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  1. Is there a way to create a brush with a texture so that when you resize the brush the texture doesn't resize? For instance a stippled dots or course airbrush sort of brush where the dots don't bunch up or separate out when the brush size is reduced or enlarged. Is this possible?
  2. I think it's on the wishlist. I know it's been asked for before. I'd love it as well.
  3. Nice one Metin! Great character. Still using zbrush huh?
  4. All of the above, especially a keyboard command to close the curve would be very welcome. Thanks.
  5. Gotcha. I had contacted the Keyshape team about adding interactivity and they said there weren't any current plans to add that capability. 😞
  6. Thanks, fde101, I have checked it out and it seems like a pretty good option with some basic interactive features. But you can't really edit vector shapes brought into it other then scale and rotate kinds of edits , it's on a pretty slow development cycle with a very small team and there aren't a ton of users or tutorials out there for professional level types of projects. I am keeping my eye on it though incase it starts to get more promising. It's too bad the options out there are so thin, there really is a need for an After Effects alternative for people who either don't want or need all of those features or who just want to move away from Adobe.
  7. A bit more regarding the top object after a divide operation. Here I switched up the top objects before dividing these 3 groups.
  8. Take care over there Ash and all of the Affinity team. Thanks for all you guys have done and are doing, we're all in this together!
  9. Gotcha Matt. Thanks. The dicing and slicing of shapes is pretty central to my workflow, but I will be patient happy kitten. 🙂
  10. Still some lingering issues with booleans. Often when creating a shape with booleans you need to unite everything for a final clean shape. I'm still getting some unwanted results requiring extra cleanup steps with beta. See attached. booleans beta.afdesign
  11. Great work Isabel! I know what you mean about doing this kind of work in Designer vs Photo or Photoshop. I recently did a series of illustrations that took me way outside of my usual comfort zone, but with Designer it ended up being a really enjoyable experience. For me the combination of the vector and raster workflow plus all of the various brushes available creates almost limitless possibilities. I find what's key to success with this level of realism is great reference and of course a bit of confidence in plain old painting. 🙂 Awesome job! Loved the entomological illustrations on Behance too!
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