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  1. Cheers Matt for keeping things moving in a forward direction!
  2. Cheers everyone! Yes, it's not my usual kind of style, but I thought I'd give it a shot and Designer was more than up for the challenge. The brushes really came through and were surprisingly easy to create and save, allowing for a lot of expression possibilities.
  3. Hi all, here's something very different from my usual and a bit of a personal challenge on a recent illustration project. Denman Digital in Vancouver hired me to create a series of images for a project they were doing for their client the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) here in Canada. The Hunting in Canada Field Guide lays out the traditional methods, tools and prey Indigenous people used and continue to use to survive and thrive in Canada's northern frontiers. This project is a web companion piece to their Moosemeat and Marmalade adventure cooking show on APTN. https://aptn.ca/moosemeatandmarmalade/ Almost every aspect of these illustrations utilized the pixel persona in Designer. I could've use Photo exclusively for this but I am much more comfortable and familiar with Designer and the process is basically the same. I created a bunch of new custom brushes as well as used many of Designers default and user-contributed brushes for this. I was rather pleased with the final outcomes and have since started adding more of this pixel painting workflow to my usual work. Rather than upload a bunch of images here I'll point you to a few links on my Behance site below and leave just a few images here. The project was broken down into 3 areas: Prey, Hunting Tools and Hunting Strategies. https://www.behance.net/gallery/77640277/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Prey https://www.behance.net/gallery/77647417/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Tools https://www.behance.net/gallery/77647933/Hunting-in-Canada-Field-Guide-for-APTN-Strategies Much thanks to Denman Digital and APTN. :-)
  4. retrograde


    Regardless as to what party or who it was referring to, this isn't the place for that.
  5. Oh okay that makes then. Thanks.
  6. Sorry Matt, what does this mean? I tried a couple of different linestyles normal and dashed and didn't see any difference in wireframe mode. Is this not what you mean?
  7. Would love to see the transparency tool settings join the swatches, colour and gradient settings currently accessible through the appearance panel someday.
  8. Actually Matt, I'm sort of getting used to the second click now that I'm using it a bit. But it might be worth more exploration... I was thinking about the effects as well and wondering how it would work if you had more than one effect applied to an element... would you stack each in the appearance panel like in illustrator? Then I guess you'd need to name each effect to make it easy to identify at a glance which effect you need to click on... Great work though! Having the appearance panel now lets me close the colour, swatches, strokes and hopefully soon the effects panels for a much cleaner UI. :-)
  9. How did I miss the Appearance panel, when did we get that?! That's awesome! Edit 1 - A thought...Would it be possible to just click once to change a fill or add a stroke? Currently it looks like you have to click on (target) the item first then click again on the fill or stroke icons to get the popup. Would be better/quicker to get to it in the first click I think. Edit 2 - Will the "effects" eventually show up in the appearance panel as well, would be very handy to be able to click on the "fx" icon to adjust an effect?
  10. Thanks for the range of arrowheads as well. I guess the next thing would be the option to create and use our own art for custom arrowheads? But this is a great start!
  11. I like that the point transform tool can both rotate and scale at the same time. I mapped it to the 'S' key. So hitting "A" then "S" gets me to it quicker than going to the tool panel. Thanks for this tool!
  12. retrograde

    Affinity used for large format production

    Great job! That's a ton of work and it looks great. Nice to here Affinity is up for the task of large output type work. Thanks for sharing.
  13. retrograde

    (WIP) Mermaid Girl - Advice Welcome!

    Have you experimented with effects/inner shadows at all? They can add a bit more dimension to your work. Also using semi transparent darker gradients with a multiply blend mode for shadows...
  14. retrograde

    Logo help

    If you can, hire a good logo designer with a proven track record and a body of work that appeals to you. Someone you can communicate with and will listen to you and will offer solid advice and their experience towards a mutually satisfying outcome. When it comes to logo design there are some good practices of course, some mentioned above, but no real rules set in stone, as each situation calls for it's own approach and solution. Yes "corporate" logos usually follow a regime of do's and don'ts which is why a lot of them can seem lifeless and dated,. In my experience someone with a proven track record designing successful logos in many different types and styles is where I'd begin my search. The cost is usually worth it in the end. Hire a professional.