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  1. Oh! This sound like what I do in indesign, thanks! I will try it out asap because I have my hands full atm.
  2. Yeah this is what I want to do, numbered lists in indesign do the trick but it was hard to figure out, I was lucky to find people who teaches me. hm this may work but seem like a really long workaround.
  3. Hello and thank you for your effort to give us publisher! I happen from time to time to print carbonless paper to make invoice books or numbered coupons, while a simple automatic page numbering is enough for having numbering in paper sizes from A5 and above, there are times that I have to fit multiple smaller sized pages in one big page and need each to start and stop at different numbers. After a long time and thanks to the help of many people I managed to do this with indesign and I wonder if it is possible to be done with publisher too. I will describe how I did this with indesign because it is not exactly an indesign feature but more of a creative way of using the lists in indesign. So maybe after someone recreate the result can tell me if it can be done in publisher. It is not simple so a big thanks to anyone who may even try to see if this is possible in publisher.
  4. Hello I want to make the text to write in a circle and not outside the circle, how can I do that? Here is the text outside the circle with using the text tool, I want it to be inside the circle (and as a result the text at the lower part to be read right and not be upside down), in illustrator I was dragging the symbol at the beginning of the path and pulled it inside the circle but I can't replicate this here.
  5. Hello, is there a way to add custom artboard sizes? I see affinity designer have some presets but they are all for screens, I want to add paper sizes. Thanks!
  6. nitro912gr

    Object like guides?

    no actually it is my bad, I confused what I meant to say because I pull the guides out of the rulers.
  7. nitro912gr

    Object like guides?

    what you describe is closer to how the rulers work in autodesk sketch, what I want is how the rulers are selectable and can interact with the objects in the artboard, like it happens with Illustrator (and in some level inDesign too). In those programs you drag a ruler and you can select it like an object, you can group rulers with other rulers or objects, align rulers to objects or the artboard or just select some specific ones or all together and press delete. For example:
  8. Hello I'm trying to use artboard rulers guides like objects, I mean like selecting them, grouping them, aligning them etc, something that I have found very useful on other software I'm using. For example I want to divide the artboard with rulers guides so I could just place 5 rulers and select them and then align them to artboard with distribution tool. It is not a deal breaker but I could love to see this functionality in designer. Thanks
  9. nitro912gr

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I check back from time to time, only to find pages over pages with "where is publisher" posts. Really guys, don't you have anything better to do than bitching about it all the time? I mean if we clear up this thread we will barely get 3-4 pages of posts... I wait for publisher too, I desperately need it even now that I'm afraid it will not do some tricks with varied numbering I do in iD, but I just wait. Just like I waited for photo and designer to come in windows. And once it arrived, it delivered. All this waste of energy here, it is almost a shame. As a side note, I'm a gamer as well and I have seen where this impatience leads to. People were crying for getting a game to play faster and developers where pushing out unfinished games that needed huge patches in the first day of release to work... the games ofc where crippled. So just say no. Just wait for publisher "when its done", because this is the only way to get something good.
  10. nitro912gr

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    This. As a student I couldn't afford anything software wise, even the student price pack was just too much for me, so I had to find "other ways" to have the software I was learning in college. It could be a no brainer buy if I could get the software for 50€ and I could prefer it. Even now as a professional that I can afford the more expensive software, I am in a country that taxes are breaking me every day, so I will prefer the 50€ software that does the job more than just fine. Plus I can afford to buy more licenses and have it on every system I have, in the second PC at office, in my pc at home, in my laptop. Something that could be financially impossible to do with more expensive software.
  11. nitro912gr

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I asked this too a while back, they said they can sell at this price and make a good profit back. I guess it is that since the cost is too low more people buy the software, I mean people like hobbyists out there who just want to have a good photo editing program or want to draw.
  12. nitro912gr

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    what do you mean? AD is getting updates and improvements, what is that you are still consider necessary and is not available? Personally I feel complete with the add of searchable font menu. Sure I still want a couple of things added but with the current state of AD anything more will be a matter of polishing not necessity. Also as mentioned above is about the holy trinity now, better to have APub out first and then refocus on improving everything, I was still able to use AD even without every tool I wanted till they add them, but I'm not able to use APub even in a premature form if they don't release it first. It is the same everywhere I guess, if I have to make a list I could say 8 out of 10 colleges or universities that say they are teaching graphic design, they actually just teach specific programs. It used to be worst, at least now they have added some classes for art history, free hand drawing, color theory etc, but they are still mostly machines for mass production of people who know the programs.
  13. nitro912gr

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Well maybe everything is WIP at the moment with nothing finalized as to what will make it to the release version, so they don't want to say something that eventually will have to keep back because it was not ready. As for teaching affinity in schools, this seems hard to happen. Schools are so slow to adapt, by the time they will find out about affinity we will all be dead from old age. The thing is the right "school" doesn't teach you programs, the right school teach you design so you can apply it as you see fit with the tools you choose. They will teach you a program or two, but just so you can find a job once you are out there in the wild. From there on is up to you to learn the right tools for what you want to do and not just blindly follow some stupid mantras like "designers use macs and adobe only". Designers use charcoal and paper if they see they are more suited for what they want to design. After all most of what I learned in college was for adobe CS3, most of the things from there does no longer apply and the books I have are only good for fire-starters in my bbq now. Not to mention the obsolete programs like adobe flash and director. Tools evolve, change, die, are remade from scratch. We simple can't be attached to them. I started playing with adobe programs that my uncle had in his mac when I was 15 years old back in 1996 , then I started playing with corel apps in my own pc that I was able to find in pirated cds, then I was testing every other possible program from macromedia, metacreations and all the other companies back then, in college I returned to adobe, I started using open source a few years back, now I turn to affinity, who knows tomorrow what I will find more suited to use? Teaching specific programs is of no use to anyone, better learn design and go to a seminar or two to learn about the programs you want. Or learn them yourself, the internet is a huge resource if you use it wisely. I wonder what I could learn back then I was younger and had all this free time that I was spending trying to get as much info as possible from limited resources like printed publications, if I had access to the info I have today (or at least I wish I had the time now )
  14. nitro912gr

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    yeah that's the TLDR; version thanks