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  1. retrograde

    Grave Etcher Bug

    This is unfortunate as I needed them to be vector and am disappointed they are raster images attached to vector curves. A tad misleading I think to market them as vector when they aren't.
  2. This works but it removes the ability to make any further corner rounding with the corner tool after resizing. Plus you have to do it on a shape by shape basis. I'd like to see a global solution like the "scale with object" feature as a tick box when resizing multiple shapes with multiple corners rounded. After a piece is finished and you need to resize for various social media uploads or whatever, currently it's a pain if you have any corner rounding on your work.
  3. We had the pleasure of spending a week on IOW and visiting the Needles last year up close. We walked all the way up to the Tennyson monument as well. It's a beautiful island. Would love to return some day. Like the faux magazine cover, I was wondering about that green choice.
  4. retrograde

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Cool, thanks for that redirect Alfred.
  5. retrograde

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Are you guys thinking of a hard bound Publisher book to complete the trio?
  6. I'm getting this pop up in Publisher saying Designer and Photo aren't installed for the link up. They are both installed and both are the 1.7 versions, not betas. What's the workaround for this?
  7. retrograde

    No Split = can't be bothered

    Say what Sharkey? Are you talking about separating the designer/photo/publisher work shown here in the forums? If so I tend to agree.
  8. Just notice same lag with some brushes painting in pixel persona...
  9. retrograde

    Toolbar issues

    I have the baseline grid button as well. It doesn't seem to do anything though...
  10. I'm getting a bit of that as well when I drag around objects with a hefty gaussian blur applied... . I'm not sure how it was in the beta as I can't reopen that now that I have the MAS version...
  11. I had to reset my shortcuts, no biggie but a little inconvenient. I can't remember it that was the case on the last MAS update or not...
  12. retrograde

    Layers struggling

    That's certainly strange. Did you try re installing the app?
  13. retrograde

    Layers struggling

    Maybe try updating AD to