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  1. Hey @MEB seeing as we are now on can we expect this feature to debut in the early part of a 2.0 cycle? This has been a looong time coming and is sorely missed.
  2. Totally agree. Love working in designer, but I have been waiting very patiently for some of these 'discussed' features for quite some time now (some from 2014- 2015). Especially some sort of vector non-destructive distortion tools especially for type and general vector distortion. I'm hoping that some of these much requested features will be part of the 2.0 lineup...
  3. Hey there, just came across what looks like a bug in Designer beta Mac OS 10.14.6. I went to edit my brush and the edit brush panel displays the wrong brushes, Seems to load in a different brush from a different brush category. See the attached images where the brushes in the 'Sprays and Spatters' panel don't match the brushes in the edit brush panel. If I do make any edits it will switch the brush in the panel to the brush in the edit brush panel. In this case it seems to be grabbing the brushes from the 'oils' category... It worked fine in the official 1.9 version just misbehaving in the beta. Any ideas what's happening here? Thanks.
  4. I second, third and fourth the above comments. This is definitely still a bit of a housekeeping weak point in the Affinity suite for anyone spending any amount of time using the brushes in Designer or Photo. Would love to see a new or improved Brush Management panel or an overall workflow re-visit where the Affinity team takes another look at the brushes system and tackles: - a way to display brush names in the brushes panel... - a breadcrumb, history or favourites feature to track or store your most used brushes... - an easier way to duplicate or move brushes around, say into new or existing collections. Generally the ability to move, organize and name brushes in a more user friendly process. For example, when a brush is copied or moved into a different brushes panel, it should retain its name, currently it gets renamed as 'brush copy', which is not helpful. This is because to duplicate a brush to use in a different brush panel you first have duplicate it, it then gets renamed 'brush copy' then you have to move it to the desired panel. If you just want to move it, it will retain its name but it will be removed from the current panel. One solution to this might be to have the ability to have a second brush panel open at the same time so that you could move or duplicate, by dragging and dropping your selected brushes to it... - a solution to when a selected brush is resized and its highlight in the brushes panel disappears. Better usability stuff like that. Please, please can we get a little more love in this area guys. 🙂 Cheers!
  5. Same here. All of these issues are occurring for me as well.
  6. Gotcha @Sean P thanks! Although it would be cool if it did stick around for the Frame Text tool, to create columns with in Designer.
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