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  1. retrograde

    General Mayhem

    I hear ya. It's exciting to finally have a viable alternative with fresh new thinking!
  2. retrograde

    General Mayhem

    Yup, that's me. Been on here since 2014 I believe. Trying to use and promote Designer as often as I can! :-) Love the software and the Affinity philosophy.
  3. retrograde

    General Mayhem

    FUN! Like the retro finish on it too.
  4. retrograde

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Thanks! Yes I think Spotlight is a great place to see a broad range of what people are getting up to with Affinity's apps. :-)
  5. retrograde

    Madame Butterfly Poster

    Thanks Brother!
  6. retrograde

    Madame Butterfly Poster

    Thanks Stuart, yeah I was waiting for the tutorial to get uploaded. :-) More to see on my Behance site if you're really keen.
  7. retrograde

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Awesome Chris B! I hope everything was understandable...
  8. retrograde

    Madame Butterfly Poster

    Thanks Lads! Yes I was trying to maintain a certain airbrush softness all over this. I think every element has at least a one or two pixel blur on it... "blinkin' fun!"
  9. Are you kidding? Your stuff is amazing. That Corvette and the rest of your photorealistic work is flawless and the Vdub van is too cute!
  10. retrograde

    Madame Butterfly Poster

    Just recently completed another fun project using Designer exclusively. I had this concept for a Madame Butterfly opera poster for awhile but really didn't feel like my previous app was up to it so I put it on the shelf until a few months back when I decided to tackle it in Designer. The look and feel I was shooting for was sort of like those rich coloured album cover airbrushed illustrations from the 70's and 80's. Where everything is soft and saturated. I was really pleased with the outcome and glad that I waited to do this in Designer. Below are some screenshots, with more on my Behance site and there's also a short tutorial just uploaded by Affinity's Andy Capstick on the new Affinity Spotlight blog specifically on the creation of the eyes for this piece. Hope you like! https://affinityspotlight.com/article/the-eyes-of-a-butterfly-with-kevin-house/
  11. retrograde

    Introducing... Affinity Spotlight

    Hey guys and gals, checkout my short tutorial "The Eyes of a Butterfly" just uploaded to the blog! https://affinityspotlight.com/article/the-eyes-of-a-butterfly-with-kevin-house/
  12. Well said. Totally agree with the Apple bit as well. I guess everything successful will eventually kill itself...
  13. I just checked out and subscribed to your youtube channel, lots of great Designer stuff up there! Can't wait to checkout more of it. Thanks.
  14. retrograde

    Miss Maude Fealy - Colourisation

    Thanks for that explanation GabrielM. It's good to see how others work with this greyscale/colour workflow. I like the SSS mention and the screenshot of your soft-edges hand painting layer too. Interesting that you mostly use "soft light" blend mode. I am finding using a coloured shape with a "recolour" effect set to "colour" blend mode as opposed to using just a blend mode only on a coloured layer for my experiments is providing the "magic" I need. That "recolour" effect is pretty versatile and consistent.