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  1. I wanted to sake this tread back up, because apparently it is becoming a huge issue for me because I started sharing files with a client and he bought the newer version of publisher while I have only upgraded Designer to v2 as this is where I mostly work anyway. So if he send anything back to me I just can't open it and I don't wish to get the newer version of publisher just for one job (actually even the v1 wasn't something I needed, I only got it for supporting serif, haven't used it more than 2-3 times). Please, we need some form of compatibility between versions, it doesn't have to be perfect, it only need to work somewhat.
  2. ok did some heavy lifting this week, so far so good, everything seems to be working fine again! Thanks Serif!
  3. Me on the other hand so far so good, I worked some projects here and there but not my main jobs, I'm too busy to lose time on back an forth with V1 if it is not working as advertised. The thing is that it seems like it is fixed for me at least. I will try to move more work on it to see if this is for real.
  4. it could be windows behavior too, I remember with the first versions of windows vista having the same problem with everything, it was like the apps where reserving the RAM but the OS never taking it back once the apps didn't need it anymore.
  5. it is quite possible that the newer gpus doesn't properly support whatever underling tech is used with cs6, try disabling GPU acceleration (was it a thing back then? I don't recall). Same with designer 1, disable GPU rendering and see what you get (although we only had problems with AMD GPUs with Designer v1).
  6. nop, AMD graphics too have this problem. But lag in CS6? Are you sure there isn't any bottleneck in your system?
  7. there are more answer below that that clarify that affinity team is on it.
  8. thats some valid points too, I was considering to jump back to mac recently only to realize that just to add 256GB extra storage and 8GB of extra RAM on a mac mini, they actually asked me to pay another 2/3 of the price of the basic machine... and if I didn't I would be locked on that ram and storage till I replace the machine, which in the end made me reconsider.
  9. isn't this default behavior for anyone how have used windows in the past 15-20 years? The only think I did differently it was that I though at first it was a windows 11 thing and restarted the whole system.
  10. yeah so far seems like something in windows versions, how I wish I have gone for the universal license now
  11. yeah, graphic design in general can be demanding, but most of the work doesn't require a ton of horsepower. I still use that c2d mac for light work for example, maxed out at High Sierra on OS side. I consider getting some older i5 now that they sell out because how much value they lost with the release of M1 and M2 macs.
  12. Aside the designer issue, I would suggest to send PDF to printshops, no matter the program you design.
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