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  1. I understand that people need access to old files but how often do you need to edit them anyway? I prefer to sacrifice backward compatibility for a better new program (so they can focus resources on making this new program better) and in that one time in a lifetime that I will need to open that old file, I will reinstall the program just for it. I mean you don't have subscription to adobe here, you can keep using the program for ever Also I have found it faster to redo something than to try to find ways to make it work in my current workflow and programs. Sure this is not always the case, but...
  2. Hello, it could be nice to be able to change more options for image export, in export persona. For example I have the slices selected I could love to be able to change dpi on the spot (for example I design something for print and I want to export a lower resolution preview), being able to change resolution with some image preview could be nice as well, I mean I could love to see the compression loss on the spot. Just my 2 cents, thanks!
  3. Hello, there are times that I have to convert multiple images in a specific color format and size and then save them with specific file properties saved, but once I try to record the macro to do this I get an error when I try to export them that I can't record this action. Is there a way to do that? Thanks
  4. well for me designer and photo had from the start what I could call essentials, everything I requested afterwards (some of which are already implemented) it was mostly for my easy of use. It is not like I couldn't get the job done, it was just that I could do it easier with some tweaks here and there (like the search box like fnt menu). So I believe that when publisher will be out, it will have enough to get the job done and from there on it will be mostly additions to make the job easier.
  5. I tried it once but after the second page it was too heavy to work with, then again this was for a wholesale brochure with tons of graphics. I don't mind for the text flow I can handle manually, but it is pretty hard to work without master pages, especially when the client haven't yet decided on some details and need to change things when you are done. Anyway... I will give a shot, my deadline allow me to take it easy this week.
  6. Hello again, is it possible to export artboards in a designer file as a multipage pdf? I have only managed to export 1 by 1 but this is getting troublesome when I have many artboards. Thanks
  7. Fired up indesign today to start a project after a lot of time (did smaller ones on designer), I felt so lost outside the affinity UI, I remembered how stupid it is that I can't just move view with middle click. Publisher seems so far away when I need it the most Maybe I can try my hand with designer but 28 pages are a lot to manage in designer.
  8. ok, it happened again, I'm not sure if this is from the non stop use of the program (I have this open and working since I posted 10 hours ago) Here is a gif of what happens, the tirquaze dot is where the mouse pointer is clicking (almost same size as the dot) and I'm zoomed out at 55%, that is I have like enough space to fit the pointer one more time next to it, so it is not small space. If I move like a just a bit to the left I can select the tv behind the box, but if I click on the dot then it select the box, which clearly is far enough not to be selected.
  9. hm... I can't replicate the problem today, weird because it was happening all the time, maybe I got a windows update or something? (didn't reinstalled the mouse drivers yet). I will report back if it happen again. Thank you all for your help so far.
  10. Hello I can't upload this file because it's a WIP for a client, but it does happen with any file anyway. Layer order is not the problem here because the objects doesn't overlay each other so it should not affect the selection. It is like I click on the object A and instead it select the object B that is next to it, while there is visible distance between them and their selection boxes (so it is not like there is a transparent picture with a big selection box). Maybe it is a problem on my part, I will reinstall my mouse to make sure. A quick look I did in the forum doesn't seem anyone else to report this problem.
  11. Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug in the program or my side (or even some setting), but since 1.6 (and all the updates since) the selection tool have lost serious accuracy when I try to select something. For example in this picture (below) I may try to select the text and the tool select the photo next to it. This only happen when I'm zoomed out for a good amount like being able to see the whole page (A3+) but still not that much zoomed out to risk object check boxes overlay. Before 1.6 I was able to do a pixel perfect selection but since I also got the windows 10 fall creators update around the same time, I'm not sure if this really is an affinity problem (for example this windows update crippled my wacom bamboo and now it zoom in at random on it's own). If this is a bug ok just reporting, but if there is a way to fix it please let me know. Thanks
  12. Great news, I wait patiently for the holy trinity to be completed. Judging from the evolution of designer and photo I do expect publisher to cover 100% of my workflow with indesign, if not from the launch then within a year. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!
  13. yeah yeah and those, I forgot them since I don't work with that big publications but I remember now that you mentioned it, when I was getting through all those in the class. I was amazed that I could have a ToC made out of automatically recognized chapters from a word import.
  14. I can make a small list more control over text and the flow of it, you can for example make the text warp around an object or a shape more content is external links, so this make the file way lighter, also you can control the quality of the displayed image so you can work lighter and faster (end pdf will be full quality) the master pages, this is a big deal, you can have specific options that you may need to apply in specific chapters or just plain simple to put a layout and numbering that automatically is added in each new page The list is not a big list but its important, the control over text is a big deal, you can have many different text or paragraph styles all over your pages and chapters and many times you will be working with a lot of pages. Also the ability to have a lot of content in a ton of pages is important too, I make 8-12 pages pdfs for print with designer at the moment but after a couple of pages it is getting way too heavy to work with, so I do make one file per page now to be able to manage them. It is understandable that designer can't handle so much content, it is made to create content and have different focus for the available system resources. A DTP program however is more of a content manager where you organize your content in pages.
  15. ok time to check if any of my friends live in Germany to get me that issue