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  1. Hi, How do I change the colour of contents created by the brush on a pixel layer? I want to change to selected item. Please see attachment. Thanks a lot in advance! Soren
  2. You can watch my workflow in this speedart video. First do do a sketch and I use it for guidance of my illustration. https://vimeo.com/129035357
  3. Well, I don't see why AD should not. It's a great piece of software. I'm really impressed. Of course there's room for improvements but this is a still pretty good start I must say. I debuted in Freehand 9 – back in 2000! Since the time when FH was kicked out of this world I have been working in Illustrator. It's really great too and AD cannot replace it for me at this time. But maybe in the long run it might :) Time will show!
  4. When scaling the SIZE of a paint brush the DENSITY of the brush changes also. Please look at my image. It is the same brush. Below the stroke has been downscaled but it also affects the density which I don't want to happen :huh: But I'd like to keep the same density for a brush in various sizes. Is that possible and how? I hope someone has a great tip :) Thanks a lot!
  5. Thank you @retrograde Yes, I work as an illustrator :)
  6. Hello everybody, I've created this double bill poster of Laurel & Hardy. This year marks the 125 years anniversary of Stan Laurel's birthday. These two movies are coming to the big screen in England, Scotland and Ireland. Using my sketch as a guide I created this poster completely in AD. This is my first larger artwork in AD. The first release of AD was a bit too unstable to me, but much has improved since the update. So, I'm very pleased working with this piece of software. You can follow me on twitter: @artbyjuhl Best, Soren
  7. Hi everybody, I've created this book reading slug. The drawing is to be used as a colouring page for free download at a website for kids. I really like the abillity to draw using the pen tool and then add the pressure feeling afterwards :)
  8. So, here goes. This is my first artwork created in AD. It has been very interesting and very inspiring to use something else than Adobe Illustrator which has been my playground for a decade.
  9. This happens to me also. "Move" is stuck as "pan" and "zoom" requires several clicks on the keyboard to be activated
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