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  1. retrograde

    Expand stroke still sucks

    Here's an expand stroke I performed tonight. Youch! Cool if you're going for that random look. I wasn't. :-)
  2. retrograde

    Isolate object(s)

    ...in the meantime, how about the ability to assign a shortcut for the "edit all layers" feature to quickly toggle it on and off? Currently it's kinda hidden at the bottom left corner of the layers panel. Until there's a working isolation feature or a "lock everything other than what's selected" ability that would suffice. Sorry team, I'm gonna keep harping on this until there's a workable solution that enables working on complex files a little easier. :-)
  3. retrograde

    Isolate object(s)

    Hi @MattP Still waiting on a workable solution to this. Any plans on improving the isolation mode? I am working on a very complex piece currently and this would come in super handy. Option clicking on a layer should isolate it until you option click it again in the layer panel. Nothing fancy. Everything else goes away, then everything else comes back. The current setup doesn't make sense to me if by clicking anywhere in the document you bring back everything, how do you actually do any work if it pops out of isolation at the first click? is there something I'm missing or not doing? Thanks, Kevin
  4. retrograde

    Locking Guides discussion (split)

    Works for me as well.
  5. retrograde

    Locking Guides discussion (split)

    Couldn't a simple key short handle that?
  6. Would love either a close path key short while using the pencil tool or a tick box setting in the context tool bar to draw closed paths with the pencil tool.
  7. retrograde

    Isometric settings

    I'm working on an iso piece right now putting it through it's paces and have to say this has been a nice addition to the toolset.
  8. Lock guides should be easy to implement, I would assume.
  9. Please allow booleans to work with open paths. Having to use closed paths is a ton of extra work. I thought that was coming to 1.7
  10. Hey team, how about extending the awesome new lasso selection feature to the move (selection) tool? Currently it's only active when the node tool is selected, unless I've got that wrong.
  11. Cheers for adding this Matt!
  12. Any reason why the new symmetry feature only works in pixel persona? Will draw persona eventually get it?
  13. A little late to the party but gotta say I'm loving the alignment solution, very slick. Love the fact that it's right there with no going to a dialogue or ui panel. Very powerful and simple. Thankyou! Would love to see a way to have "distribute" get included in this somehow. :-) Also a small thing on this, but the alignment arrows might be more visible (on top of similarly coloured shapes) if they had white outlines on them like the circles currently along the alignment border box. Loving the new iso panel as well! Going to come in very handy. Cheers Team... ...back to tire kicking...
  14. retrograde

    Carborator illustration

    Nice job on this. I've tackled this kind of thing many times in illustrator but never in Designer.
  15. retrograde

    Coffee cup with spoon

    Lovely! Great to see a little bit of under the hood so-to-speak. Cheers!