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  1. Hello I don't have time to make the video but here is the file with the bugged boxes. I tried in other old files but didn't occurred, maybe this specific file is corrupted? ant-bugged.afdesign
  2. Hello just noticed that if I use the current version to work back on an older file and make a square with stroke, the stroke join miter is turning to bevel join. The problem is not present if I make a new file.
  3. then probably it just need some point of reference that you need to have in both files. Like in my case that I have 4 small boxes on the corners of the file that should be printed with the graphics and also be included in the cut lines file. So the program associate those marks in the cut file, with the mark the cutter see with the laser sensor and then it knows where the cut must be done on paper. Better check the manual on that. There are a lot of possible things that the machine want before it work right. It took me almost a year of trial and error with reading the manual before I get it work. For example in my case I added the cutting marks myself but the machine refused to read them, then noticed in the manual that they have to be 2mm or no deal. Or I had to leave some specific space at the end of the printed paper (as inserted in the cutter) so it can freely move it to the paper feed sensor.
  4. the cutting software will not load the graphics, only the vector lines. This is why I make 2 files, one for print, one for cut. From what you say I guess you have some plotter that print and cut? I don't own one (I print on a laser printer and then cut) but I think I have see a friend of mine that he first print and then give the printer/cutter the order to cut. That is, it roll back the printed paper and start again. Not sure if it can happen at the same time, but workflow wise seem like it will slow down the printer a lot. Print, stop, cut, print, stop, cut, etc. Just the time to switch from print to cut tools it will add up a lot.
  5. I use a summacut d60fxse, I make a 3 layers document in affinity (or illustrator previously and I guess could work in corel too). One layer is for the cutting marks for the cutter laser eye to read (for my cutter must be included in everything, printed and in the cut file), one layer for the graphics and one layer for the cutting lines. I usually work with 3 layers in affinity and then save a PDF from this with the marks and the graphics and a separate one with the cutting lines and the marks (again maybe your cutter have no use for the marks layer), I print the graphics PDF and feed the other PDF to the winplot software of the cutter which read PDF so it show one file with the marks and the cutting lines. Now this is specific to this optical registration mark cutter and the likes of it. I mean it read where it must cut from that marks that are included in both files. So when I send the file to the cutter it tell me to place the "eye" above the printed first mark, then it go on and read the positions of the other marks and make the association with the marks in the cutting lines PDF. Not sure if this is going to work with your cutter software too, but even in a roland GX 24 that I used in the past I never made a single line in the cutter's software (which is terrible) always worked in illustrator or corel and imported the files (or sent directly with the appropriate plug in for the cutter). If you need more details or there is something above you don't understand, feel free to ask anything.
  6. Well it is just a maybe, I have to check what those functions are and if I care about them. But maybe I will end up like you say, and just live with it.
  7. thanks for you reply but isn't this behavior canceling that button of edit all layers then? I mean what is the point to have this selected only to have it canceled because I have one object selected? At least now I know what version will do the trick for me, I have to check the logs to see what I will miss from the current versions.
  8. Hello I had the very last for windows, 1.8.3 I think? Anyway I moved down to 1.8.2 now and just recreated it in it. It seems I was mistaken it wasn't a 1.8.3 problem. I'm in doubt now if it was even different and I'm mistaken. This happen when I am in layer 1 and have at least one object there selected and try to select everything with marquee but the marquee only select objects in that layer. Same with the artboard. If I have something selected in artboard 1 and try to select more things with the marquee from neighboring artboards it only select objects in the selected artoboard. Maybe this is how it is and just now noticed? Here is a gif. It is labels, there is one layer with the graphics and one with the stroke where the machine cut. First I start with no selected object, the marquee select everything just fine. Now if I select one object from the graphic layer and try with marquee again, it only select the objects in the layer the selected object is (same with artboards).
  9. I'm really considering turning back to a previous version but I can't recall when it started. I use a lot of artboards and layers, for example to make labels of the same product line but with different ingredients, and most of the time need an artboard for each and 3 layers for the cutter, one for the cut marks, one for th7e cut shape and one for the graphics. So I really need to select everything from time to time in one artboard or at neighboring ones. Edit: I can confirm this doesn't happen in 1.8.2, I just downgraded to that version, I guess I will stay there till it is fixed.
  10. But seems like I'm the only one who have it? This is troubling me even more, if it is a local problem the possibility to get help is getting reduced a lot.
  11. Hello, for some reason designer after 1,7 is a bit picky about selection of objects. Usually I could select with a marquee everything, no matter if it was in a different artboard, different layer or whatever. From 1,8 I could not. If I have 2 artboards and objects in both of them the marquee will randomly select only from the one artboard, or if I have 2 layers in 1 artboard sometimes it select everything as intented and sometimes it just ignore the objects in one of the 2 layers. Anyway idea what is going on? Is it a bug or something?
  12. ok I did and the CPU usage dropped to 25-30%, still lags however. Like a lot. Do you experience lagging? I mean I type fast without looking at keyboard but not very fast, I may type a whole paragraph and the program have barely displayed a little more than half of it.
  13. Unfortunately I can't confirm, I have turned my macbook into a windows laptop lately. That in turn could make me wonder however why on windows isn't implemented.
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