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  1. I too used to be a bit of an airbrush guy. Years ago now. I find designer is the closest thing to that right now but with so many more options to experiment than a real airbrush, without the mess and all of that masking.
  2. Hey awire, the embossed yellow shapes are taking me out of the flat look a bit. Also if you were keeping the emboss, the shadow side on those might work better if it was flipped, highlight on left, shadow on right to coincide with the overall icons light direction. :-)
  3. Do you have an example of what your wanting to do? Although the export from Blender could be scalable svgs, I'm guessing any bitmapped texture applied in Blender would not export as svg, if at all... and if it did the result would probably be less than ideal. Again, it would be good to see an example of what you're trying to create. Some people here might have a suggestion that may prove to be very do-able or easier than you think.
  4. True that, Blender by far dominates the youtubes. More added daily, probably hourly.
  5. Any news on this @MattP
  6. Been asked for before and I'll restate my +1's here again. - +1 for select same stroke, fill, line weight etc... (essential for cleaning up a complex file for hand off to client or printer) - +1 for offset path or even simplify path... (essential for professional illustration) - +1 for one click scissor or cut tool including a true vector eraser... (essential for professional illustration) - not familiar with the astute remove node tool but if it's the one that removes nodes smartly without changing the shape, then yes please!
  7. Hey Dave, you can export svgs out of Blender into Designer if you're looking for a 3d to 2d pipeline. I've used it with illustrator and it works pretty well. You do have to know how to get around in Blender though. Here's a couple of links. The second link is a step by step tutorial.
  8. Dragonbones looks pretty nice too for 2d animation. Free and Open Source.
  9. @Ben will aligning work with selected nodes? Align horizontally or vertically for example? Say I select the right side nodes from a rectangle and right side nodes from a square (2 separate shapes) and I want only the selected nodes to align vertically...? Will this be possible?
  10. Great job syfpsy! There's a nice compositional balance to this with subtle layering of glass and steel flat and angular shapes. Nice use of colour and lighting too. :-)
  11. YES!! Cheers Ben. I am really looking forward to 1.7. All of these path/tool improvements are going to make a huge difference for my workflow and output. Love the option/alt implementation on this too. Slick.
  12. Nice stuff Denis, great presentation too!
  13. Hey buckycore, welcome. I too am a hybrid user. As a full time working illustrator I decided to take the leap into Affinity land way back in 2014, I think.... I liked some of the pixel painting features I wished I could have had in illustrator for years... So far the experience has been pretty awesome! I use both apps for work depending on what I need to do and yes you need to adjust your workflow a little when working in Designer, especially when you're flipping between the two. I find I'm flipping into Designer from illustrator more than the other way round these days... overall it's mostly been a positive experience and there are cool features making their way in on a fairly regular basis. I compare it to like learning a second language, it's an investment. You keep the skills in one while learning new skills in the other. You should check out the 1.7 sneak peaks thread for a taste of whats on the horizon. Exciting times! Good luck!
  14. Btw, Ben added his answer in the 1.7 sneak peeks thread.