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  1. Hey all, if you like playing in 3d and especially in a voxel environment, magicavoxel .99 beta is finally out and is too much fun. It's a very powerful and intuitive, all-in-one voxel building app. Here's a video showcasing it's awesomeness. :-)
  2. This looks like North Saanich Yacht Club area.
  3. Cheers Boxy!
  4. Personally I'd like to see Designer and Photo remain the focus, nailing down all of those promised road map features before branching off the team onto a 3rd tier. Especially Designer. :-)
  5. Same here, my 'style' is certainly "eclectic"
  6. Looks great Henry, I especially like the feeling in the bird image, the black and white and the depth of field. I find the man with the scarf a little outside of the style, probably because of the addition of linework, but still all really great stuff! Love the painterly feel.
  7. Ah yes, when moustaches were moustaches! Nice work Zoltan.
  8. Thanks Sean for clarifying that.
  9. So this situation seems to have resolved itself... weird. All good now.
  10. Cheers MEB. It may be one of the things that finally forces me to upgrade... :-)
  11. That's a pretty bold first attempt!
  12. You're welcome. Love to see how it works out for you.
  13. Having some weirdness with some of the preference and brush pref window type not being readable, see attached. Anyone else have this? Looks like it might just be on the Light UI? Mavericks, Designer 1.6
  14. Everything is pretty cool, I'm really digging the tall stacked stuff... - juicy, trail, banana, etc... got a cool Maurice Sendak feel to them.
  15. Cool idea and execution. I don't think such an "offset" tool exists yet but in the meantime one way is to create a stroke extra wide then duplicate that stroke directly on top of the first stroke and use it to create a thinner stroke in the lighter colour above the extra thick stroke in exactly the same shape or curvature. The light thin stroke then becomes the uniform distance between what now appears to be two adjacent strokes, I hope that makes sense...