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  1. retrograde

    1px Expand Stroke BUG ( beta)

    Matt's on it!
  2. retrograde

    Expand Stoke

    @Mark Oehlschlager I used the pencil tool with stabiliser on "rope mode". Here is another example. The tighter the curve the more nodes occur in those areas... and yes the ends are still just the three nodes. :-) Edit: this was using a mouse, not the tablet.
  3. retrograde

    Expand Stoke

    Gotcha Matt. You're most likely correct. I'm basing it on mostly a visual comparison with years in illustrator, not knowing the "behind the scenes" aspect you describe it's probably more accurate in Designer. The mantra was always the less nodes to make the desired shape, the better, to get the smoothest curves. But as I say I don't really know what's going on under the hood so to speak... That tolerance accuracy as you describe just be adding a few more nodes than illustrator when all is said and done. Thanks for the explanation.
  4. Yeah that's strange. I just did a similar experiment and I'm getting it as well...
  5. retrograde

    Default Labeling of Added Pantone Spots

    If you're using a PMS or any other sort of named colour swatch it should use the name it came with. If you want to rename it you should have that ability but I think, for clarity sake, it should default to the name it comes with.
  6. retrograde

    UI too small

    No different UI sizing issues here on my mac 10.12.6 desktop.
  7. retrograde

    Expand Stoke

    Yep it seems to be much better now thanks team, that's a big issue dealt with! Although it may be a tad heavy on the node count it's still pretty clean. :-) Much better!
  8. retrograde

    Fuzzy UI icons

    Saw something similar to this in the new beta today.
  9. retrograde

    Boulean Adding Not Working

    Would love to see the ability to use the boolean operators with open shapes at some point. For example a single line to trim a shape or cut it in half... Any plans for this?
  10. Fyi, I just tried in both 1.7.3 and beta using the pencil tool with stabiliser on over top of a shape with a drop shadow effect with no problem. Mac 10.12.6
  11. retrograde

    Baby Yoda's Epiphany

    Nice thoughtful expression and overall solid piece.
  12. Definitely looking promising... I assume/hope the mac version will be addressed as well.
  13. I checked out Keyshape after reading your post. It's pretty sweet. It's a slick, small footprint svg animation app that is pretty intuitive and much faster to get rolling in than say After Effects which, after viewing some AE tuts on youtube, can be a pretty deep dive. It doesn't have any interactive features, strictly animation, but fairly easy to get some quick professional results and it outputs to a variety of web and video formats right out of the box and Lottie files as well if you use a free plugin. It also has some simple vector editing capabilities so you can make small adjustments to your shapes right in Keyshape if need be. They have a 14 day full trial, I made a few animations within the time period then bought it for 40 bucks Canadian. Less than the price of 1 month of After Effects... :-) Until Serif comes up with something similar, it'll be my "go to" for simple animation work. So thanks for the heads up 3DJ!
  14. retrograde

    Vector ROCKET done!

  15. retrograde

    Book'em Danno

    Thanks Fred!!

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