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  1. It would be great if you could improve this pencil, this is the only thing I'm waiting for in Designer. Very important would be the possibility to continue a stroke and to redraw it. waiting a year or more is not a problem if we finally get it ! thanks !
  2. Roscografik

    Pencil Tool

    A better pencil tool is the only thing I'm waiting for to work more professionaly with AD
  3. Roscografik

    Pencil tool

    I'm really waiting for an updated pencil with more options like redrawing the selected stroke
  4. This is a really good news, the only new feature I'm waiting for !
  5. Roscografik

    Happy Easter!

    Nice, love this simple style !
  6. Roscografik


    I like this style !
  7. Not exactly true but inspired !
  8. I'm now used with brush and pencil tools options, it's really a pleasure to work with AD :D :D , all is made in AD from speed sketch to drawing.
  9. Roscografik

    Our illustrator left us alone...

    Good, it's nice to see such a professional work done with AD !
  10. Roscografik

    The RoadRunner show

    Beautifull work ! :D
  11. Thanks Matt and MEB ! :) :) :)
  12. A doodling artboard, all done with AD and a wacom cintiq.
  13. Good, and nice use of the pressure feeling !
  14. Roscografik

    AP Crocus Flowers

    Waouh, cool ! and nice colors !
  15. Roscografik

    Blue Bunny

    Lovely Bunny, :) :) :)