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  1. retrograde

    Carborator illustration

    Nice job on this. I've tackled this kind of thing many times in illustrator but never in Designer.
  2. retrograde

    Coffee cup with spoon

    Lovely! Great to see a little bit of under the hood so-to-speak. Cheers!
  3. retrograde

    Coffee cup with spoon

    Really nice job befehr! All vector? Any painting? It has a nice consistency throughout, no awkward areas and silky smooth. :-) Would love to see the wireframe. Thanks for sharing!
  4. retrograde

    Designing Pulp Book Covers

    Interesting workflow with a great result, love the painterly feel of the figures and the final designed covers.
  5. There's just something satisfying about a well done piece of vector art. Nice.
  6. retrograde

    Hal the Singing Haddock

    Thanks Kevin, that was a fun one to create. I have a 2002 honda scooter. Not Italian but still a lot of fun and runs like a charm.
  7. retrograde

    Hal the Singing Haddock

    Nice one Kevin!
  8. retrograde

    Deck of playing cards I've been working on

    Cool! I've been wanting to do a similar thing for years, nice to see someone tackling this. It'll make a nice set of portfolio work.
  9. Cool. The grouping layers then rasterized worked. Thanks! Gotta say it seems a bit hidden and a bit of a work around though. Would love to see a merge selected layers button. :-) Cheers!
  10. Is it possible to merge pixel layers in designer?
  11. retrograde


    Nice use of and great style for textures...
  12. You're probably right. Looking forward to that as well, but really hoping designer desktop gets some more love following that. :-)
  13. Yes it shifts a little bit once the 2 nodes are snapped together...
  14. retrograde

    Night owl fairy-tale character design

    Nice one Metin! Might look cool with a bit of a textured surface...