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  1. Hello! Is there a site that have affinity photo mockup files that are pretty much automated? Like adding your design in a .psb layer and the mockup do the warping and layering effects? Is this even possible with photo? I mean if I can't find a mockup, can I make one like this?
  2. nitro912gr

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.2

    Since this bug show up from time to time, can anyone confirm that this update keep panel settings?
  3. nitro912gr

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    holy s*** guys what have you done? It took around a minute for affinity designer to open with me 2700 fonts and now it opens instantly! (I have an ssd) if this is just with the improvements alone I wonder how much faster it could be with the gpu support later on! Thank you for another great update!
  4. I wanted the page numbering not to start from 1 but from 401, so once I made the master, I added 49 pages and then left click on the first page->edit section->restart page numbering at. There I change the value to 401.
  5. No, I started with 1 page, added the linked file and page numbering to the master page and then I added 49 more pages with the applied master. From there on I only changed the page numbering start with right click on the page 1 and exported each time with the new numbering.
  6. I have a linked pdf in master and changed it, forced link refresh because auto-refresh is not working on this version but once I moved in the normal pages there was no change. Actually I noticed after I exported to pdf and returned to manually re-apply the master.
  7. Hello, shouldn't the master page apply any changes to the rest of the document that I have previously applied it? I have this document with 50 pages and applied the master on them on creation, but after I changed the master page I had to go and left click on a random page-> apply master to all Isn't linked the whole time? Sound like a pain if you have a multi masters document if you have to go find each one of the pages the master is applied to change it.
  8. I got problems with the text not showing correctly in publisher and then having the same problem in the exported pdf. It is Greek text so maybe because of this but anyway, it didn't work so I had no other way. Maybe I will remake those pdfs in publisher, after all it have more design options than indesign and it will be easier. (indesign not having many design options was the reason I started making them in illustrator in the first place). Thanks I will have a look
  9. Hello I used publisher to do a very simple job, to add numbering in a pre-designed invoice pdf so I can print them. The imported pdf is saved from adobe illustrator with text as curves and it only have vectors in it. I import it as link and export it with "nothing to be rasterized" from publisher. The new file is 50 pages of basically the same page with page numbering, black vectors only (opened in designer and illustrator to make sure) but the file size is close to 10mb while a similar pdf saved from indesign is like 200-300kb (which make sense given the vector nature of the contents). What is going on here? Is it possible to reduce the file size? I know we are in an age that 10mb is not a big deal but I tend to keep my file in the cloud and my space there is limited.
  10. hm maybe I had an older photoshop version when I test and now they changed something in the fonts management? Well anyway there is always room for optimization I'm happy with the state of affinity programs atm but I wouldn't mind faster loading fonts.
  11. this sure is weird because I have 2500 fonts and both affinities and adobes are taking their sweet time to open. If I disable and stay with the system fonts (less than 300) they open up way faster. Are you sure you have affinity at the same disk with photoshop? Maybe photoshop is in an ssd? Also if you use nexus font and break this big collection into smaller ones that you activate only when you need them you will notice an overall better system performance, just keep in mind to disable windows font cache because it slow down the font manager a lot.
  12. nitro912gr

    Subtract weird behavior

    Hey thanks that was it, but what is the difference between those filling modes?
  13. ok so I noticed this again a few months back but didn't cared enough to open a topic back then, now I once again have some weird behavior from subtract . Let's say I have an object and I have a word on top of it that I want to subtract, I place the object in back and the word in front, press subtract and all the letters but one make a hole to the object bellow. I tried to make curves, ungoup and make one curve with "add", nothing. Still that one letter doesn't make a hole, but it is still there anyway. You can see the gif bellow what I mean. The incident I mentioned above few months back was with similar setup, font turned to curves trying to make a hole in a solid object below it. No idea if I do something wrong but if I don't maybe this is a bug? *edit: forgot to mention that even if I make curves and ungroup those letters to subtract one by one from the object the same thing happens, the U stay black but added in the curve anyway.
  14. If other software doesn't load all the fonts you have in memory then they are faster and doesn't matter how many fonts you have. On me affinity and adobe software load almost instantly thanks to my SSD, but once I activate my fonts collection of 2K fonts all of them strangle to open. So the question is still how many fonts you have in there?
  15. Is that so? I though that RAW files contain a lot more information like a digital negative than a flatten picture. Anyway I don't want to derail the topic on what a RAW is and how it works

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