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  1. Well give yourself a pat on the back, successful realism aside it's a feat in itself just completing something of this scope. Kudos from me.
  2. Wow, this is crazy @VectorVonDoom ! Would love to know how you organize a file like this.
  3. Nice shot, is that Denman Island?
  4. Nice, yes the recolour workflow is something I have been meaning to apply to an actual real piece one day... so far I've just been playing around with it but it has great potential.
  5. Looks great! Very convincing. Yes it's a pretty awesome app for being creative in,. No matter what your style.
  6. Cool, just so I understand... You are using a simple shaded/lit 3d model as a guide to build coloured Designer elements on top of? If so that's a pretty interesting workflow.
  7. Not sure, but most likely. I'd check the resources thread @deeds
  8. Dang spell check!
  9. Great start Dzonila!
  10. Likes like a nice tattoo! Would love to see a layer of subtle colour below the black as an option... maybe as a series of semi transparent washes.
  11. Cool! A great example of the power of Designer as an app that can play with many types of surface subtleties while keeping inside of a flexible/scaleable vector workflow.
  12. Nice stuff Kevin! Looks like some 3d at work here in the base photos, no?
  13. Not being a programmer, but this one would seem to be an easy/quick fix... no? A brush icon remains highlighted until another brush icon gets clicked... the same way the layers panel works now would be perfect. Initially the layer is bright than fades somewhat but still remains highlighted. Weird thing is the brush panel seems to work in draw persona but not in pixel persona. Hmmm...
  14. Cheers @MEB, glad to hear it's coming to the mac side soon. :-)