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  1. as said, we AMD users are a minority especially in the creative space. We are already a small minority where AMD perform great like gaming, I can't imagine how fewer we are , and who we also work in graphics design AND use affinity suite of programs. We speak about the minority of the minority here.
  2. I can't blame only serif, maybe they just lack the resources to workaround this (I mean I can't expect them to draft people from the team that is working on the next version of the programs to fix a problem that AMD created), and since I have read the problem exist with other apps and AMD GPUs I can't help it but to think about getting a cheap nvidia (I hope for example that 1630 that is coming could be cheap and better than my current setup) instead of an AMD GPU. Given also the relative small AMD userbase, especially in the creative side that most prefer nvidia due to cuda cores, maybe it is justified for Serif to don't spent much thinking over that problem and just hope that amd users will switch to nvidia or AMD fix their code.
  3. Macbook Pro 2014 15" Intel 4770QH 16GB RAM with Iris 5200. I asked specifically for the GPU because there is a similar model with nVidia discreet GPU.
  4. Hello, I couldn't find that through google, always got pointed at windows requirements. So what GPUs are supported on mac? I had an opportunity to get an older machine with intel iris 5200, is hardware acceleration working with it?
  5. then it should work, thanks, I guess I will go the extra mile to get the 5600G that in theory will be way better than the 7790.
  6. Can anyone confirm if the problem exists even for Vega? It is supposed to be CGN 5th gen but I'm really confused lately on what works and whatnot with affinity openCL support. This will judge if I'm going for a Ryzen 5 5500 or a 5600G with integrated Vega 7 GPU.
  7. we need to notice here however that CGN must be CGN 2.0 and above. CGN 1.0 cards are not supported. Still I don't understand how others seem to bypass the problem. Can any developer say if something like the suggested workaround from @kkoukosmay work?
  8. yeah! I know for sure that windows can, I have seen people having success even with one AMD and one nVidia at the same system. That other guy used AMD 290 for everything else while the nvidia 750 was computing for folding at home at the same time. I expect with affinity to just select for "renderer" in performance options the appropriate card and being able for example to have the system with the AMD 5500XT and an AMD 7790, and use the first for gaming and the later for when I open affinity designer to work (yeah it is a low GPU but still get noticeable better performance than just CPU) . So if this can work I may look for some GPU like an AMD 290 for my office system (the one on the signature) that will perform better than what I have now for like 100 euro or something.
  9. So after the lackluster openCL support for the RDNA 1 and above from AMD, I was looking for solutions on how to get affinity working without the need to drop like 350 euros on a same performing (in gaming/compute) nvidia 1660 to replace my 5500XT (which is great in games but...) Looking a bit around the internet I did noticed that it is possible to run 2 different GPUs on the same windows system and having each to do specific tasks. Something that can solve the problem here because even an older Radeon 7790 (that I use in my office workstation) that works with affinity's openCL is faster than relying completely on the CPU (R5 2600 that is with the 5500XT on my home system). Getting a second hand older radeon shouldn't be a problem, especially the ones with 1-2GB or VRAM that are not much desired those days. So anyone here have tried it with affinity programs? Or anyone with a setup like this who can test without messing with their system?
  10. So... is there anything newer on this? I'm so tired with AMD at this point. I can't believe I'm ready at the first opportunity to change to nvidia, but I need to work and play, not just play anymore.
  11. god forbid it at times like those we need to do with what we have, that is AMD right now. It could be weird to have something like this on architecture level because GPGPU computing is everywhere those days and the main way to use it is openCL, if I stand correct. Maybe they tried to do something to limit the mining hashrate to make the cards unattractive to miners but in the progress screwed openCL too?
  12. their CPUs are just fine don't get catch in the "I only use this company" mantra. I jump from company to company since my very first introduction to computers back in 1994 or 1995. Mac with RISC, PC with intel, PC with AMD, macbook with intel, back to pc with amd, same with GPUs, started with mac integrated (no idea what GPU was that in that ancienct Macintosh PPC 7200/72 back then), then PC with S3 Virge, then S3 Savage in Diamond Stealth III, went to ati 9600 and using amd gpus from then on with having a defective nvidia 7600Go on my pavilion laptop and then having nvidia 9400m on my macbook. Honestly just use what gets the job done at this specific timeframe that you buy something, for the available money and don't hold grudges. You going to save a lot of money and headaches this way because eventually every company screw up something.
  13. Nobody told em eh? Interesting, this show how seriously take the bug reports... Also I don't believe serif lie to us about being in contact with AMD, I mean they implemented AMD support in the first place and the bug is real and exist even in other apps like Davinci Resolve (although I think they did some workaround there). I have found many instances of the AMD openCL bug through the internet in windows and linux situations.
  14. Hello is there something new on that? As I'm entering the new season and start to print a lot again, I noticed this problem is still here and it is no small disruption.
  15. Take a closer look, the fast ones are the old GPUs. Yeah selected designer and I just wrote a description with the info from this topic and how the openCL driver need to be fixed or something like that, alongside some whining about finally get some love from developers (usually most of the apps supported cuda and not openCL) but now AMD is not fixing the driver.
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