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  1. Cool work Dazmondo77!! Is this all vector? So the soft edges are have some blurring going on as opposed to painting in pixel persona. Just curious. Great results, has a nice painted feel.
  2. Would love to see some sort of "right angled" snap enabled gradient tool feature (perhaps with a modifier key). When dragging out the gradient tool often I need to drag it 90 degrees perpendicular from an edge to get a nice even gradient that isn't angled. See attached. Second image is the desired behaviour, 90 degrees perpendicular to the centre edge. Illustrator sort of handles this with a dashed line box as you drag the gradient tool but it doesn't snap. A snap would be helpful to ensure it's at 90.
  3. affinity designer

    Nice job Kevin. I like the tonality and the colouring you used. Feels like an old poster. Have you tried playing with any texture on this? To add a bit more retro-ness to it. Just a suggestion.
  4. Nice job Marc! Mr West would've approved.
  5. Cheers Matt, thanks for the quick reply and I'll try that UK english fix and the W and H transform panel as well. :-) Crazy, seems like you fix or change one thing and something else goes out of whack...
  6. Hmmm, I'm not getting my studio panels setup from my previous beta. The tools panel is just a small panel with the word tools on it and nothing else... resetting the the studio does nothing... opening preferences gets me a preference panel with nothing on it... anyone else having this behaviour?
  7. Good start to this Matt. Seems a little funky at this early point. How about adding the ability to drag an origin point for the point of rotation and maybe adding the ability to scale as well?
  8. You're welcome Emerald15. It's a nice workflow, and when you want to go back and paint in a particular shape just go to the layers panel and click on the appropriate pixel layer. Whats cool as well is you can tweak the containment shape, reshape it, resize it, etc... or move the pixel layer around inside the shape. You can even have more than one pixel layer inside a shape, with different blend modes. Super flexible.
  9. Here's what I usually do. Create your shape, (pen tool or pick a shape tool) switch to pixel persona, if not already in it, click on the "insert inside the selection" button in the top tool shelf, pick the paint tool, pick a brush and go for it. Sounds like a few steps but it's pretty intuitive. Basically it does what Alfred's post says but more automatically, if that makes sense. :-)
  10. We really need these kind of distortion tools... it's one of the main reasons I'm keeping one foot in the other camp.
  11. Nice to see another blender head in the forums, cool video and workflow. I have Dragonbones as well and it does look promising, haven't use it yet though...
  12. Designer is great for so many workflows and styles.
  13. Funky! Nice stylization.
  14. Cool. Designer or Photo?
  15. Cheers Mayahan! :-)