hugely beneficial, Illustrator removed this feature then re-added it due to popular demand.. It makes workflow super quick on precision work but also normal illustrations when you want symmetry. Still really hoping this gets added in future!
  6. Would be great if there was an option to snap the anchor handles to the grid (and guides), and also other snapping alignments - when handles collide with other lines-.. this feature would be really helpful for precision work.
  7. I think the colour picker tool is a bit of a hastle when dragging out then selecting, would be much better to have a colour picker like illustrator where you could just tap a shortcut and copy the colour with ease, perhaps- normal click for colour alt + click to copy style :)
  8. Hi there! Firstly I'd like to say that this is one amazing program ideal for artists! A real treat to have come across. I have recently been creating my own font, It's great fun but can be tedious and I came across a cool plugin for fontlab studios which harmonizes the characters. Its called RMX harmonizer -http://remix-tools.com/harmonizer I thought that a tool like this for my artwork would be ideal! Not just for fonts! It would help make everything look really smooth and sleek and cut loads of time in the design process. I also think it will give the software a one up on illustrator as theres nothing like it for illustrator ;) I also had an idea a few years ago which I thought would be really helpful, I sent it to another company but unfortunately they haven't got back to me. Perhaps you'd like to have a look- Ive attached a pdf.. Its a tracer tool that would save a lot of time of cutting paths, joining paths.. I really hope you like the ideas and I look forward to hearing from you Matt Tracer Project Proposal.pdf
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