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  1. this sure is weird because I have 2500 fonts and both affinities and adobes are taking their sweet time to open. If I disable and stay with the system fonts (less than 300) they open up way faster. Are you sure you have affinity at the same disk with photoshop? Maybe photoshop is in an ssd? Also if you use nexus font and break this big collection into smaller ones that you activate only when you need them you will notice an overall better system performance, just keep in mind to disable windows font cache because it slow down the font manager a lot.
  2. nitro912gr

    Subtract weird behavior

    Hey thanks that was it, but what is the difference between those filling modes?
  3. nitro912gr

    Subtract weird behavior

    ok so I noticed this again a few months back but didn't cared enough to open a topic back then, now I once again have some weird behavior from subtract . Let's say I have an object and I have a word on top of it that I want to subtract, I place the object in back and the word in front, press subtract and all the letters but one make a hole to the object bellow. I tried to make curves, ungoup and make one curve with "add", nothing. Still that one letter doesn't make a hole, but it is still there anyway. You can see the gif bellow what I mean. The incident I mentioned above few months back was with similar setup, font turned to curves trying to make a hole in a solid object below it. No idea if I do something wrong but if I don't maybe this is a bug? *edit: forgot to mention that even if I make curves and ungroup those letters to subtract one by one from the object the same thing happens, the U stay black but added in the curve anyway.
  4. If other software doesn't load all the fonts you have in memory then they are faster and doesn't matter how many fonts you have. On me affinity and adobe software load almost instantly thanks to my SSD, but once I activate my fonts collection of 2K fonts all of them strangle to open. So the question is still how many fonts you have in there?
  5. I don't know, it is not like the install was interrupted, publisher works fine and it was not some crash, it had initiated a proper restart sequence. Maybe it had a count down timer that I missed because I was focused on another task? At first I though that maybe windows update gone rogue but there was no updates pending neither any update screen in reboot. Anyway I just report it, I'm not fully aware of what happened because it happened so fast and I had my mind on what I haven't saved at the moment than to see what is going on. I will give it a try again today to reinstall on top of the current installation again to check the behavior. edit, ok so I uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing happened. Maybe some bug with update from the previous version? I don't recall which one I had but I haven't updated for a couple of months so I probably skipped an update or two.
  6. Hello I just downloaded the latest version of publisher and started the installation. As I often do I let installations do their thing on the background and I do other things, but while I was working on something else the installation finished and suddenly I got a "restarting" windows 10 screen! What I lost is minimal but shouldn't there be a warning or something? I didn't even got a "setup finished please restart" or "system restart is required". It just restarted.
  7. Is that so? I though that RAW files contain a lot more information like a digital negative than a flatten picture. Anyway I don't want to derail the topic on what a RAW is and how it works
  8. and the developed and "flattened" file is twice the size of the RAW? RAW files use bigger compression or something?
  9. Sorry for necromancing this post but I wanted to say thank you, my file was around 330MB, went down to 200 after swithing to 8bit color and return to a normal level of 50mb after deleting the snapshot. That is just twice the RAW I edited which is fine for me. However some lossless compression in .aphoto could be great
  10. Μάλλον αποθήκευσα τα default? Δεν ξέρω τι λάθος είχα κάνει.
  11. Thanks I have found this too but for some reason the first time I tried it didn't worked, now that I tried it again after your suggestion it worked. No idea what I did wrong the first time.
  12. Hello, is there a way to save and load settings that I used in a RAW photo processing? Or a way to just load the last used settings? I do some photoshots to showoff our work and most of the time the images are shot under the same conditions or even the same subject from different angle, so there is no need to change anything on the RAW import settings or there are small adjustments here and there. Thank you!
  13. don't worry your tablet may be cheaper but as far as I know they are great tablets too! It is good that finally there is some seriously competition for wacom, we all win here!
  14. hello I don't know about your tablet but I had a similar problem with my wacom last week, maybe it is similar with yours, so I found out that to set ALT as a button I wasn't supposed to look at the menu that I can pick keyboard shortcuts but on another menu named functions where I could pick the ctrl, alt, shift buttons alone. See if your software is similar.
  15. Oh! This sound like what I do in indesign, thanks! I will try it out asap because I have my hands full atm.