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  1. It's not a blend tool and agree I think we definitely need one but the new somewhat hidden quick grid feature can help to layout simple shapes from the shape tools. To use it, grab a shape from the shape tool panel and drag it out, before letting go of the tool press the right arrow key to add copies of your shape to the right of the original. Each press adds a new copy, holding the arrow key adds space between each copy. You can use any of the arrows keys to add copies in that direction. While still pressed you can resize the shape as you make additional copies and they will all resize at the same time. It's not a perfect solution as it's kind of a one way workflow, once you "unclick" you lose the ability to add more copies or make any adjustments. Hence the need for a proper blend tool, but for some cases this quick grid feature will suffice. Like the opacity/noise toggle feature in the colour panel this one is kind of hidden, once you know, you know, I suppose. Someone should start a thread on these forums of hidden features of the suite, I'm sure there are probably more out there...
  2. Hi Evening Films. Yes it can. Just make sure you choose the right one to open it with. In other words if you just double click it to open as on a mac it may open in the version you don't want.
  3. Could be an x/y position taken from the originating artboard. Some repositioning may have to happen occasionally and that's fine. I'm thinking of titles and/or repeating copy information specifically when presenting client concepts so that the info is consistently presented and isn't jumping all over the place from page to page...
  4. Just a simple 'paste on all artboards' from the edit menu would be welcome. That way single or multiple objects could be pasted at anytime to existing artboards unlike the artboard as a symbol method.
  5. Blender's "Grease Pencil" module is great for doing 2d in 3d space, once you get familiar with the app, it's pretty amazing for this type of thing. Plus it's open source and free to use.
  6. Yep, plus 1 here too! And also have the brush that is in use stay highlighted in the brush panel. How many times have I had to guess which brush I am using...
  7. Good point. I think 30 years using illustrator can cloud ones judgement. Not to mention fighting muscle memory...
  8. I do have it set to a shortcut for that very reason. It's more of a UI thing to me. If you have a locked padlock icon when it's locked there should be an open padlock when it's unlocked in the same location.
  9. I gotta admit this bugs me a bit too. I could see the argument for saving space in the layer name area but if you're going to have the locked icon there anyways, why not just have the unlock there as well? Seems like over thinking it to me and yes it is a pain to have to go up to the top right corner each time to lock a layer. Both icons should just be in the same spot. A simple fix.
  10. I am very surprised, A that this wasn't implemented from the start and B that after 3 years of requesting this, it still hasn't been implemented or addressed for that matter... If it's not going to get resolved can we at least get some kind of explanation?? Guys you've got to start reading and responding to your own users forum.
  11. I understand exactly what you mean hudson2800. I find this a bit frustrating as well. What I find helps for more of an illustrator layer workflow is to create and name your layers first using the "add layer" button on the bottom of the layers panel - ie line, colour and sketch, than before you create an element make sure you "target" or click on the layer you want the element to be on in the layers panel. It will put the element on the layer you clicked on. Same goes for artboards. If you have artboards, target or select the artboard before creating the element and the element will reside on that artboard. To move an element from one layer to another layer, cut (Cmd or Ctrl X) the element from one layer, select the layer you want it to be on and paste (Cmd or Ctrl V). It will remove it from the unwanted layer and place it in exactly the same place on the desired layer. By creating and naming your layers or artboards first it also helps to keep things nice and organized. Hope this helps. It's not exactly the same as illustrator but it tends to keep the layers panel from getting out of control.
  12. Yep that would be nice to have. Procreate has the warp feature that gives a similar result to this albeit in a very different way.
  13. Hey Jhon, it's interesting to see you working in the desktop version of the app in this video preview. I have been checking out a lot of your iPad videos on YT as I just picked up an iPad pro and am trying to wrap my head around working in AD on it. Do you have any videos specific to people transitioning from AD on the desktop to AD on the iPad?
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